Annnnd hello exiles, Welcome to the good builds of the uncle Zelk Today I’ll show you my little ranger, my little tornado shot ranger, to introduce you to another build which recquires few things and easy to understand To progress easily or to begin Path of Exile Here you can see my little hideout, still in progress, ain’t perfect yet, but it’s mine 😀 We’re going to tp to the docks, cause this build is still in progress To show you the gameplay, the various mechanics, the gems and the skilltree So for this build, you need a good little ranger With a bow, some defensives items And for the skillgems, you need, Tornado shot.

Tornado shot is a spell, that will fire one arrow at your mouse cursor And this arrow as you can see will explode then fire 3 more arrows With tornado shot, we’ll link weapon ele damage, or you can put added fire damage or else, in a matter of taste Lesser multiplier projectile, to shoot 3 arrows instead of one And the most important, Pierce. The first arrow I shot will allways pierce the first ennemies You need to know that the seconds arrow (in the explosion) does not pierce by default So by adding pierce, we’ll have a clearspeed pretty insane With this, we’re using mirror arrow, which spawn a clone of yourself, can be used as a decoy And blink arrow, used to tp yourself 2 of the new skills for the ranger, which are really usefull Allright, so now for the items, we got a pretty low gear, nothing really interessting.

A low unique quiver, had nothing better All you need is Evasion, resistances The Wurm’s Molt is used for the life leech and mana leech, to sustain yourself and your spells For the auras, we’re running Hatred, for the damage boost, 32% more damages And herald of ash, to gain 15% more damages So, 47% more elemental damages, that’s why I put weapon elemental damages Now I’ll show you how the build is played All you need, is aiming, and oneshoot packs As you can see, it does a lot of damages, woops, volatile flameblood Right now, i’m just at the level of the docks and you can see that my clearspeed is pretty damn good Right know my bow got a slow AS, which is shamefull, but it’s the only thing I found untill now In my taste, the build isn’t great without a lot of AS, once you got some more, it turns into a war machine Ok, so that’s it for the gameplay Gonna tp in town, to show you the skilltree Allright, so , for the skilltree You need to know that the best way to protect a ranger is the evasion When you get *hit* ,the server will calculate if you evade it You can see on my character that I have 47% chance to evade damages You also need to know, that evasion protect you against reflect Normally when you hit a reflect pack of mobs, they reflect you some of the damages you do, But here, you have a chance to evade these damages, So for the start, we’re taking evasion and life, Finesse, Heart of Oak for the life, and the chance to avoid being stun.

Because the stunlock can easily mean death Once it’s done, we’re getting there to take the life,Thickskin, next we’re getting Ondar’s guile Doubles your chance to evade projectile attacks So, since you’re using projectiles damages, my 47%evade are multiplied by 2 And the cap being at 90%, i’m pretty immune to reflect SO i have only 10% chance to get hit, which never happen Next, we’re taking the critical strike chances, since reflect isn’t a problem, we can take a lot of crits Next, we’re taking king of the hills, crits and knockback ennemies you crit It means that ennemies will never get to you, a good way of defenses The more crit you have, the less the ennemies will come close, if they have low life, you kill them instant, if they have lot, they get knockbacked Once it’s done, to resolv the mana problems early on, we’re getting revely Mana gained on killing blow, 5 mana, 10 mana, then 20 mana and in top of that, we have 2 mana gained on each ennemies hit And since we’re using tornado shot, we have 3 arrow, multiplied by 3, so 9 x2, it give me 18 mana gained, my spell costing me 20 After this point I didn’t had any mana problem anymore Next, we’re getting up to get more life, every bow damages And then Acrobatics, it adds 30% chance to dodge 50% less armor and ES 30% less chance to block amor, ES, block chance, we’re giving no fuck about it But it adds dodge, not evade, which is another defense mechanism, So, when i’m getting *hit* the server will calculate, does the hit passes the 30% chance to dodge Then it’ll calculate, will it pass the 47% chance to evade that I have which will get you really tanky Then we have acrobatics improvements, 10% more, 40% total dodge Then phase acrobatics, 30% chance to dodge spell damages Next we’ll take projectiles damages and pierce because it synergise so well Then I’ll take next, all these life, the damages here, the crit here, then going up to take Quickness, Then all the crit nodes here, then sniper, coordination, then all the life here and here Probably some aura node too, to use more of them And that’s pretty all you need to know for this build, This build recquire no unique items But can be pretty upgraded with one unique item, the drillneck, a quiver that add damages the more pierce you have, and since pierce is really needed for this build.

So it will boots your damages in a pretty big way Besides of that, nothing is really needed, just a lot of evasion on gear, life, resistances And you’re good, For solo target, you also need to know that tornado shot with LMP does a pretty good work You can also use puncture, but it has been nerfed, and if you want more clearpseed, you can switch LMP with GMP 5 arrows X 3 , you can imagine the results, SO it’s all you need to know, to recap, life, evasion, in the skilltree, crits, bow damages and life Ondar’s guile, is really important to rush, Acrobatics too And reverly in low levels, you can refund it later once your mana problems are done Dear friends, it’s the end of the video, kiss everyone, it was Zelk, for the good old builds, ciao ciao

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