Unlike Temple of Anubis, which has a few different jump routes that any character can use, Dorado has mostly a lot of character specific jumps. Characters like Pharah, Junkrat, Widowmaker and D.Va can do these jumps without issue due to their enhanced mobility, but Soldier 76 and in some cases Zarya can also gain access to enhanced mobility by performing a rocket jump. The timing for the two characters is different but the theory is basically the same. Right click at your feet and then jump, which allows you to gain additional momentum and height on your jump. Both of these characters have high impact ultimate abilities that benefit greatly from the flank so it’s worth learning the opportunities on a map.

Defenders are often able to bog down attackers under the bridge on Dorado which means the enemies tend to group up behind the payload and around the corners. This presents a strong flanking opportunity and both Zarya and Soldier 76 are able to take advantage of it. By rocket jumping from the stairs along the left side, both heroes can reach the front ledge where a well-placed ultimate can decimate the enemy team. At the very least the attackers may turn around allowing your teammates to engage directly. You can also get to a good vantage point with soldiers 76 from here. This jump is very difficult for beginners but can be very rewarding. Most likely to be executed by the defense before the gates open it allows 76 to gain access to the rooftops which is great for shooting down Pharahs or firing down on attackers trying to push the payload.

All heroes can make this jump by hopping up on the objects but 76 and Zarya can make it a bit more seamlessly than most by rocket jumping directly to the window. It’s great for extending a flank while attacking into the market or for chasing an opponent on defense. There are two easy ways to get to the second level of the courthouse between A & B and both offer great opportunities for flanking. On attack it’s possible to rocket jump from the judges bench to the upper floor gallery. This lets you attack the defense, normally assembled under the bridge, from above. It’s a particularly nasty angle for a tactical visor as the enemy team is normally split between the bridge and the surrounding ledges and alcoves.

As always a flank like this can create huge opportunities for your team. On defence you can go directly from the low ground to the second floor of the courthouse by rocket jumping from the van. This is a pretty tricky jump and requires you to get a lot of height before pushing forward towards the window. On the last point of Dorado it’s very common for attackers to use the ledge to snipe at defenders and generally apply pressure, but Soldier 76 can take the flight directly to the enemy by rocket jumping onto the platform.

This can also be useful for flanking but staying on top of the platform for extended periods of time can make you a prime target for enemy DPS players. There are two flanking routes on the last point that give a great opportunity for a surprise ult. The first allow Soldier 76 to jump up the ledge that attackers normally used to run back or to flank. A simple rocketjump allows him to get behind the defense. The second is a simple hop over the short wall for Zarya or Soldier on defense allowing them to loop around behind the payload. While it is possible to simply use the ledge to the far right, this increases travel time as well as probability that you’ll be spotted. Despite the lack of jumps on Dorado that’s meant for all characters, you can still get some good advantages using Soldier76 and Zarya.

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