Tracer is one of the fastest offense heroes in Overwatch and an unforgettable force on the battlefield. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know to dominate with Tracer and deal with the threats that come your way. Our spunky adventurer uses a combination of pistols and time manipulation to right the wrongs and win the day for her team. She wields dual Pulse Pistols that rapidly fire 40 rounds per second. She can take advantage of headshot multiplier damage to eviscerate a health bar, and it only takes a second for her to reload. To help get her into position to deal damage, Tracer relies on her signature ability called Blink.

With Winston’s chronal accelerator she is able to teleport roughly 7 meters in the direction she’s moving. It’s able to store up to 3 of these dashes and takes only 3 seconds to recharge a Blink. Tracer’s small hitbox and speed allows her to keep enemies on their toes while wiping out health. This is great for flanking and forcing an enemy to focus on her. Like Genji, she has a slightly faster running speed compared to the rest of the cast, giving her some of the best mobility in the game. If damaged, Tracer can activate the Recall ability. This snaps her backwards in time to the position and state she was in 3 seconds earlier. She can use this to recover lost health and ammo while eliminating debuffs. Deal as much damage as you can and get out once things get hairy. Her Recall can save her from many situations like falling off cliffs or getting frozen. Go for supports like Mercy and Lucio or lone targets like Hanzo and Zenyatta and Recall as needed.

Once she charges her ultimate the Pulse Bomb, it’s time to get in their faces. The bomb is tossed like a short range sticky grenade that will attach to any surface. This allows her to attach it to enemies as well, who may try to retreat towards other teammates. It deals a tiny amount of damage once attached but the explosion will deal 400 damage in a 3 meter area. Look for enemies clumped in an area or get behind a tank shield and retreat. This is great when used with Zarya’s Graviton Surge or even Orisa’s Halt. Getting trapped in time for months has left our champion pilot with a few weaknesses. Tracer’s mobility comes with a price, in that she has the least amount of health in the game.

150 health causes her to be susceptible to large burst damage. Rockets and grenades from Soldier 76, Pharah, and Junkrat will leave her gasping for air if not kill her outright depending on her remaining health. It is vital to have high awareness to avoid dangerous situations and to retreat to health packs or supports. Symmetra and Torbjorn turrets can also pose a threat as they can automatically deal damage to her when she is within range. If your allies can’t destroy it for you try using a Pulse Bomb on Torb’s turret and recall, as Tracer can also kill herself if she is within the area of the bomb’s damage. Due to her low max health, keeping her topped off is a higher focus than it is with other heroes. Search out armor packs from a friendly Torb and stay within Symmetra’s shield generator to make things easier.

Tracer’s pistols have damage drop-off and a wide cone disbursement at range, so in order to be effective she will have to get in the thick of things. Sombra’s hacking ability can equal a death sentence for Tracer, as she will not be able to Blink or Recall for survival for several seconds. Reaper can also be a tough fight for Tracer as at close range he can kill her in a single good headshot, try to keep a little distance and play it safe. We have a few tips for our bubbly hero. Keep your eyes on McCree. If he uses his Flashbang on another hero, go in for the kill. Avoid him until then as he can easily take out Tracer during the stun. The same goes for similar skills like Roadhog’s hook and even high damage abilities like a Hanzo scatter arrow.

Continuous practice with her may result in getting a sense of rhythm for the character. Blink in, unload full a full magazine, blink again during a reload, and get out as needed. Try to keep a Blink charge in reserve to help you avoid trouble. Try to avoid double blinking unless necessary. The key to success is to be the most annoying hero on the team to your enemies.

Harass targets from behind to relieve pressure on your front line and to increase paranoia. It’s great to pair with a Zenyatta for long range healing and the added damage for focused targets. Build ult charge by attacking large targets and then drop it on Bastion or another well-protected threat. It’s great to attach to Mercy who may instinctively fly to a teammate, bringing the Pulse Bomb to them. Get behind Reinhardt’s shield and force him to turn, allowing your team to hit him from multiple angles. Bait Zarya’s bubbles and then stick her with a bomb for instant death. The arc the pulse bomb flys in can take a bit of getting used to if you’re trying to stick a target that isn’t right next to you. Be aware that it can be destroyed by D.VA’s defence matrix while it’s in the air. If you’re dealing a good amount of damage you should be able to get your pulse bomb back quickly. Keep your distance from Winston and Symmetra as their weapons can autotrack her Blinks. It may be best to retreat from a Soldier 76 visor ult because he will no doubt make you top priority.

Tracer can cross some gaps to surprise enemies as seen here. Experiment with flanking routes and focus on aim. Tracer’s pistols are hitscan, causing instantaneous damage as soon as you pull the trigger without having to compensate for any bullet travel time. Headshots are going to become a priority once a new player has a grip on aim and success will follow. Lena Oxton aka Tracer is a savage hero to have in nearly every matchup, but for now I want to hear your tips for the time traveler in the comments below.

This has been Jason for Curse saying thanks for watching, and enjoy the game..

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