-GB What’s happening guys, Kris here taking a look at another Overwatch character today, in this video I’ll be putting Junkrat under the spotlight, going over tactics, strategies and those abilities, and how to use them all effectively. With a generally average amount of health of 200, Junkrat is a defensive player, best suited for guarding objectives, cutting off paths and denying access to specific routes. His abilities cater more-so for defensive play-styles, as they can be tricky to use against hostiles close-by, and pretty hard to be accurate with, as his abilities are more centred around creating dangerous spaces to travel through, instead of attacking opponents head on, and so Junkrat has been given a difficulty rating of 2 stars, to reflect his lack of accuracy and specific advantages.

So, after an attack in Australia caused the detonation of a fusion core, and left the surrounding area highly radiated and littered with debris, a group of survivors called Junkers were left behind. The Junkers scavenged the wasteland for metal and components, and created their own cutthroat gang. Junkrat, was one of these, driven to madness by the radiation, and consumed by his obsession with explosives and anarchy. After finding some very valuable treasure amongst the ruins, be became a huge target for bounty hunters and opposing gang members.

Junkrat decided to hire a personal bodyguard, Roadhog, in exchange for half of his profits, only for both of them to abandon the outback, and go on a crime spree around the world, leaving chaos and destruction in their wake. Anyway, taking a look at those weapons and abilities, Junkrat’s primary way to deal the damage, is by using his frag launcher. This contraption, launches explosive grenades, through the air over distance, with each explosive detonating, whenever they touch an opponent, or after a short period of time.

The grenades are fired at a fairly slow velocity, when compared with other overwatch projectiles, and arch slightly, dropping down over distance. This makes it quite difficult, to land direct hits on targets accurately at most ranges. Though whenever you do land a direct hit, it’ll deal 120 damage, knocking out a nice chunk of health. Down to the way your grenades fly through the air, its often more effective going for in-direct hits on smaller targets that are harder to hit, as you’re more likely to cause some damage from the splash of the blast. The splash damage can deal up to 80, within a 2 meter radius, the closer your target is to the grenade when it goes off, the higher the damage, and although it might not be as effective as actually landing the shot onto your target, it’s usually a lot easier to flood areas with your explosives, affecting anyone in said area at the time.

Just beware of using the frag launcher at very close ranges, as the explosions can cause up to 40 self damage. The frag launcher holds 5 grenades at a time, before the need to reload, which is more than enough to fill a space with explosives, and cause significant damage to anyone nearby to them. Being a defensive character, the frag launcher is great for cutting off routes and preventing enemies from taking objectives, denying access to areas, and generally spamming access points with grenades, making them dangerous to advance through. Although a lot of your shots wont directly harm anyone when fired towards these routes and areas, they will deter enemies from moving through them, and make it much harder to advance forwards and go for that objective.

So don’t be afraid to go crazy, and spam grenades along popular travel routes, as even though you might not be hitting anyone, you’re still helping to players them back, preventing hostiles from going where they need to go. Each bomb will bounce a total of 3 times before detonating, and at any moment they make contact with an enemy player, they’ll explode causing maximum damage. They will still explode upon contact after bouncing, so keep this in mind, and instead of going for direct hits all the time, try bouncing the grenades off the floor, walls, and ceiling to hit them if it’s easier. Bouncing them off walls and around corners, can be useful for taking on enemies from a safe place, out of harm’s way, as you’ll be out of sight, and out of anyone’s firing line. Also, it’s usually more effective to aim lower, and bounce the bombs along the floor, towards target in-front of you, beyond closer ranges, as the bombs are less likely to go over your opponents head, and are more likely to be ran into, at lower angles.

The frag launcher can be very effective in small rooms and corridors, with the bombs being harder to avoid in smaller spaces, plus they’re devastating against tank characters, down to them having bigger hit-boxes, and with each grenade dealing so much damage on contact. It’s also usually best to reach higher vantage points before attacking too, as you’re gonna be at a huge disadvantage against targets above you. Pharah can be a huge problem for Junkrat when she’s airborne, so it’s often best to retreat from a battle against her, or anyone high up, unless they’re moving in a very predictable way, or if you can bounce those bombs off any walls nearby at them.

A useful tool that Junkrat can use, comes in the form of another explosive based ability, called the concussion mine. This allows you to throw, and place down a home-made mine, that can be manually detonated, blowing up enemies nearby, causing damage and sending them flying through the air. Each mine has a 3 meter splash radius, and causes a maximum of 120 damage, though the mine won’t cause any self damage, and can be used on yourself to get a boost into the air, to reach higher areas, and even travel quicker towards objectives points, when placed behind yourself when detonated.

