PUBG Tips and Tricks : XBOX What’s up guys, it’s your boy SLG Valor And I am back with some tips and tricks for pub G for Xbox if you’re like me I have long awaited this game, and I’m so stoked just finally here, but let’s go ahead and get into it tip number one try to stay away from populated areas Everyone goes for it, and you might get lucky with some good loot That’ll waste you in those areas, but if you die right away by a direct engagement It’s all pointless keep in mind that they can see you a lot of fashion they can you know you can see them? but Tip number two one pair of shooting and you are close to where you were aiming to go Go into a nosedive trying to reach 234 km/h Your parachute won’t catch by the way allowing you to get closer to the ground faster The faster you hit the ground the faster you go get all that great loot and help you win that first firefight Tip number 3 staying on the outskirts and the coast will help you prevent the chances of you being flanked And it won’t less direction you have to worry about and watch Tip number 4 find a vehicle that will help you get to other small areas and find better loot It goes without saying you locate a vehicle fast You know if someone beats you to an area gets a gun before you or something of that sort You will be able to get out there and go to another area that does have good Aka more Or that m16 you never know what you might find You just got to be able to get out of there if someone else be shooting and gets eyes on because they will be going for the kill Tip number five press start early you know You can’t always pull this off, but if you’re on the open and you just you know moving Have your free range of blue as you see it.

You know it? Really decreases the chances of someone getting a pop shot off on you a lucky headshot or something that could down you you know increases your chance of survivability Tip number six play passively and smartly don’t take every chance you get to engage you can get an even kill go for it But if the range of your weapon or your weapon type affects the chances of you missing your shots and giving away your position Don’t do it. It’s just not worth it if they don’t see you and you know you’re behind them engage smartly Maneuver yourself for where where they stop you were directly behind them, and you can take the easy kill Tip number seven types of weapon be sure to have a range weapon and a close range weapon for all types of engagements I personally like a weapon that uses five five six and seven states – that way.

I’ll have plenty of ammo Also use your jenay’s in stunts as bit. Don’t try to save them if you can get you an easy kill Tip number eight be sure to check out your sensitivity settings find a sensitivity that suits you I like playing onload just for the control that it allows me to have Well gods those are eight tips that will help you do well in pub G know that you cannot win every game But you sure can get into the top ten every single time if you follow just some of these I hope you enjoyed this video and took something from it.

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