Hello guys I’m here to do a very quick video about how to progress in the new Path of Exile expansion Atlas of the Worlds. Basically when you press the “G” key, it will open this interface, right now it’s blank, but once explored, it will look like this you start off from the four corners, which can be entered through a tier-1 map, those start dropping randomly in merciless difficulty. To progress to the center which has 4 tier-16 maps with special bosses and eventually The Shaper, you need to clear the lowest tier first, and step by step it increases the chance of higher tiers dropping.

As you can see I already had a tier-1 map with me, Jungle Valley, which starts from the bottom left of the Atlas. So as I mentioned previously mapped drops are no longer completely random, the map type is chosen from pools of maps you already completed for that tier, or connected to the maps you’re currently playing on the Atlas. Each completed base type also gives a 1% chance to upgrade the tier of the map, With values over 100% giving a chance to increase the tier a second time there’s also 4 new currency that can modified maps I won’t go too much into details this was supposed to be a quick video to help newcomers or players that haven’t played for a while, if there is interest i will definitely do more in-depth ones In the end the boss did drop the next tier of Jungle Valley.

I also have other corners unlocked from previous drops eventually all paths converge near the center well this is the end of the video I hope you guys enjoyed it, thanks and pce out!.

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