Hey there! This guide is going to give you some tips and tricks to Lucioball! Whether you want to get better in quickplay or climb that last few SR in Competitive. INTRO Hello guys and welcome to the dojo! One of the most popular game modes in Overwatch today is Lucioball. It’s a gamemode that a majority look forward to every year, playing it non-stop ‘till the end of the summer games event. This video is a collaboration with our good friend Fresco, a Top 500 Lucioball Player. Welcome, Fresco, please introduce yourself! Hello my name is Fresco and I am a Top 500 Lucioball player. When it first came out in 2016, I played it casually with friends, but when Copa Lucioball came out in 2017 I peaked at 3999 SR and finished at Rank #417 (that was top 500 at that time).

This season I peaked at 4091 SR and Ranked #156. That is my Lucioball journey. Wow, that is one heck of climb there. Now as with any competitive mode there are some major and minor differences between the different ranks of play. Does Lucioball have differences in play depending on ranks? (What is the biggest difference between low SR and High SR games?) I would say that teamplay and mechanics are better in higher ranks because in lower rank games they just play solo and trying to make goals instead of the strikers passing the ball to each other to try and bait the goalkeeper and make good plays together like high sr players do in those games. In the higher rank games people use their mechanics and team play more. For example using your punch to score goals or trying to bait the goalkeeper into making an opening. Strikers use the jump pads a lot because the goalkeeper shoots a high ball then the striker jumps on the jump pad and can score a goal. It’s a good method to use and they pass a lot in higher ranks.

Interesting, how do you communicate with your team during a match? Any special call outs in voice comes or chat?(How do you communicate, if at all? Any terms or phrases shouted out during the game?) I usually use “I need help in goal” or “Guys go up and stay on each side”, those are the callouts I use the most when in a game. I also use “pass me” when I play striker and I am trying to get the ball passed around to bait out an opening. You can use “I’m in the middle” and that means you are between the jump pads on the attack side when you play striker. Now we have some proper terms! But what do you do if your teammates do not want to partake in team communication?(How do you play with a team that is not in comms?) When i play with a team that has no comms then I usually play goalkeeper because I don’t like playing striker when we have no comms. So when I play goalkeeper and my teammates are playing strikers, I usually pass the ball to the side that they are on and I just do my best to not let the enemy team score.

So if you get a team with no comms then just try to do your best at the role you are put into and try to win. That is a creative way of handling that situation. As is with normal comp there are roles to fill and certain positioning that works well with different skill levels. What are some of the best formations for Lucioball? (How should everyone position themselves? (should there be two goalies 1 striker or goalie, midfielder, and striker) One setup that works well is having 2 goalkeepers and 1 striker can work when there is no strong goalkeeper on the team, this is more of a defensive set up so you won’t be in a high scoring game. But if you do have a good goalkeeper then it is a good idea to play 2 strikers and 1 goalkeeper. The strikers stay on each jump pad on the attacking side and wait for a pass from the goalkeeper. Another setup is playing 1 striker, 1 defender, and 1 goalkeeper, using this formation depends on how skilled the teams are in the game because when it’s a really high-level game you need a defender because your goalkeeper may struggle if the 2 enemy strikers outplay him and bait him.

Positioning is key no matter what version of comp you are playing. Sadly that does not always play out when we solo que. So when we Solo Queue which position should we be prepare to play? (Which position should you try and fill if you are solo queing?) In my opinion it is goalkeeper because when you Solo Que most players play as strikers in your games. When I Solo Que and I don’t get a good goalkeeper often, so i just play goalkeeper to avoid conflict. Now that we have gone over positioning, let us look into the different roles that are in Lucioball. Walk us through the lifestyle of a Striker! (Striker tips: Positioning, callouts, how to practice them) If you wanna practice your Striker moves, you go to a Custom game and start up lucioball with a friend.

Tell him to do high balls to you while you are jumping on the jump pads and trying to a score. Callouts could be “Pass me on the left” when you are on the left or “pass me on the right” when you are on the right. Positioning as a Striker is that you stay on the jump pads on the left and right then just wait for a pass and you can go for the balls in the middle as a striker/defender. As a striker you need to be able to get back to your goal to help your goalkeeper. Grinding can be a good way to practice on getting back to your goal. Those are some good pointers. So moving on to the next role, the Defender! (Defender tips: Positioning, callouts, how to practice them) I don’t know much about the defender role but if you want to practice as a defender, play Lucioball and focus on your playstyle.

Learning the mechanics of this position is best done while playing a game. For example you punch onto the wall and then shoot the ball to try and bait the person that’s coming to you or you can punch over him and wallride behind him and then shot or pass. A few call outs can be “i got it” and it means that you take the ball instead of the goalkeeper or “im middle” that means that you are between the jump pads and then the striker will know that you are there so he can pass you if needed.

Solid Tips, now to the final and one of the most important roles. How does one play and practice as a Goalie? (Goalie tips: Positioning, callouts, how to practice them) As goalkeeper you wanna stay in the goal and not go out too far to try and get the ball because then a enemy player can come for the ball and when you shot it the enemy player will just shot it over you after you shot it and then they get a goal.

So never go out to far from the goal. In my opinion your gonna need to grind goalkeeper in comp because they play to win, at least most of the time. After you have grinded then will you learn how the enemy strikers try to make a goal and you will get better as goalkeeper if you practice to save goals. Ask a friend and go to a Custom game and start Lucioball and you stay in goal and your friend is gonna shot the ball at you and you are gonna try to save it and do it in different scenarios.

One such scenario is up close guarding, when the enemy striker uses a jump pad and shoots it in the air and you try to save it, goal to goal. Others are when he punches the ball to the wall and then he shots it or when he uses ultimate. Then you can bring another friend so they play 2 strikers against 1 gk and you try to save the ball while they are passing each other and trying to score a goal on you. If you do this then will you be able to be a good goalkeeper or you can grind goalkeeper and learn the role on the way and same with striker and defender Great tips all around! Now we know everything that we need for getting prepared for Competitive Lucioball.

But we can’t do this guide without asking, what are some of your favorite trick shots and how can we do them to live out our inner Lucio Beckham. (What is you favorite trick shot and how do you do it?) I have 3 Favorite trick shots actually. The first one is you get a high pass by your goalkeeper and then you jump on the jump pad and punch the ball onto the wall then you turn around so you look at the goal and shoot to make the goal, the enemy goalkeeper might save it so it is not a sure thing but you look cool doing it! The other one is when you are goalkeeper and just do a high ball to their goal from your goal, it’s pretty easy to do just shot a highball to their goal. Unfortunately every goalkeeper can save that one but you can score if the enemy goalkeeper makes a mistake. The last one is when you use your ultimate and just shoot around the goal so its bounces back to you a few times and then you shoot and try to make a score unless you see an opportunity before when you are dancing around the goal, this one will be a bit harder if they have defenders because then can they just shoot the ball away but it’s worth a try.

Thank you for your attention,thanks again to Fresco for joining us in creating this guide, hopefully this helps increase your SR in Lucioball! We hope that you enjoyed this video, if you did, don’t forget to like, and subscribe to the channel. And we will see you guys in the next one! Bye! .

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