-GB Hey, what’s going on guys, Kris here taking a good look at Mccree from overwatch today, I’ll be going over all of those abilities in-detail, with tips and tricks on how to use them effectively, along with general strategies, tactics, pros, cons, and all of that other stuff too. He’s an offensive hero, that’s got a high damage output, capable of shutting down opponents quickly up close and further away, but lacks speed and manuverability, leaving him a bit vulnerable at times, plus you’re gonna have to be accurate to dish out the damage, and smart about how you move around the map, and use those abilities.

For these reasons, Mcree’s been given a difficult rating of 2 stars, as he can destroy enemies when used correctly, but there might be a bit of a learning curve, to get a hang of aiming, and for using those abilities in quick combinations. Just like most of the other heroes, Mccree has 200 health, and down to his lack of speed, you’re gonna have to be careful, and use those abilities, to get yourself out of sticky situations, along with picking optimal routes for flanking enemies, and sticking close to teammates and support characters, for extra backup. So Mccree is an outlaw, and was a member of the infamous deadlock gang, who trafficked weapons throughout the American southwest.

Mccree was caught red handed during an overwatch sting operation, and was given the option to either spend the rest of his days behind bars, or join Overwatch’s covert ops division ‘Blackwatch’. Mccree chose the latter of the two, and over time, believed that he could make amends for past sins, by fighting for a good cause. But as corruption started to settle into Blackwatch, and rogue agents such as Reaper plotted against Overwatch, Mccree disagreed with their actions and wanted no part of it, so he ran away and went off the radar.

Years later, he resurfaced as a gunslinger for hire, but only chose to fight, and use his skills, for causes he believed to be right. Anyway, time to take an in-depth look at those abilities, so Mcree’s weapon of choice, is his trusty 6-shooter known as the peacekeeper, it’s a hitscan weapon that deals damage as soon as you pull down the trigger, and it deals a fairly high amount, with each bullet inflicting 70 damage at close-medium ranges. This damage stays high over distance, up to around 30 or so meters, but drops down beyond this, to figures lower than 25 at extreme ranges. This means that although it’s effective at most distances, the peacekeeper isn’t exactly a sniper, and so it’s not gonna be great against snipers, perched on the other side of the map.

With that said, it’s still powerful, and that damage doesn’t start dropping off, unless your opponent is quite far away, so it’s still a viable option, to kill most targets at most ranges. Because each bullet is a hitscan, it means that there’s no delay inbetween it leaving the barrel of your gun and hitting your target, so basically, wherever you’re aiming, that bullet is gonna land as soon as the trigger is pulled. Unlike projectile based weapons, this means that you don’t have to lead enemy movements, and shoot in-front of them, like you would with Pharahs rockets, or torbjorn’s rivet gun.

You’ll be able to fire off 2 bullets per second, allowing you to deal high damage quickly, though in most situations, its best to line-up shots, taking time to adjust your aim and fire, whenever your target runs through the reticle. It may be pinpoint accurate, but spamming shots quickly, will usually cause you to miss at longer ranges, and it’s normally better to ensure your bullets are gonna land, by firing slower. The peacekeeper only has 6 bullets per reload, so running out of ammo during a shootout is gonna happen quickly if you’re not careful, though 6 well placed bullets is enough to kill a couple of weaker enemies, if you can manage to land all of those shots. The peacekeepers primary fire, also does headshot damage too, and this will double your typical damage amount, meaning you can take away up to 140 health with a single bullet, so if your target is moving in a very predictable way, or if they’re standing still, aiming slightly higher and going for the noggin, can be punishing, especially on weakened opponents, and ones with lower health values. The peacekeeper has an alternate fire mode, called ‘fan the hammer’, and this lets you quickly fire all of your remaining bullets, and empty the guns cylinder at a rapid rate.

Its highly inaccurate, due to a wide spread pattern, and bullets inflict less damage, with a maximum of just 45 each. However, the rate of fire is much quicker, letting you shoot, all 6 of your bullets in about a second. You don’t need all 6 bullets available in order to use fan the hammer, though it’s usually more effective, when you have more ammo to fire all at once. Due to the spammy nature of the ability, the gun wont deal any headshot damage to keep it fair, as your shots will naturally drift upwards during the course of the action, which probably would have netted you a headshot most of the time anyway.

The recoil is pretty crazy, not gonna lie, and so you should only use fan the hammer in cqc engagements. Getting 5 of your 6 bullets to land, will kill most players straight away, but actually doing this can be extremely difficult to do beyond close range, down to that high spread, plus you’re gonna be left vulnerable, whilst you reload the gun again, after firing off all of those shots. Using fan the hammer, can often be do or die. At the right moment, up close, you can kill most people easily, providing you’re on target, but miss your shots, and that reload time could catch you out, especially when up against other close ranged enemies like tracer and genji. Try tilting your aim downwards slightly when firing those shots off if you can, as this’ll increase your accuracy slightly, preventing some of that upwards drifting, caused but the guns recoil, and don’t use fan the hammer, unless your target is up close, or, unless you know that they only need a tiny bit more damage to be dealt, to put them down.

