Hello, everybody! Disciple here with Overwatch Curios! One of the most common questions asked about overwatch by new players is: “What are the easiest Hereos to play?” seems simple enough but it’s actually a pretty loaded question. There are some heroes that have a forward kit and are pretty easy to pick up, but then their skills cap scales quickly when going beyond the basics.

There are some with confusing abilities and ultimates that require attention, but with some practice become second nature and seem even easier than the previous example. Today, I want to take a look at the top 5 easiest heroes to play spanning both the pick up and play mentality as well as the higher tier of that hero’s abilities. Basically a balance between the two extremes. Just for clarity, easy does not equal bad or useless. These are just the easiest heroes to play and get to a higher level. Let’s get started! D.Va is an aggressive flank tank and bruiser that can be great at just about any tier of play. Her kit is very direct and focuses on getting right up in the enemy’s face, doing some damage, throwing them off, then being able to mitigate incoming fire and get out before things get to hairy. The breakdown of her kit is straightforward.

Short range rapid fire guns with infinite ammo allow the D.Va player to put up-close pressure on a wide range of targets, especially backline healers and squishies. They do a ton of damage up close and the time saved by not having to reload them contributes directly to her dps. A variable-time cooldown defense matrix for mitigating damage which blocks any projectiles in its conal range. Great for reducing incoming damage to the team, D.Va herself, and eating nearly all of the ultimates in the game since most of them are projectiles themselves; it just takes some timing work and you’ll be golden at it in no time. Mech Boost for getting the mech in and out of combat as well as knocking enemies back and around while they are trying to aim. Also really good for chasing down fleeing enemies. Her Q is a fire and forget massive explosion that clears areas and takes down anyone bad enough to not be in cover, great for overtime pushes and combos with other heroes ultimates! So, what makes D.Va easy to play is that straightforward playstyle we talked about before.

She’s got great damage that doesn’t take any real concentration or skill to pull of. Just get close and open up in the targets general direction while melting heroes that are 200 HP or less with very little effort. Her boost can be mastered with a little timing practice and is so multifaceted that using it becomes frequent and easy; get in, get out, ram people off cliffs and while they are ulting. Your job is to flank and get in the enemy backlines face and disrupt as much as possible. Once the enemy team starts focusing you, simply back away with Defense Matrix holding off the incoming damage, and boosting to safety. Even if you DO get reduced to 0, you pop out of your mech and you are then given sort of an extra life as pilot d.va, otherwise nicknamed baby dva.

A small hitbox and surprisingly powerful pistol actually makes baby dva a force to be reckoned with and while she is fragile, she can dodge and get to cover pretty easily. Just in time to call down another mech and repeat the process. Out of all the healers Lucio is by far the easiest to play, and happens to be one of the best picks you could make in almost any league or match type. First and foremost, his heals are passive. You literally have to turn on the healing song and be within range of the team. That’s it. You can even boost up the heals with Amp it Up, which enhances the current song lucio is playing. When everyone’s all healed up, you can switch songs with one more mouse click to make everyone faster and much harder to hit.

Using that boost in this song makes them super fast and is great for getting into and out of situations. His wall riding used to be a higher skill art to master, but recently has been “buffed” so-to-speak to be much more forgiving on the surfaces it clings to, as well as giving Lucio a speed buff to boot. So mobility isn’t an issue for the healing dj. His ultimate ability couldn’t be easier; all you have to do is get in range of your team, press Q, and everyone has a huge shield buff for a few seconds allowing the team to push, retreat, or wombo with ease. All these factors combine to make a super easy-to-play hero that synergized well with any comp. His damage is even fairly decent if you can hit your targets adding a bit of support to the overall elimination effectiveness of the team; his alternate fire knocks enemies back interrupting an attack and even removing threats by knocking them off cliffs and into deadly cross fires..

Lucio’s speed, constant contribution to the team, and overall simple kit design make him a must-pick as well as mega easy to pick up and play! Winston is a fantastic tank choice for players who want to be able to easily defend the objective while not requiring pesky aiming to be a factor in their playstyle. Winston is a tank whose primary kit revolves around a more stationary type defensive posture. His shield is a placed-item that forms a dome around a medium-sized area. It can be thrown down to protect allies from incoming fire, or to cordon off a turret or stationary defense area that might get wiped by heavy fire. Winston himself has a ton of hitpoints, yet seems a bit squishier than the other tanks, and the shield helps balance this out as well.

