Hello, everyone deathisself reporting from another session and welcome to my first guide of noob to pro where I can And will teach you how to become a better player which with each and every character and we’re starting off with sombra. Sombra`s role is to hack enemy Heroes Hack Health pack and Be a completely annoying to the enemy team by hacking them and preventing them from using their abilities Sombra is not the most strong Dps out there, but she’s really viable as a DPS Sombra`s abilities are being able to see low health heroes become invisible throw a translocator and teleport to it and Anytime she wants and EMP Sombra counter any hero that relies on his abilities like Doomfist, Genji, Tracer and even Sombra herself Sombra getting encountered By heroes that do not rely on their abilities like soldier 76, McCree, zenyatta unless you use her ult on him So then he loses all all of his shield some heroes like Anna are more of the skill base in the aiming of the player then counter or been countered by So when do you pick Sombra? I mean? The dps character that can provide heal for your team, when do you actually pick her? Sombra is really good if you pair her with another healer Such as Lucio, Mercy because she can she’s an off meta healer She’s not a direct healer.

She’s hacking health packs for the healing As the start you want to hack a health pack doesn’t matter which one you hack you just want to hack one so you can have a Defensive point to return to or an offensive point to return to now you can see Hack Haras and Hide Now because then any team does not have high pressure on the choke point the Sombra player here joined the team as a DPS However because he saw that then he could manage to get into this little room over here So goes in and hack the health pack So they cannot use it again if the enemy team does not have a lot of pressure on the choke point check for a backdoor Here is another point a stray bullet from D.va mini D.va Hit the sombra in knock her out of a invisibility now the Sombra check for any enemies that manage to slip through hug the health pack so if they manage to they cannot do it and luckily she get the D.va while she Get there.

Because of the D.va the Ally team Broke Their formation on the choke point and now enemy teams Start to flood in into the Point One of the most terrifying thing you can face is a two feet behind your lines so the smartest thing to do is to hack it hack the doom fist and Prevent him because he’s the hero that rely on his abilities hack him So he cannot use any abilities and again Hack the health pack, hide, harass Return to hide I cannot tell you how much important that is that you will remember these free ‘H’ all the time hack harass and hide if you manage to get the kill congratulations, you are a really helping hand to your team like you can see there is no enemy pressure right now, so all you need to do now is to find the health pack that the enemy team might use and Hackett to prevent them to use this route or at least the health part so they have less healing hack hide here is the harass and Return to hide that is Sombra most reliable combo in the game if you can call that a combo however there are time when? Team Lead you and you need to beat the DPS another harass one thing for sure The ult of Samba is good for nothing if you’re using it by its own You need to sync it with another move like Zarya like Mccree Like Pharah good aoe old that the enemy cannot shield behind the Reinhardt or Orisa because they cannot use their abilities and if you see an enemy with low health trying to rush into a health pack Do your best to kill them in case you can hack the health pack so you can see them they cannot heal Sombra can take the role of a DPS like you saw in the clip before the enemy team had little to no Pressure on the team on the point so sombra could use her abilities more of the DPS instead of the harass however using the triple ‘H’ is still very important and should be used frequently a Good moment for a flank is when the enemy team got is really strong defense on the choke point So when you see that you can go behind them and go on to stand on the point But then we will see that somebody capture that and will break their formation that’s to deal with you actually So if the enemy team is not organized which will most likely be You will get two players at least coming after you meaning that will be 4 Vs.

5 on the Choke Point most likely Gonna favor your team Most likely the other moment to think is when the enemy team or your team Wanna start to engage So one of their DPS or support must turn back turn their back to the to your team to try and deal with you Now if they are not trying to protect their healer or backlight you get free kills You want to use your old in one of two cases the first one if to counter an enemy? ult or the second option is to Engage with your teams and to sync your alt with them So it’s to counter it alt or to start an engagement if you can do both of them at the same time It will be the best Sadly most of the time that will be one of the two options in case the enemy team capture the first point you need to Go back and hack the nearest health pack to prevent them from go back camping in a certain point – and getting some free heals The enemy team cannot use a health pack after you hack it for 60 seconds remember that 60 Seconds the enemy team cannot use that health pack! Plus the cooled of all your hack ability is starting to go down meaning that you have it available When the enemy team will approach and get to you to your team or to the point You do not want to stand in the fourth line.

You’re not a tank your job is not to Soak up bullets Your health pool is really low so you don’t need to soak up any damage. That is more than necessary to you you want to be between your tanks and your healers in case that the healers getting attacked by Winston or tracer or doomfist you want to be able to Hack They ganker the enemy so he cannot use this ability to escape and you can kill him very fast Charge your ult, and everyone will be happy about it Well except the one that dived you and got insta-kill because you prevented him to use his abilities The other place you want to be is behind the enemy lines upon revel yourself from invisibility you want to be behind enemy lines and poking them attacking them if you can killing them Another place that super really love to be is near low health and any hero When you appear in front of the low health enemy hero? You can pretty much kill them in less than a second and get out You get a free full charge and they get a respawn timer for a gift if you can you should Hack a Health pack that is around the enemy team camp point Now for example Temple of Anubis there are five health packs right on the start of the map Like get on to the gate you got three health back in then go to the right you got another two and oh dear six another one on the left side after that deaf room, so If you can hack one of these health pack especially the big ones You’re gonna give your team a really big advantage for at least 60 seconds On a palette map Payload peel it payload map you need to remember That you can throw your translocator on the payload and it will move with the Payload when you’re coming back to it you’re translocator on attack you will get a small amount of healing and you will get the Points actually for being on the payload and if you want to be a really help to your team you should run ahead hack health packs so the enemy team can not use them and Your team can use them when the payload will get there you can make it even better you can get the idea enemy line hack health packs and hack the enemy and Breaking through formation on the choke point on their next defend while your team will have a little easier time Just a bit off easier time breaking through their defenses Making your team a little bit stronger in Data Because the enemy team will focus you that means that you have less DPS against your team that means against any Unorganized team which is most teams on a comp you will have the your team facing 5V for at least five before That’s the best thing you can have you do not have to fro translocator above the surface you want to go to you can throw the translocator to the ledge of the You want to go the translocator animation will show that he’s continued to fall down because of the bouncing and you Teleport and continue to walk straight up on the ledge You can use this while you are invisible so in case you’re being chased the Chaser will most likely continue to follow the second part of the Teleporter the small Little line after you teleported So you will have a easy time of escaping a full chase, and they will lose you completely? They waste time despite the fact that sombra jump from the back line to the front line and Back and Forth she’s one of the best if not the best Alt Synergy team player in outer But you just gonna say but this older is zarya and tracer combo, what about that? Well if then we team have diva she can eat the combo, so you learn nothing So go out there.

How can any heroes to prevent them from doing their stuff and go? How health back end all to the planet for more guide? Please leave a share like and subscribe, and I’ll see you guys next time.

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