Act 1

Enemy at the Gate
This quest log is given to you upon meeting Hillock at the end of Twilight Strand ; Defeating him will grant you access to Lioneye’s Watch.

Talk to Tarkleigh in Lioneye’s Watch to claim your first skill gem as reward.

Mercy Mission
This quest log is given to you by Bestel in Lioneye’s Watch.
It requires you to travel to Tidal Island (entrance located in Terraces -> Tidal Island) and locate then kill Hailrake the Scavenger

His corpse will contain the quest item Medecine Chest.

Return to the Lioneye’s Watch and talk to Nessa to receive a (difficulty based) unidentified magical flask as well as Bestel for a skill gem as your reward.

Breaking some Eggs
This quest log is given to you upon discovering your first Glyph within one of the three Rhoa Nest (appearing a bright green dot on your map) located within the Mud Flat (entrance located in Terraces -> Mud Flat).

Once you have collected all three Glyph proceed to
the Strange Glyph Wall which will open up the way for you to progress to the Submerged Passage LvL1.

Talk to Tarkleigh in the Lioneye’s Watch to claim your skill gem reward.

A Dirty Job (0.9.9)
This quest log is given to you upon meeting with the unique necromancer boss Kadavrus the Defiler within the Fetid pool (entrance located in Terraces -> Mud Flat) -> Fetid pool).

Defeat him in order for your quest log to be updated ; You will now be requested to eliminate all monsters within the area.

Once you have done so, retun to the Lioneye’s Watch and talk to Tarkleigh to receive 2 respec points.

The Dweller of the Deep
This quest is given to you by Tarkleigh after completing the previous quest Breaking some Eggs.
It requires you to travel to the Flooded Depths (entrance located within the Submerged Passage LvL 1) then kill The Deep Dweller (unique giant crab).

Retun to the Lioneye’s Watch and talk to Tarkleigh to receive 1 free skill point as reward.

The Caged Brute
This quest is given to you by Tarkleigh upon accessing The Ledge (entrance located at the exit of the Submerged Passage LvL 2) or alternatively by meeting with Brutus in the Upper Prison

This is one of the longest quest to complete as in order to get to Brutus and slay him, you will have to travel all the way from The Ledge, then to the Rocky Climb, the Lower PrisonThe Prison proper and finally the Warden Chamber (which is thankfully empty otherwise).

Once you have defeated him, proceed further and exit the dungeon through the Prisoner’s Gate (The waypoint will always be just outside, down from the stairway).

Retun to Lioneye’s Watch and talk to Tarkleigh to receive a skill gem as your reward.

The Marooned Mariner
This quest log is given to you upon finding the corpse of the Slave Girl (containing the AllFlame quest item and appearing as a large green dot on your map) while traveling in the Ships Graveyard (entrance located at the end of the Prisoner’s Gate ).

Once the AllFlame within your inventory, travel to the lower part of the Ships Graveyard to find the wrecked ship of Captain Fairgraves.

Upon starting a dialog with him he will turn into a unique undead and spawn several skeletons that will immediately attack you.

Once he has been defeated, return to the Lioneye’s Watch and talk to Bestel to receive your reward of 1 free skill point.

The Siren’s Last Cadence
This quest log is given to you by talking to Nessa in Lioneye’s Watch after entering the Cavern of Woe or alternatively upon entering Merveil’s Lair and requires you to kill Merveil (entrance from Ship Graveyard -> The Cove -> Cavern of Woe -> Cavern of Anger -> Merveil’s Lair.

*Note that Merveil can be somewhat hard to kill if you encounter her unprepared as she use both melee & ranged attacks while in siren’s form (her ranged attack include both Ice Spear & Cold Snap).
It is highly recommended to equip gears with cold resit for this fight.

Once you have defeated her for the first time, she will then transform into her real form and spawn several monsters to assist her.

Kill her again (for good this time) and proceed through the nearby zoning.
Make your way through the Forest (which is more of a jungle really) and you will eventually reach the Forest Encampment (and thus completing act 1).

Act 2
Contrarily to Act 1 where progression is quite linear, Act 2 require the player to complete quests at several locations starting on either side of the Forest Encampment (Old Fields & River Crossings respectively).

The Great White Beast
Upon reaching the Forest Encampment for the first time, speak with Yena to learn about a beast inhabiting The Cave located in the Old fields.

Find the entrance of the cave (appearing as an orange dot on your map) and make your way through it until you encounter The Great White Beast ; Slay it then return to the Forest Encampment and claim an unidentified rare ring as reward from Yena.

Deal with the Bandits :
There are 3 different bandit leaders which you can either side with or kill in order to get different rewards.

Kraityn : Located in Broken Bridge (entrance located in Old Fields -> Crossroads -> Broken Bridge)

–Reward for siding with him on normal difficulty is a permanent increase of +8 to all resists (excluding chaos resistance)
–Reward for siding with him on cruel difficulty is a permanent increase of +4% increased attack speed.
–Reward for siding with him on merciless difficulty is + 1 maximum frenzy charge

Alira : Located in Western Forest (entrance located in River Crossings -> Dark Forest -> Western Forest).

–Reward for siding with her on normal difficulty is a permanent increase of 30 Mana.
–Reward for siding with her on cruel difficulty is a permanent increase of +4% faster casting speed.
–Reward for siding with her on merciless difficulty is + 1 maximum power charge

Oak : Located in Pools & Streams (entrance located in River Crossings -> Vaal Ruins LvL-1 -> Vaal Ruins LvL-2 -> Pools & Streams).