His weapon is pure EZ-Mode. The tesla cannon fires in a small arch in front of winston and latches on to enemies in that area without the need to be very accurate. Just wave it around in their direction and you are bound to hit SOMEONE and take them down pretty quickly. If you need to get into or out of a spot quickly, his leap ability will launch him a great distance into the air and come down hard on enemies beneath him You just aim yourself and jump! His ultimate makes things even easier by increasing his hit points, melee damage, and jump damage, as well as knocking enemies back while he swings his arms around.

Granted, it does remove the tesla gun out of the equation, but makes up for it in sheer overwhelming presence and in-you-face damage that will disrupt the enemy’s push or hold. There’s really not too much else to say about winston. He is super easy to pick up and play and is a great starting tank for those interested in the protection role. However, he’s rarely picked at higher levels of play *because* of his simplicity and more focused style. Many players have begun to take on a more aggressive role when playing winston which only takes a bit of skill and adjustment of the placement of abilities, but either way, he’s an easy hero to play and actually a lot of fun once you get used to him! Bastion’s kit is extremely easy simply because he is focused on only one mentality: deal as much damage as possible while staying alive as long as possible. This focus extends to his kit which includes his recon form, great for moving around and doing damage while getting from point A to point B.

While not his highest DPS, a mobile bastion is extremely dangerous and very easy to use. His other form in the kit is Sentry mode. He transforms into a stationary gatling cannon with a ton of ammo able to rip through armor, shields, and heroes like they were made of wet paper towels. All you have to do is find a good spot, and hold primary fire to make the enemy team scatter in every direction and look for the best way to kill you. In either form, Bastion can use his self repair heal to keep himself alive and going at any time. It’s not the strongest heal in the game, but it definitely keeps the player in the game longer and is easily supplemented with health packs. Bastion’s ultimate is devastating and direct. Transform into a tank and lob shells at the enemy until they fall down. Works great by itself or in conjunction with other ultimates like graviton surge or mei’s blizzard.

The only real challenge to Bastion’s kit is his weakness while stationary and the constant attention the players gets from the enemy for just being bastion. It’s their goal to kill you as fast as possible, so utilizing your ability to quickly transform and move around after a kill or two is important, but not very hard to master. Bastion’s stationary nature and high damage output make him the target for aggressive chat, and internet jokes all over the place, but let’s face it, he is super easy to play and get kills on, so it’s not really a surprise.

If you want to do a truck ton of damage, get many kills, and probably a play of the game or two as easily as possible, pick bastion. The absolute easiest kit in the game to play is undoubtedly Torbjorn’s. The dwarven engineer is built around ease-of-use and supplementing his primary weapon: the automatic turret. Simply place it down, build it up, and then chill while your turret does the work. It’s got a decent rate of fire, good health pool, especially if the torbjorn is babysitting it, and auto locks as soon as an enemy is within line of sight. If that is too easy and boring for you, then you can step out from behind the turret and collect scrap, drop armor packs for your team, and fire either a long-range molten shot of slag, or a close-range shotgun burst right to the face.

Both of which are quite damaging and supplement the turret very well. In the past, Torbjorn used to have to have scrap for everything. Building turrets, upgrading turrets, dropping armor… but that’s since been removed. So, it’s even EASIER to drop another turret after once gets blown up, making your downtime all but negligible. Only real downside: He’s got a low health pool. But as long as you’re around the team and giving yourself armor packs, you should be okay. His ultimate makes it even easier to work with the dwarf because if amplifies his health, the turrets health, and the turrets damage output. Pop this and go haam, or just sit back and swing your hammer at the turret to keep it alive and maximize its damage uptime during your ult.

There is literally nothing complicated about torbjorn and he’s pretty effective in a lot of situations. If you want EZ mode to the max, this is it. And there you have it, folks. Our top 5 easiest heroes to play. What did you think? Do you agree or disagree? Do you have a different list? Let us know in the comments. Don’t forget to like and subscribe for more Overwatch awesomeness, and ill catch you guys in the next one!

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