Hello lonewatch here and welcome to another overwatch video. Today let’s talk about our favorite Hasselhoff loving german soldier Reinhardt. So when should you play him, well Reinhardt is good in alsmost every composition and on attack and defence, since you role is to “storm the castle” you will mostly be able to fit him on attacking compositions but he’s as good on defence, such as let’s say you are protection a bastion and Torbj´┐Żrn’s turret or your team from sniper fire.

Reinhardt is very easy to play and if you pick him your team will love you for it, but playing him does get a bit boring since you won’t rly do much, you will be a vital part in wining a game, but you will mostly hold up your barrier and wait for your team to do the rest, that said tho if you master him you will be able to pull of some great charges and some sick ults to turn around the game. And speaking of skills here’s how the work: His basic attack is a hammer swing that deals 75 flat dmg and can strike multiple targets, and that’s it, that the whole magic behind this. Next his shitf or Charge if you will, this will allow you to close the gap and if you pin someone against the wall it will deal 350 dmg to them, 50 if you hit them and 300 if pin them and if you time it right you can destroy enemy heros, but keep in mind that it takes some time to start charging so aim at the spot they will be, not where they are and also you can steer it, but not by much.

Next his E or Fire Strike, this skill deal 100 flat dmg, it flies kinda fast and will go through another Reinhardt’s barrier. And speaking of the barrier it’s on his right mouse button, which you have to hold down so the barrier stays active, but it does slow down your movement speed. As said before there are some skills that go through, such as Fire strike, Winston’s zap gun and Symmetra’s big ball of death and some heros can just go over you like Reaper and Pharah.

And his Ultimate, Earthshatter which stuns and knocks down enemy heroes caught in it, it delas no dmg, 50 to be fair but leaving heroes vulnerable to attacks, but the real power of this ulti comes when you interrupt game ending ulies, like Reaper’s, Roadhog’s, even Winston’s. For my last point let’s talk on how to push with him, well all you have to do is press your right mouse button and hold it, if a path is heavily guarded by 5 bastions, try to take a another route there, most maps have one or just weit for your team to clean them up. And of course what to switch to: Well if you pick Reinhardt, don’t switch out, he’s great for pushing or defending, what I recommend is that you switch to Reinhardt, since he’s like Mercy and will work in any composition and at any time.

Thank you all for watching and I will see you next time..

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