Now, something that’s gonna massively compliment the peacekeepers fan the hammer, is your flashbang ability, which basically lets you chuck a flashbang, at the short distance of 5 meters, in front of you. This deals 25 damage, and stuns anyone caught within its 2 meter radius, for just under a second. The main use of the flashbang, is to combine your opponents lack of mobility, with your peacekeepers alternate fire, to unload as many of your bullets into them rapidly up close, whilst they’re stunned, and unable to move. There’s only a narrow window where they’ll be stunned, and if you’re not quick enough, certain opponents can escape from your attacks once they recover from the flash bangs effect, so you’ll have to be quick, and combine the flashbang with fan the hammer, aiming at their feet, or lower torso when you toss the flashbang, and then activate fan the hammer as soon as you can after, to deal huge amounts of damage.

When done correctly, you can wipe out most characters in the game, and deal with pesky flankers, such as tracer and genji, quickly and easily. Aiming at the floor just in-front of you, can often to the best way to ensure its gonna affect someone close-by without missing, though once again, you’ll have to be fast, to aim back at them, and unload those bullets. Because the flashbang is a stun, it also has the ability to stop some ultimates too, it’s not exactly gonna be useful against anyone further away, with that short range, but if you notice a reaper dropping down right in-front of you activating death blossom, or if you can use it on genji, whilst he’s trying to slice you up with that dragon blade, then the flashbang can come in handy to stun them, and shut em down, before they can do considerable damage.

Another useful ability that Mccree can do is combat roll, and although this might seem like a fairly useless skill compared to some of the others, it can actually be very useful for a few different reasons. The main, and obvious point to make about the ability, is that you’ll be able to dive about 6 meters, in whatever direction you’re moving in, to dodge incoming attacks, and confuse enemies in the middle of a fire-fight. But the main use for the combat roll, is the fact that you’ll automatically reload your peacekeeper to full, every time you perform a roll. This ability is usually more effective, as a means to reload quickly in a hectic battle, and is great to get your ammo back fast, after emptying all of your bullets after a fan the hammer action. If your target managed to survive a close ranged fan the hammer attack, you can do a roll, to get that ammo back, and finish them off with another frenzy.

The combat roll can be a great backup plan, for if you need to reload instantly again, to deal with an opponent, so whenever you get caught out with no bullets left, a combat roll will get you back into the fight, and will even put an enemies aim off and confuse them mid-battle. So lastly, it’s time to go over Mccrees ultimate ability, Deadeye, and this one can be brutal, when used at the right moment. After taking a few seconds to aim, you’ll be able to deal massive amounts of damage to multiple enemies at once. You’ll see small circles highlighted over enemies within your line of sight, and these circles shrink over time, the longer they’re highlighted.

Once they stop zoning-in, and turn into a red skull, you’ll be able to deal enough damage to kill them, as soon as you fire. The bullets themselves, deal an increased amount of damage per second on highlighted enemies, and you’ll be able to line up a kill-shot a lot quicker on weaker enemies, and ones that have already taken damage. It’s an extremely powerful ability, though it does leave you quite vulnerable, as your movement speed will be reduced by a lot, and you’ll be highlighted with a glowing red outline, giving enemies a narrow window to kill or stun you, and prevent the ability from happening. If you are stopped before shooting, you’ll get to keep 50% of your ultimate charge, ready for another go in a shorter time, but activating the ability will automatically take the first 50%, and firing your bullets, will deplete the rest.

The best part about deadeye, is that’ll you’ll always hit your enemy, providing they’re in line-of sight, though it’ll only kill targets highlighted with a red skull. Players can still be protected against deadeye, by Reinhardt, Winston and Zaryas barriers, along with Lucios sound barrier, so be weary when using it against these heroes, and make sure they aren’t protecting their team when you activate it. Though you’ll be able to benefit from allies using these characters, as you can still fire through friendly barriers, and at the same time, protect yourself from incoming fire, and because Mccree is highly vulnerable while lining up his shots, these barriers can save you from possible death. Though some other good ways to use the ability, is to gain high ground when using it, overlooking an open area full of targets. You’re likely to hit several enemies this way, and will be harder to spot, up at a higher level.

Though you could always flank the enemy team, and gun them all down from behind using deadeye unexpectedly. Either way, it’s best used to quickly clear objective points, and take out multiple hard-to-kill priority targets. So Mccree, is a powerful hero up close and at medium distances too, you’ll often need to be accurate, and use those abilities in quick combinations, to out-gun your opponents and stay alive. He’s a great, anti-flanker being able to stun, and kill fast moving heroes well in CQC, though his lack of mobility and average health might make him an easy target.

Sticking with teammates and working alongside tank characters, to take the brunt of the damage, is often a good strategy for living longer, and it’s always good to memorise those health pack locations, just in-case you need to top that health back up, and remain in the fight. So that’s all for this one guys, hope the video helped, gimme a like if enjoyed the guide, and subscribe if you wanna see more, thanks for watching, and I’ll see you, in that next one!.

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