Hey there! This is the second part of our “How to deal with different characters in 1v1 situations as Tracer” guide. The last part was about general things and DPS matchups and we continue with others in this one. Hello guys and welcome to the dojo! Before we begin we recommend that you watch the first part of this series as we talked about general tips regarding 1v1 situations as Tracer. In this one, we are going to continue the dissecting and understanding the matchups against defense heroes, snipers, tanks and supports.

Defense heroes are a category by Blizzard that can be further drilled down to small subcategories. We are going to start with real defenders who specialize in locking down parts of the map and keeping the enemy team from entering high priority areas and to push through chokes. First of all, how to deal with Bastion. Tracer versus Bastion is a skill matchup. Bastion’s turret has the highest raw DPS in game, and if you don’t pay attention to it, you can go down quickly.

However he is really immobile when while dishing out damage. The best strategy here is to try to outmaneuver the enemy with well timed blinks. Covering the distance is the hardest part if the Bastion sees you, so make sure that you use terrain and cover to get out of the line of sight. When you are able to get close enough, unload your DPS on him while continuously blinking around the foe. Note that your ultimate will not kill a Bastion in sentry mode. The damage mitigation he has in that form needs you to unload some extra DPS on him to finish the job. Bastion is a little less of a threat when in recon mode. He can heal up but the repair charge diminishes quickly, so you will have a chance to deal with him.

Beware of him transforming and killing you with a volley of bullets! Next up is Junkrat vs Tracer, and we think this is a matchup that you don’t want to fight. Junkrat excels at locking down chokes and fighting in close quarters. His nades are able to damage you heavily and the concussion mines will make short work of you if you happen to get blown in the face by them.

Junkrat also has access to a trap that will disable all your abilities, and if you step into it, you just signed your death sentence. That being said, if he is not focusing you, you have a good chance of killing him from behind and up close. You need to track well, but his hitbox is hittable with a full clip if practiced. The most viable strategy in a 1v1 situation is to try to bait out the concussion mines before you engage him. Blinking in and back quickly will usually force some basic attacks or a mine thrown at you.

Make good use of your recall, it will be a really close call in nearly all situations, even if you kill him. We suggest to search for a better target that you are less likely to go down to and only try to go against Junkrat if he is not paying attention. Mei vs Tracer is a ability bait matchup. You both have access to heal, however Mei is able to slow down your movement and kill you with an icicle to the head. Dealing with her requires you to time your abilities well and to dodge like crazy. When engaging, make sure you are the first to do damage, that may get you a panicky heal reaction from the Mei that you can abuse. After she healed up, you just need to go around her ice wall to get to her and recall when you would be frozen.

Remember if you take a lot of damage at once, it’s time to recall. Never engage her without all your basic abilities available. The next defender category we have are builders. Only two at the time of the making of this video, Thorbjorn and Symmetra. While Sym is in the support category, she fits here better for this guide. When going against builders, it’s really important that you are aware of their presence and suspect that a turret or two will be waiting for you somewhere.

If you keep this in mind, you can win your fights and will have and easier time traversing the map while flanking the enemy. Let’s start with Torbjorn versus Tracer. This can be a really hard one, and it’s best to avoid if the Torb has his turret up. It has a lot of DPS and able to lock on you, never missing a shot. Just try to find an alternative route around the turret if possible and leave it to your team. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to fight the turret and the dwarf, go for Thorbjorn first. He can just heal the turret up, hiding behind it, so it’s better to try to damage and eliminate him first. Killing this duo usually needs more than one recall, or some sick blinks and good tracking. When Torb is alone without a turret, you can try to harass him. Dodging the ranged attacks are not that hard, but you want to make sure to respect his shotgun, because he can instakill you with a good shot to the head. It’s usually the best to blink around him, kill any low level turrets that he places instantly and go for the head from a conservative distance.

Next is Symmetra vs Tracer. This is a fight you want to avoid unless you are really sure that no turrets are around her, which is really unlikely. You will usually have a really hard time travelling behind enemy lines when a Symmetra is around. Her turrets are damaging and slowing you, and if you step into a nest of turrets, you are as good as dead if you don’t react quickly enough with a recall. She can go down quickly if not paying attention to you. However when you are in a real 1v1 situation, even without turrets she can be threatening. The microwave attaches to you and she can keep up with a single blink distance if positioning well. Bait the photon barrier, try to get to the other side and unload a clip. You will usually have to recall, but should be able to finish her after that. Manage your blinks well. The next section is about Tracer vs snipers.

You are not the best flanker to call for when there are snipers in the enemy team. Your low health pool makes it really hard to engage successfully from a distance, and the lack of vertical mobility makes it nearly impossible to get rid of a sniper who is paying attention. Tracer vs Widowmaker is a matchup that you want to avoid. She can instakill you with a charged headshot and will have an easy time getting away with a hook just to land another shot or two from the air. Best bet is when you are able to get to her somehow directly and flank from either the side or the back.

When scoping, she has a limited vision, so any non-direct angle will be a good choice. Avoid going towards a Widow in a straight line or you are as good as dead. If you happen to try to go for her and step into the widowmine, just back off. She can see you coming and has vision on you, so you are an easy target to kill. Tracer vs Hanzo is a skill matchup. Hanzo has multiple tools to instantly kill you if you don’t pay attention. One headshot with a fully drawn bow or a scatter arrow to your leg and you will perish. Therefore the matchup vs Hanzo really depends on your timing and evasion. Baiting the scatter is a must, because it is just too easy to kill you with it. Blinking towards and quickly to the side usually does the trick, however Hanzo players are often expecting this kind of baiting. Try to lure the abilities and utilize crouching when you are around the enemy. When he is not with the team but taking a high ground, you are better off finding other targets.

Even if you are able to get close to him somehow, it is usually not worth the effort and he is a lot less susceptible to flank than Widowmaker. The was the second episode about how to deal with different characters in the game as Tracer. If you like what we are doing, like, favourite share and leave a comment below about your best and worst matchups. See you guys next time!.

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