The mine can only be tossed over a short distance, but it’s a much better alternative when attacking enemies close by, than of the frag launcher. The knockback effect with push a nearby opponent away from you, the mine can be detonated mid-air to explode right in their face, plus it’s not gonna deal any self damage either. This knockback effect can be used to throw enemies into bottomless pits for easy kills, and is often best used in closer ranged engagements, for a rapid way to push people away and deal damage. Though, make sure you’re not standing in-front of one of those pits, as the explosion could push you backwards into it, just as easily.

The mines can be placed down and stuck to surfaces to create traps, and harm players unexpectedly as they walk through a door, or enter an area, though they can be destroyed by enemies if shot at, causing no explosion or damage. But other than a quick and easy way to blast health away, they’re also useful for traversing the map, giving the concussion mines a variety of different functions. Next up, is Junkrat’s passive ability, called total mayhem, which automatically drops 5 live grenades upon death, with each dealing 60 damage. The explosions don’t have a very big radius, and the grenades land close to each other, making the area of damage quite small, but if an opponent close by, walks over your dead body, just after they killed you, the bombs in total, can deal up to 300 damage, which is usually enough to kill, and bring them down with you.

If you know you’re about to die, running towards your target in close quarters can sometimes grant you the kill, with those bombs falling down afterwards upon death. But most smart overwatch players will know to avoid Junkrat once he’s down, but it still might catch a lot of players off guard, especially if you’re in a small space, or at a congested objective point when you die. Now although you can throw down manually detonated traps, in the form of the concussion mine, Junkrat can also lob down a steel trap, that automatically activates, whenever an enemy runs over it. The trap itself deals 80 damage, so it’s enough to kill someone with a low amount of health straight away, but its main purpose, is to contain a target, keeping them still for about 3 seconds, and in this time, they’re highly vulnerable, and can be finished off with your other weapons and abilities much more easily.

Unable to avoid your attacks, the trapped enemy can still shoot their primary weapon back, but can’t use any abilities, and if you’re close-by, you can fire a grenade from the frag launcher, or chuck a concussion mine right at them whilst they’re immobilized, dealing 120 damage, totalling to 200, and combined with the damage from the trap, this is usually enough to kill most players with normal amounts of health. To enemy players, the trap will appear to be submerged slightly under the floor, so its location isn’t downright obvious, though it’ll look like its sitting on-top on the surface, from your point of view.

The trap can still be seen though by enemies, and shot at to be destroyed, so it’s usually best planting them around corners, out of clear line of sight, and in narrow walkways, to maximise the chances of someone walking through them. When a trap has been destroyed, you’ll be notified, so it can also be used as an alarm, to alert you of enemy presence advancing through an area. When taking on an enemy up close, as a last ditch effort, you can chuck a trap down towards someone nearby, and sometimes get them as they strafe around, stopping them in their tracks, and making it easy for you to kill them. But anyway, that nicely leads me onto Junkrat’s Ultimate ability, the RIP tire, and this is one of those ultimate’s, that’s gonna send a lot of enemy players into panic, as soon as they see it.

It’s basically a giant tire that can be controlled, and manually detonated to cause a up to 600 damage, to anyone caught within a 10 meter radius. When activating the RIP tire, Junkrat is left immobile and defenceless, making him an easy target to take out, so its best using the ability hidden away from enemy sightlines, and in a place that someone, is less likely to find you.

Though even if you die, you’ll still stay in control of the rip tire, until its gone. Now, when activated, that tire’s gonna zoom off forwards, and can be steered left and right to travel around. You can also jump, using the jump button, and even travel up walls and surfaces by holding down the jump button, just like you can with Hanzo’s passive wall-climb ability. This is useful for reaching anyone perched on higher platforms, and can often catch them by surprise, as they probably won’t be expecting a huge exploding tire, to just suddenly appear right in front of them. The tire can be destroyed, and it only has 100 health, so rather than moving forwards towards a group of enemies in a straight line, zig-zag your movements, to make the tire harder to hit, and even travel around side routes, to flank groups of enemies, and take them out unexpectedly.

Its often best going for groups of enemies that are close together, and is a great way to prevent hostiles taking over objectives, as you can both kill multiple players at once, and send others running away in a panic, out of harms distance, and away from the objective. So in conclusion, Junkrat can be a bit trickier to deal direct damage, and is more geared up for area denial, and making areas more hazardous to travel through. He’s great at preventing opponents from advancing forwards easily, but requires more skill to aim and judge the trajectory of your projectiles, to hit enemies directly. If you can predict enemy movements, and play with a defensive mindset, instead of dashing off into the forefront, Junkrat can be a very useful character to pick, and can be very dangerous when used in a smart way. So that’s all I’ve got for you this time guys, thanks for watching, like if you enjoyed, subscribe to see loads more, and I’ll see you, in the next one!

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