Hey there! Having trouble landing shots with Lucio? Ultimate is charging too slowly? We have a set of drills that will help you improve your Lucio game! Keep on watching! Hello guys,welcome to the dojo! Lucio stays on top of the most popular Overwatch heroes chart, and his place is well deserved. He is a valuable asset to any team, giving a lot of utility, including area of effect healing. Mastering him is really hard, but what we can easily teach you is how to use his basic attack to the fullest potential.

Let’s talk about it briefly. His weapon of choice is a sonic device that sends out 4 projectiles in a single line. They hit the enemy for 16 damage each and they can headshot. There is no damage falloff, meaning the projectiles do full damage wherever they land. This weapon is most often used to spam shots blindly in the general direction of the enemy, as they charge the ultimate quite nicely. You can train with the weapon however and become a sharpshooter support for your team. Activating the speed and juking around a single enemy can be surprisingly effective, and this makes Lucio hard to kill in most 1v1 situations. His boop is very useful for keeping enemies away from you and to throw them in the abyss on certain maps. All right, after this short explanation, we are going to start with drills against standing enemies, solidifying the basics. The hand cam is online, watch it to get a general idea about the movement you should be doing. First of all, you need to warm up your tracking muscles.

Go to the standing bots and move around the while keeping your crosshair on the head. Go closer and farther away and do the same tracking motion. Do this with and without your speed aura. This exercise makes sure that you can keep on your targets if needed and is great for warm up. Make sure that your wrist is not twisting too much when doing this motion.

Do this drill for 1 minute. The next drill is teaching you a move that is vital to know with Lucio. With your speed aura active, you can dodge left and right very quickly to avoid enemy fire. Meanwhile you can fight back with your basic attack, continuously adjusting to the enemy’s head in sync with your own motion. Try swapping the auras and do the same, because in 1v1 situations, you will need to heal up the damage done to you. Master this movement attack combo and the enemy team will have a really hard time eliminating you. Do this drill for 1 minute. This one needs you to use your passive ability, the wallride.

Move around the bots while riding the wall and try to land your shots. The objective is to hit the head of the bots while never letting go of the wall. Lucio can get to preferable positions and avoid the heat of battle with wall riding, but you can help your team even more if you learn to shoot while climbing the terrain. Do this drill for 1 minute. The last static drill is a type of attacking that is very frequently done with Lucio. Peek around a corner, shoot the enemy and get back behind cover quickly. You can use this movement to farm up your ultimate from a safe distance when the enemy is coming from a predictable direction.

Do this drill for 1 minute. Let’s get to the drills against moving targets. Now that you are warmed up and know the basics, try your skills against harder enemies. For the first dynamic drill, go to the platform with the moving bots. Stand still and try to hit them by leading your crosshair and landing headshots. You are doing well if you can land all the projectiles on the moving targets constantly in every distance. Do this drill for 2 minutes. In a live environment, you want to make sure never to stand still with Lucio. Move around a fixed point and do the same as before. Integrate your movement into your aim. Do the left-right dodge thing too that you have learned previously. Try switching between heal and speed aura, and amp up the speed to experience aiming in different ways. Do this drill for 1 minute. The next drill teaches you how to land your shots from a high ground. Go to the upper floor of the training area and shoot the bots below you.

This position not only allows practicing from an elevated position, but also gives you the chance to learn how to hit long distance shots. Integrate your movement into your aim, switching to speed and back and amping it up. Do this drill for 1 minute. The last drill needs you to utilize everything you have learned. Go to the platform with the moving bots and start eliminating them. Use your melee attack to finish them off if needed. Ride the wall around and shoot them from there. Make sure that you land your shots on the moving and not on the standing ones. Don’t forget to use your boop to displace your enemy when you are close and use their helpless state to land your shots. Do this drill for two minutes.

These drills should help you farm your ultimate more quickly and make more impact as Lucio. 10 minutes of practice can get you far. Never forget that you are still a support, don’t take the role of the DPS. Keep on healing and saving them while punishing the enemy. If you like what we are doing, please subscribe, give us a thumbs up and share this video among your friends. We have a Discord server, so if you have any further questions join our community there. Pledge on Patreon now so we can keep creating instructional videos like this for the community! See you guys next time!.

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