Hey there! In order to climb the ladder more easily you really SHOULD cooperate with your team. This video will show you how to social hack your way into random teammates’ hearts and how to bring your team to victory by communicating! Hello guys, and welcome to the dojo! This video will show tricks that can help you to become more friendly and build a good atmosphere in a crowd of random players in order to enhance the team’s chances to victory. We are aware of the methods teaching you to turn off the chat and voice chat and only pay attention to yourself. We know these work, however Overwatch is designed to be played as a team, and it’s much easier to achieve victory if you are working together with others. So if you want to climb the ladder, win more games and make friends in the meantime, we are going to show you how to do that.

Even if you are not a ‘social person’, these methods should still be easy to do in your random games, you just need to be a bit adventurous. Let’s dive straight into how to carry your team with communication. A quick service announcement: Overwatchdojo is going to organize a 3v3 elimination cup on the 16th of September in the NA region, prizes included. Read more by clicking the card right now! Alright, in order to win more of your competitive games, you need to be able to gain the attention of your teammates, keep it up and create a will to win together by depending on each other.

Most of the next tips work both on chat and voice, but voice is always preferred. What you can hear in the following sections are also useful in real life scenarios, when you want to approach a group of random people and make them work together for a common goal. This part of the video is about setup, we will tell you what you can do before a match to be prepared. We also have a video about different levels of communication in Overwatch, check it out now! In order to be successful with carrying your team by the means of communication, it is useful to build on a solid foundation. The time when you play can really matter, as there are different players online on different times during the day. Let’s see a rough outline of what we think these time sections are. Note that these are most accurate for solo competitive play: Early morning is before work and school starts.

The gamer population is usually low, and the players tend to give their best to try to win games. There is a saying: whatever you want to commit yourself to, do it as the first thing in the morning. If someone takes Overwatch seriously, they will play early. Use this to your advantage, as these players will often try to coop and talk in order to achieve victory. Until end of work/school is a good time again (usually up until 5 PM), as these players are staying at home and having fun with the game, or they are otherwise committing a lot to Overwatch. Generally a good time to play, however these may not be as hardcore as early players.

After the end of the workday, there is a short time when people arrive home and want to have some good games, leaving their day behind. However these games are usually lower quality compared to the previous time frames, as players are tired of the whole day’s work. We still say it’s a good time to play, as people tend to communicate, however not as actively as earlier. The evening is the worst time to play, as players will have been grinding games, and exhaustion or even tilt gets more serious. One of the worst times to play, as it can really feel as a minefield sometimes. Getting trolls and leavers in every second match can happen. It can also be hard to get anyone to communicate. Late at night. Best avoid if you are playing solo, as more players will be tired and tilted then not. Really hard to communicate here, because a lot of players mute their mics and just don’t pay attention, grinding their one trick hero. Now these may change of course, but this is how we see the different time frames.

If you have your own version of this, or want to add something to the list, do it in a comment below, we are really interested in your experience. The next setup related thing is conversation templates. Have a list of things to say right in the beginning of the match to get the talking going. While it may sound strange, this is a really helpful social hack that you can pull out of your sleeve to create and nurture good conversation between teammates. These templates should contain pre-defined topics and lines of conversation that you can use in different situations. Let’s see an example: First of all, say hi and make it cheerful. We tend to forget manners in our online journeys, however people love to be greeted with warm hospitality.

Make sure that the way you greet them sounds friendly and welcoming. This creates a good mood in even the grumpiest player. After the greetings, start a conversation with the whole team. Use open ended questions that can be answered by your teammates. This is the part where templates can come in handy. Make a list of questions that help the team to set up and take their preferred roles. Templates make it easy to use these questions every game, and you can always refine the list later. Of course it can be non-game related if you have a good topic that you can use to get the talking going.

Use the names of your teammates. People value hearing their names by strangers. They feel good because they have been addressed personally. Use the names in your template questions. Ask the Ana player is she feels comfortable. Get the opinion of your main tank if he or she feels good with the current lineup. Get creative, but always mention their nicks. So these templates should be used for the beginning of the games to make sure you get the talking going. After that, you need to roll with the communication.