*Note that access to Vaal Ruins require completion of ‘The Weaver’s Needle‘ and ‘Delving into Sin‘ side quests.

–Reward for siding with him on normal difficulty is a permanent increase of 45 Life
–Reward for siding with him on cruel difficulty is a permanent increase of 12% melee dmg
–Reward for siding with him on merciless difficulty is + 1 maximum endurance charge

And finally you can choose not to side with any of the bandit leaders and simply kill each of them ; If you choose to do so, simply turn-in the 3 amulets pieces to Eramir in the Forest Encampment.
Reward for killing the three bandit leaders is a free skill point on all difficulty levels.

No matter if you’ve sided with one of the bandit leader or if you’ve killed them all, completion of this quest will provide you with the quest item Complete Amulet which you will use on the Dark Altar to open the gateway leading to Act 3.

The Weaver’s Needle
This quest is given by Silk in Forest Encampment.
It requires you to venture into The Weaver’s Chambers (entrance located in River Crossings -> Dark Forest -> The Weaver’s Chambers) and kill The Weaver (a unique giant spider) in order to retrieve the quest item Wicked Spear.

Once you have defeated The Weaver, be sure to clear the room and locate the large chest to be found nearby.

The reward for completing this quest is a skill gem

Delving into Sin (0.9.9)
This quest given to you by Greust in Forest Encampment requires you to travel to Chamber of Sins LvL2 (entrance located in Old Fields -> Crossroads -> Chamber of Sins LvL1 -> Chamber of Sins LvL2 -> Chamber of Sins LvL3) and locate the Strange Device containing the quest item Mysterious Skill Gem.

(It is guarded by a unique boss-type monster named Fidelita the Mourning whom you are not required to kill in order to complete the mission).

Return to the Forest Encampment and talk with Greust to an unidentified rare weapon as reward.

The Cathedral of Bones
This quest log is given upon discovering the entrance of Vaal Ruins in River Crossing ; Completion requires you to complete both previous quest The Weaver’s Needle & Delving into Sin.

Talk to Greust Silk & Yeena in Forest Encampment.

Once you have the Wicked Spear & the Mysterious Skill Gem in you possession, roots preventing access to Vaal Ruins will be cleared allowing you to progress further.

Through Sacred Ground
This quest log given to you by Yeena in Forest Encampment requires you to travel to Church Dungeon Lvl 2 (entrance located in Crossroad -> Fellshrine Ruins -> Church Dungeon Lvl 1) and locate the Altar containing the quest item Golden Hand.

Once you have acquired the Golden Hand simply return to Yeena to receive 2 free Respec points.

Act 3

Lost In Love
Upon arriving to the encampment of Sarn, speak with Maramoa to receive this quest ; Clarissa & Tolman have gone missing and you must investigate Sarn Slums to find more of their whereabouts.

You’ll know your nearing your objective when you’ll be attacked by a group of Guards and their commander. Talk to Clarissa and learn that Tolman has been captured by Piety and taken to the Crematorium.

Locate the waypoint within Sarn Slums and enter the nearby Crematorium.
Proceed to the level 2 and at the very end you’ll meet with Piety and her remaining guard escort.

(Note that Piety deliver quite a nasty jolt with her lightning abilities and that you should probably get some resistance accordingly before you fight her on your first playthrough).

Once you have damaged Piety to about 1/4 of her health bar she will escape.

Investigate Tolman corpse to obtain his Bracelet and head back to Sarn to claim a skill gem as your reward from Maramoa.

Victario’s Secret
Upon completion of the quest Lost In Love, talk to Clarissa who has now returned to Sarn and she will exchange you the Bracelet for the Sewer keys.

Once you have the keys in your possession, you will be able to open the sewer grate and access the sewers located in the Slums, the Warehouse and the Marketplace.
(It is unimportant which one you access first though Slums & Warehouse sewers are interconnected.)

Your next task consist in finding a large room containing a Stash (appearing as a green square on your map) which will contain a Golden Bust in each of the 3 locations listed above.

Once you have acquired all 3 Busts return to Sarn and speak to Hargan to receive 2 free respec points as well as 1 passive skill point.

The Gemmling Queen
This quest dialog is available to you from Gridor upon completion of the preceding quest Lost In Love (after you have given the Bracelet to Clarissa) ; It require you to travel to Solaris temple in order to find the Gemmling Queen (also know as Lady Diala).

The entrance of Solaris temple is located in Battlefront ; Since you are required to travel through there to get to your destination, you might as well locate & pickup the Ribbon Spoolwhich will be required from you once you have met with Lady Dialla.

Travel to Solaris temple lvl3 and speak with Lady Dialla (she will always be located right by the waypoint). Give her the Ribbon Spool and receive an unidentified rare ring for your troubles.

Lady Dialla will then proceed to explain to you (at least I assume she does as I could never be bothered to read the entire storyline) that you will need to find a way around the blockade in Battlefront in order to reach the Barracks and kill General Gravicius.

To do so, you will first need something to clear your way through the Undying Blockade in the Warehouse sewers.

That something happens to be Infernal Talc made from Sulfite.

Use the waypoint, travel back to Battlefront locate the entrance of The Docks and proceed with acquiring the Sulfite.

Return to Lady Dialla and obtain the Infernal Talc which effectively conclude this quest.


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