Hello everybody! Disciple here with Overwatch Curios! Achievements are a staple in gaming these days. They give completionists something to work towards, as they provide incentives for players to try and accomplish specific things within the game, and typically award something for doing so. The interest in earning achievements is so high that achievement hunting itself becomes a part of the game for many players. Most platforms or games even publicly display achievement points on player profiles, forums, etc. so there becomes a sense of accomplishment for players getting more and more achievements. Not only that, but in Overwatch a lot of achievements unlock cosmetic items like sprays, allowing you to customize your favorite heroes in different ways. In the past we took a look at the hardest achievements in Overwatch, so in today’s video we’re going to flip the script and talk about the easiest achievements in the game, and exactly how you can go about obtaining them, if you haven’t managed to do so already. Now we’ll be excluding any seasonal achievements from this list since they’ll be locked behind events and may or may not be available again, may receive changes, or anything else.

So with that being said, let’s jump into the video. Our first achievement is quite possibly the easiest achievement in the game, with one very simple requirement behind it. The Friend Zone requires you to play a Quick Play or Competitive game while in a group with a friend, and for doing so awards you the Man and Omnic spray, a neat display of the importance of embracing our omnic friends.

Now obviously there is a barrier here in terms of achieving this, in that some players may not have friends who play the game, or may have friends who play on different platforms. So while incredibly simple to achieve, some people may not have the means to do so. Don’t worry though, we here at Overwatch Curios have you covered. If you check out our discord server you’ll find tons of people to talk about Overwatch with, spread wholesome memes, and probably even find some teammates to join up with regardless of which platform you’re playing the game on. If trolling enemies happens to be your forte, our next achievement may be right up your alley.

Symmetra’s turrets deal damage at a rate of 30 damage per second, with the drawback of only having 1HP. There’s strength in numbers though, so when all 6 turrets happen to fire at the same time, that stacks up to an overwhelming 180 damage per second, making them one of the most powerful sources of non-ultimate related damage in the entire game. The Car Wash achievement is granted to any player who damages a single enemy with all 6 turrets at the same point in time. Earning it’s name for the fountain of blue beams that can shower down on enemies, this achievement makes our list because of how easy it can be to do. The Car Wash doesn’t require you to kill the enemy, so if you’re looking for this achievement really all you need to do is station all 6 turrets in a tight choke point and wait for unsuspecting enemies to pass into their line of sight.

In doing so, the enemy will be slowed to a complete crawl and be forced to eliminate them all within a second or two or flop over dead. This achievement has become even easier since release, now that Symmetra can remotely project a barrier to protect them. While, arguably you should use it to help out your teammates or yourself, it’s definitely an easy way of securing it. Keep in mind that height is your friend in shooters, so to avoid any splash damage from explosions like Junkrat grenades or Helix Rocket, you’ll want to position them as high as possible. Upon waxing a target with all 6 turrets, you’ll unlock the Pixel Symmetra spray, and probably have somebody facepalming in shame as they watch the replay of what exactly just happened to them.

Even if you’re completely new to shooters, this next achievement is the quintessential participation trophy of the game. Level 10 is an achievement, that shockingly, is granted to every player as soon as their account reaches level 10. It requires no involvement or outside factors other than simply playing the game long enough. Since every completed match grants experience at the end, all you really need to do is stick around to the end of the match for a few games. The total amount of XP needed for this achievement is 12,500, and since players are awarded a 1,500 XP bonus for the first win of each day, this achievement can be unlocked in as few as 4 or 5 games so long as the player wins every match they play, and they utilize that first win of the day bonus. Whether you go about it just chasing the first win of the day or power away in a single session, you’ll be awarded with the Forge Onward spray, which… I’m pretty sure nobody has ever equipped.

Now if pixel sprays aren’t your type, our next hero unlock may be perfect for you. Reinhardt’s Storm, Earth, and Fire is first of all, a direct reference to a band of Blizzard employees. First appearing in the credits for Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne, the Elite Tauren Chieftains have been featured in Warcraft games for years, and have since also written Starcraft and Diablo songs. Their first song, “Power of the Horde” opens with the line “Storm, Earth, and Fire heed my call”. Now what does this have to do with Overwatch? Not a lot really. But the way that Blizzard continually references it’s own projects within it’s games is absolutely awesome, and I hope crossovers continue into Overwatch. To unlock this achievement for Reinhardt, all you need to do is land Reinhardt’s Fire Strike and Charge on a target after using Earthshatter. It’s a simple task given that any enemy hit with Earthshatter will be helplessly stunned and laying on the ground, but there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, any form of barrier in the game will negate the stun effect of Earthshatter.

So enemies such as Winston, Reinhardt, and Zarya are all capable of stopping your ultimate dead in it’s tracks. Play around this by waiting for Zarya, Winston, or Orissa’s bubbles to drop, or wait for Reinhardt to be positioned away from his team. The second issue in achieving this is not killing the target before hitting the enemy with charge at the end of the combo. Your Earthshatter will deal 50 damage to everyone hit, while Flame Strike will deal 100 damage. So instantly, this means the 150 HP of Tracer or baby Dva will not allow you to finish the combo, or any 200 health targets that have received 50 or more damage also are out of the question.

Your ideal target for the sole purpose of achieving this will be tanks, or higher health targets such as Bastion, Reaper, Mei, or Doomfist. Once you land the stun, simply fire your earth strike at the target and follow it up with a charge. You don’t need to pin the target to earn the achievement, it will be granted merely on collision. For doing so, you’ll be granted the “Cute” Reinhardt spray, which is exactly what Reinhardt would love to be called.

Just say it to his face, I dare you. Our next achievement is incredibly easy, but it was only recently discovered by a Lucio player who wishes to remain anonymous. Escort Duty is an achievement wrapped behind teaching the fundamentals of Overwatch, and as such, was only recently unearthed. To get this achievement all you’ll have to do is push a payload 100 meters without leaving it in competitive or quick play. Of course, there are several obvious barriers to obtaining this. For starters, you’ll have to be on a payload or hybrid map, and on the attacking side, so that you can actually push the payload. Once there, you simply need to push the payload without leaving the the area of influence around it. Of course no progress will be made if enemies are on the payload, so if you’re looking to unlock this one you’ll ideally want to go for it at the tail end of a team fight.

The down time between team fights will allow you to generate a lot of progress towards it, and typically 2 successful team fights will be enough to unlock it. There are some stipulations though. If an enemy knockback, such as Winston’s Primal Rage or Pharah’s Concussive Blast knock you back, your progress will be reset. On a similar note, dying will also cause that counter to reset. And earlier jokes aside, supports such as Lucio or Zenyatta are much more inclined to benefit from escorting a payload while behind the line of confrontation than something like an offensive hero would be. Reinhardt also makes a great candidate for this achievement, since he can place his barrier while riding the payload and still give his team the benefit of his shield. Once you’ve completed the achievement though, you’ll unlock the “Out of My Way” spray, which you should equip immediately on every hero to show your teammates that you have what it takes to win.

Seriously though, what if escorting the payload became a thing of pride? Until then, I guess we’ll cling to the memories of the time we moved the cart 100 meters. Well that does it for our list of the 5 easiest achievements in Overwatch, but what do you all think? Are there any hero unlocks we may have missed that you find incredibly easy? If so, let us know in the comments selection below because we love to see discussions about these things in our videos. And if you’d like to spread the message of push the payload, make sure to equip your “Out of My Way Spray”, or at least subscribe to our channel so you can keep up to date with all of our new content.

Until next time, peace.

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