Alright, let’s say you decided to get into a game. Before we jump into the section about what to do during games, we are going to talk about the mindset that you need to adopt in order to make the tips in this video work. Changing is always hard, but at least think about the following mindset tips. Pretending to believe works too, just as smiling makes you a bit happier. Even if you don’t agree with some of what we are going to say, do yourself a favor and try them in your next few games.You may find out that these tips help you a lot, or not at all, but it’s worth a try. In order for you to become engaged with working towards creating a good atmosphere, have a goal for it. Make it your desire to learn how to make your team win with the tools of communication. You should not play the next few games to improve your aim or have more healing.

Instead try to focus on talking, making your team feel good and depending on each other to win. This is a really rewarding experience if you can pull it off, and it’s a good social experiment. The first and biggest tip to help you with the mindset is to pretend that everyone is already your friend. Yes even the annoying guy who greets you by swearing in the mic. We all have bad days and bad times. If he was your friend, you would want to help him feel comfortable right? Let’s do that.

Use the nick of the players to bond with them and try to make sure everyone gets time to speak and that you are going into the match hyped and feeling good as a group. A few nice words can really help, like checking someone’s profile and saying a compliment about the pick, or helping them to sort out the most comfortable picks, or even just joking around a bit. Oh and another important one: you are free to ignore anywho who you really can’t stand. Just mute them, some can not be saved. We are going to be honest here, you will be rejected in some cases. Players usually want to win by any means necessary, including communication. But sometimes you will fail to do anything meaningful to make the group work together, however hard you try. Accept it, move on, and try it in the next game. Focus on your mechanics or whatever other aspect of your game that you want to improve.

We told you to pretend that you are already friends with others. This does not mean that you should not be genuine. Be yourself as much as you can, but still try to achieve common trust and a good atmosphere in the team. Otherwise this whole thing will exhaust you more quickly than you can reap the benefits. Lastly, enjoy yourself. This guide wants to help you to experience the game on a different level. Do only what you enjoy, but step out of your comfort zone sometimes to gain new wisdom. Also if you want to improve at an accelerated rate with the help of an experienced players and tutors, click the card now to learn more about coaching opportunities in the Overwatchdojo! Alright, so now you know how to use these little social hacks to help your team’s work.

When you actually start a game and get into the character pick screen, use the aforementioned techniques to start the conversation and build trust in the team. However it does not end there. You need to pay attention during the game and keep up the good spirits! Your strongest tool is giving compliments. Compliment everything that worths complimenting. You should reward good plays, well timed ultimates and big or small saves with good words. It’s not easy to do that for everybody, but if you just watch the kill feed closely and pay attention to your teammates, you will be able to notice when a compliment is due.

This is a really strong weapon in fighting for the victory, as these enhance most players’ ability to perform well. Make sure that you are consistent and give them to everyone when they deserve it. You don’t need to say a lot, some well placed ‘Nicely done’ calls can do the trick! The next important thing during games is to manage tilting. Some players can become enraged easily and it’s common to vent your feelings on the team.

If you see someone tilting, try to channel that into a battle rage against the enemy. Is a Genji continuously killing your Ana and she starts to tilt? Tell your team that Ana is your most valuable support asset and thus you need to make sure that you protect her in order to win. Say that you are personally getting revenge on that Genji for every kill he made. Joking helps, but make sure to address the problems if you can while staying in a good mood. Even if you fail to do so, players will feel that you pay attention and will channel their bad feelings into battle rage against the enemy team if you did well.

Lastly about making friends. It really common that you will get a few requests after social hacking your team to victory. Accept them and cultivate these newly formed friendships. It is a ton of fun to find someone who you love to play with regularly. That’s all there is to it. These tips may not work for you at all, however it is worth to know about them, and try the methods at least once. As usual, like, share and subscribe this video if you found it useful. Join our Discord server now to have a chat! See you guys next time!

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