What is going on guys, welcome back to another video. This time, though, one about Overwatch. As I said on my last video, I plan on bringing Overwatch content to my channel, such as Hero Guides, and this will be the first of many more to come. As it is the first guide, I have decided to showcase the most basic of Overwatch’s heroes, Soldier 76, as a means to let you get a feel for what’s to come. By the time you are watching this video, I have already made guides on more complex characters such as Genji and Zinniata, so look forward to those in the future. In these guides I go over the Hero’s abilities, strengths, weaknesses, counters, tips, and how to use each hero to the full potential. Without any further ado, let’s go over Soldier 76’s Guide.

Soldier 76’s primary fire fires a fully automatic rifle at 10 rounds per second that deal 17 damage each up to a fairly medium distance. The damage output can, however be doubled with head shots. His secondary fire, Helix Rockets fires 3 rockets that deal 120 damage on hit, but deal a minimum of 45 splash damage for enemies up to 2 meters away from the explosion. Helix Rockets cannot score a headshot. Soldier 76’s Biotic Field allows him to create a 5 meter zone that will heal him and any of his allies for a total of 200 Health Points over its full duration. Soldier 76 can also count with his Sprint ability that allows him to sprint for an unlimited time, although, while sprinting, he cannot shoot or perform any other ability. Soldier 76’s Ultimate, Tactical Visor creates an aim-bot like feature, that lasts for 6 seconds and makes it so that your bullets, as well as your Helix Rockets will always hit the enemy that is closest to the reticle, and increases significantly the Pulse Rifle’s reload speed.

However, while Tactical Visor is activated you cannot land headshots. Now that we’ve gone over his abilities, let’s talk about how you should play as Soldier 76. He is, without a doubt, the simplest hero in the game, making him a recommendable choice for newcomers, and will make you feel at home if you have a past in First Person Shooters, such a myself. However, do not misjudge him. He is by no means a weak hero. As a matter of fact, I consider him to be a very strong one, especially at medium distances. His pulse Rifle can melt squishy targets and, being a hit-scan fully automatic weapon, it is very easy to get head shots with, making it a far deadlier presence in the hands of an accurate player. It is recommended that you shoot in small bursts at longer ranges, as the recoil tends to spread the longer the weapon is fired. The Helix Rocket can also be an amazing tool that can be used in a variety of different situations: fire it at a turret so that you don’t have you expose yourself to incoming fire as you deal massive amounts of damage; fire it at bulky characters, as it is easier to hit them.

The same could be said for stationary targets like a Widowmaker hardscoping a choke point. The ability to Sprint makes Soldier 76 a very agile and mobile hero, that can get to objectives and choke points much quicker, and if you happen to die, you can get back to the fight and assist your team, faster than most. His healing ability is also a HUGE perk on his side. This makes Soldier 76 a much bigger and threatening presence that can harass the enemy team for much longer periods of time, as Biotic Field allows you to engage in many more gunfights and still come out on top, while having the chance to support and heal your teammates.

When combined, these 2 abilities can turn Soldier 76 into the most threatening enemy to face in a 1v1 scenario. Imagine the following: You, as Soldier 76 get into a 1v1 gunfight with some other hero. Maybe it is not going too well. Your shot is not on point, the enemy has an edge over you, or he’s using an Ultimate. Whatever it may be, the odds aren’t in your favor. You can simply turn away from that gunfight, sprint the hell out of there into cover, or even better, into an health pack, activate biotic field, if needed, to regenerate your health, and then return to that gunfight and get an easy kill. Furthermore, if the target is shooting at you, while Biotic Field is active, you will be able to sustain a lot of damage, and that will turn out to be an easy kill.

That is just how I got the 14-0 gameplay that you are watching in the background. As an offensive character with high mobility, you should always try to flank and pick enemies that are isolated from their team, because, like I said, Soldier 76 excells at 1v1 scenarios. You can also heal your team with Biotic Field, playing the role of a support, in case your team lacks one, which it absolutely SHOULDN’T! Soldier 76 can also play a huge role in team fights with his ultimate.

Tactical Visor should not be used in 1v1 gunfights, as you can’t land head shots while it is activated. It should, instead be used in big team fights. It will easily track each enemy as you kill them, and, if you combine that with your sprint ability and Biotic Field, you can destroy an entire team, granting you the Play of the game! Make sure that you don’t waste Soldier 76’s Helix Rockets, as he heavily relies on them for his close quarters combat scenarios. As such, McCree and Reaper, and even a smart Tracer are his biggest counters, as they can dish out massive amounts of damage at close range. You should also avoid long sight lines, as Hanzo and Widowmaker can easily snipe you down and you, as Soldier 76, have little to no chance to fight back. For team composition, anything that can keep you alive for longer periods of time, but doesn’t require much attention on their part is a good teammate option, as you yourself have a lot of sustainability already, but if you need a dedicated medic to help you out, then you’re not playing too well as Soldier.

So his recommended teammates would be Reinhardt, Lucio or Zenniata. And that is pretty much it for Soldier 76’s Guide. I hope you have enjoyed it. Let me know what you thought of it in the comment section below. If you have enjoyed this video or found it helpful, please make sure that you SMASH the hell out of the LIKE button for us, because you already know, that your support is greatly appreciated! Subscribe if you’re new to the channel for more Overwatch goodness! My name’s been DarkHero and I will see you on my next video..

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