Hello everybody this is my guide to my expensive build this league: is a wander because last league I made a wander and I really liked it. I had an extra character that I want to try out. So this character is an Ascendant the main reason why I chose the Ascendant rather than Pathfinder or Raider is because of reflect issues. Wanders do a lot of damage very quickly and especially scaling critical multiplier, reflect becomes an issue of one-shotting myself. So in order to protect myself (from) reflect, there is the Pantheon power to give 25% reduced reflect and elementalist was giving 50% elemental reflect taken so it became the natural choice for me to choose as a wander. I chose elementalist and assassin as my ascendancies because of the flat 21.5% to crit chance and the crit multi and the power charge generation. The because that flat is very helpful with helping cap crit because you always want to be critting things and shattering.

And sitting at percent comfortably and with the diamond flask up, I pretty much have capped crit. First I’ll be going over the passives. I we start as scion, get resists, here come to get the life wheel, attacks speed, very good attack speed nodes, crit multi; we want to get as much crit multi as possible. Jewel sockets, then we since we have paths at the shadow we can start from the shadow, and save three points.

Get elemental damage, get life, get life leech, Vaal Pact, then come up here more life, more lightning. This is my next node 15 percent multi and sixteen percent lightning damage and 15 percent multi that’s a pretty decent. Wand nodes, crit multi, come down here more crit multi over here, jewel socket, life nodes, penetration, life, point blank is very key, and these leach nodes are also very key. For the jewels you mainly want to look at attack speed, projectile damage, life and crit multi. So these are just some leftover jewels for when I played as a discharger.

Let’s go over the gear real fast. This is my wand it is just a Tier one lightning damage and everything else is just multi crafted. This is going to be my next big upgrade. this is my helmet plus two barrage projectile. I bought this for around seven to ten exalts but prior to this I was just using a tempest binding for my my kinetic blast setup. Ideally you want a plus two tempest binding but this is good enough or you can craft a rare helm with essence of horror for the more elemental multiplier but it’s really not needed because you’re gonna be one shotting everything regardless. Shield: Lycocide this is a mandatory unique, you don’t have to worry about accuracy problems after using this. Chest I’m using a Yriel’s Fostering, I six- linked this myself and that’s why I’m using it. Unfortunately this is the snake and not the Roa, so it’s not the best; but it’s Yriel’s regardless. Neck: I’m using the Bisco’s Collar, this pretty much doubles your efficiency while you map, but it’s not needed.

It’s very recommended, but it’s not needed. Rings: you want to use opals, these are just mediocre opal rings with a little bit of life and elemental damage. Boots: you want a open prefix for the craft for the 8 to 12 percent craft on here. On the.. yeah this craft right here. It’s a prefix and it’s a T1 prefix for for armor, and these are very nice boots. Headhunter for belt not needed again, but it is very fun. Gloves: you want to have elemental weakness on hit everything else is just cherry on top. Again, I used this pair of gloves for shield charge when I was playing my discharger. Flasks: Vinktar’s I’m debating whether or not to take this out or not because it’ll free up a suffix for my diamond flask. Because I don’t take too much reflect damage so we don’t really need a Vinktar’s to sustain life leach. This is another mandatory unique it’ll give you plus two projectiles.

So barrage currently fires three this gives two and this gives two more so in total gives seven projectiles without using GMP. yeah so so three mandatory uniques or two mandatory uniques this and this and this is a mandatory flask. Everything else is rares but since we are using so many locked slots, say plus two barrage or ele weak on hit glove, it is these are pretty much uniques. So you have to fix your resistance with your boots, ring, ring slots um and yeah that’s that’s pretty much it. And we’re trying to scale as much crit multi as possible for our barrage and our kinetic blast.

So let me go over the links: kinetic blast is linked with GMP increased crit and wed. Barrage is linked with increased crit multi, slow proj, ele focus, added lightning and wedl these are just more multiplies for the barrage damage. And here I have a cast when damage taken level twenty linked with summon lightning golem and summon ice golem. Because I am using ascendant with elementalists I am allowed to have two golems, so both of these will help. My wand I have orb of storms linked with power charge on crit and increased crit for bosses. So this is for sustaining power charges. My boots I have wrath and herald of ice, and herald of ice is linked with onslaught for the for the onslaught upkeep it gives me 100 percent onslaught uptime all the time and last link is enlightened for a little bit of mana.

Lastly on the gloves it is vaal haste with increased duration and also a flame dash for getting up and down cliffs. So with our auras up in in town, our barrage DPS is 40k and kinetic blast is 22k. Alright so I’ll be doing a map demo I’ll be doing Vault, and this is a very good way to make money to run Vault and breach at the same time so I’ll mute the mic, and enjoy.

And that’s the gameplay it’s a very fast-paced gameplay/game style so and it kills boss is very very quickly as you can see like I dropped that vault boss with extra lifes um in less than like five seconds so it’s a very good Vault farmer and it’s also a very good boss killer. so thanks for watching hope you enjoyed it and bye!

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