Hi guys Advance here again and in this video i’ll talk about my Ice Shot build i have played on a hardcore Harbinger league i have reached level 99 and could easily reach level 100 but accidentally switched from DX9 to do DX11 and my logout macro broke I have played without remove freeze flask and the next map there was some freeze strongbox and I died Most retarded rip ever. Nevermind, I don’t want to talk about it so let’s see my gear. At the Lioneye’s Glare received a huge buff. Far short actually means that you do deal 30% more damage to the distant targets so it looks like 7th link with 30% more damage also this bow has really good DPS and APS and costs not so much.

Personally I believe that this is the best unique bow in game now. Links are Ice Shot, Elemental Damage with Attacks Cold Penetration, Added Cold Damage, GMP and increase critical. For single target you should switch GMP with a hypothermia. It gives good dps bonus and effect of chill it is good at boss fights. gloves are southbound with temporal chains on hit, but this is the most latest item for this build. You need them only to increase freeze on bosses this gloves gives good life bonus and flat cold damage. 50% increase of damage for Herald of Ice is also not bad. The disadvantage of this gloves is that you can kill only frozen enemies so if you do not deal critical hit creeps stay alive with 1HP that’s why I have used Rat’s Nest helm to maximize my crit rate.

You can use any rare gloves with attack speed life and cold or physical damage it’s also good. Also when you have only 5L bow I recommend to use corrupted gloves with elemental weakness on hit This slightly compensates lack of cold penetration. links are Herald of Ice, Frost Bomb increased area and increase duration. Ok helm as I told before is a rat’s nest pretty good helm with crit rate attack speed and movement speed. 7k life is enough for this build so it is not a problem that helm doesn’t have life this helmet is mandatory in case of using southbound gloves otherwise you can use whatever you want. Links are decoy totem hatred blood rage and lightning golem next goes some rare boots with the strength for Kaom’s Heart and some resistances links are cast when damage taken immortal call blink arrow and frenzy belt is with elemental damage and resistances.

Quiver also with elemental damage crit rate, crit multiplier and attack speed. Right ring has some elemental damage and resistances and Left ring is Sibyl’s Lament it gives 50% reduced reflected elemental damage taken so with this ring I have 100% reduced reflected elemental damage taken and able to farm all maps with damage reflections. amulet is the pandemonius but it is also very late game upgrade I have played with a rare amulet with crit multiplier and elemental damage to level 97 and it was good enough. The pandemonius needed for better cold penetration. You can feel the difference only on maps with high elemental resistances and on the boss fights.

With this amulet and flask i have 91 percent cold penetration and 76 percent without flask. So I completely ignore any cold resistance. Okay let’s see my flasks: Life flask with the remove bleeding, diamond flask with remove curses, the wise of oak, taste of hate (actually it can be switched with a basalt flask) and Quicksilver flask with an additional movement speed. My tooltip dps in hideout is 53 K and with flask and charges is near 90 K but real DPS is much higher because tooltip doesn’t take into account diamond flask far shot and penetration so real Ice Shot DPS with GMP is more than 200 K tooltip DPS with a gem setup for single target is 114 K but hypothermia bonus is not displayed here as for my defense I played with acro and phase acro. My evasion is low but it wasn’t a problem at all. Creeps usually were frozen or chilled, maimed and cursed with temporal chains.

Note that your cold resistance should be higher then lighting and fire otherwise the Wise of Oak flask will be useless I have chosen ascendant subclass with Assassin and elementalist. So assassin gives me very important 1.5% flat crit good 40% crit multi for first shot very good chance to get power charges and useful slow from maim. Path of the shadow allows me to start from the shadows area of the tree. Elementalist gives me very important 50% reduced reflected elemental damage taken, good six percent penetration, good old conflux with six second duration after you kill rare or unique enemy.

(it is extremely useful against harbingers and beyonds) and second golem because first one dies too often. As for my tree at the beginning I picked life regeneration nodes for blood rage. left part of my tree mainly consists of life nodes, nothing interesting. Jewels are with life, cold crit multiplier and resistances. also i recommended to start with the sunder because this part of tree contains good nodes for this skill. I switched to ice shot only after uber lab but if you will buy rush you can switch earlier maybe after merciless lab because you need path of the shadow ascendancy node to start from the shadow’s area otherwise you will need more regrets okay right part of my tree starts from attack speed nodes and threshold jewel Omen on the Winds. it’s only needed for piercing other bonuses are good but not important and part of the tree that begins from the shadow’s area looks like a classic tree for elemental crit builds with a bow finally I want to say this is the most favorite bow build I’ve ever played it has some problems with a single target DPS on the boss fights but gameplay is enjoyable and easy I am very disappointed that I died so stupidly most likely this was my last attempt to reach level 100 the game became too easy and boring now anyone can reach max level on a hardcore you just need some minimum skills and a lot of time I have some fun only playing in party but right now I don’t have any team with a goal of reaching 100 and I’m tired of doing it alone another reason is that from December 2013 to August 2017 GGG added only four new bow skills one of them is a totem another is only for early levels that’s all…

I think that I’ll skip the next league if nothing changes anyway good luck stay safe and buy more microtransactions that they will have enough money for new skills. it starts with I don’t know why it doesn’t no matter how hard you try keep that in mind I designed this rhyme to explain in due time all I know time is a valuable thing watch it fly by as the pendulum swings want to count down to the end of the day the clock ticks life away so fun watch the time go right out the window trying to hold on they didn’t even know always be the dogs to watch you accept everything you’ve got it even though I tried it all Oh yeah I don’t know why doesn’t matter how hard you tried to keep that in mind I designed this rhyme to remind myself how I tried so invited the way you were mocking me acting aegyo is part of your property remembering all the times you fought with me I’m surprised it got so big they were before you wouldn’t even recognize me anymore not that you knew me back then but it all comes back to me is you kept everything dried and even for watching affection baby mmm sounds like Disney awesome it will talk if the check will rule

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