Personally I have always played Battlefield with 1800 dpi and 25% on the in game settings, these are high sensitivity settings. And if I am honest with myself then I know that I constantly overshot my target, but I became good at correcting for this immediately after overshooting the target. But this is definitely not ideal, and I knew that I could do much better. I transferred these settings when I started playing Playerunknown’s battlegrounds, and of course it worked, but I was still overshooting my targets. I played like this for months until there was an update that caused a reset of your sensitivity settings without telling us. I didn’t play pubg for about 5 days when this happened, I know right, how can one survive without pubg for 5 whole days, I mean how crazy is that, so I went online and I noticed that something was off, but I thought maybe I am just rusty from not playing for almost a week, so I gave it a few games, and I was actually playing better than before, aiming was easier, shooting was easier and that made killing easier. But I knew that something had changed.

So I opened the GameUserSettings file, this is one way of changing your settings beside changing the in game settings, and there it was, all the settings were back to their default value, I was angry and disappointed, why did the game not tell me that this was changed? How dare they mess up my aim without notifying me. But then I went back and I looked at the gameplay that I recorded during this period of sensitivity madness, and my disappointment turned first into disbelieve, but then soon I saw that I was onto something, you know these moments, where you suddenly get a big smile on your face, well that was me.

And I know that something had to be done, and this is where I decided, then and there, to start my search for the best sensitivity settings. Now these settings are personal, and most likely they will not work for you, but I will share them with you near the end of the video. Today I will explain exactly how I ended up playing with these settings so that you can copy what I did to figure out your own perfect settings. Let’s start with the basic settings that affect your mouse. Open your start menu and search for “Mouse” and you should see “Mouse Settings”. Then click on the ADDITIONAL MOUSE options and then you will see your mouse properties. This is what you have to do to get here on windows 10 but I am sure that you can find these settings if you are using windows 7 or 8. Once you now see the Mouse Properties Window, click on the Pointer Options tab. The very first thing that you need to do is uncheck the Enhance Pointer Precision box.

This enables Mouse Acceleration, and this makes your PC adjust the speed at which the cursor moves based on how fast you are moving it. This is something that you should avoid at all cost because you will not be able to perfectly control your mouse with this option selected. So turn off enhance Pointer Precision. The next thing you need to do is to make sure that the Pointer Speed is set to the 6th notch out of the 11 notches that are visible. It should just be right in between “Slow” and “Fast”. This will allow you to move the pointer on your screen one pixel for ever one mouse count on your computer, a one to one ratio.

A faster setting will make your mouse skip pixels, and make it impossible to point your mouse cursor at specific columns. Setting it too low will cause your mouse to make uneven movements. Both of these scenarios will cause your computer to artificially modify the movements of your mouse and make it feel unnatural, so keep it at the sixth notch. Finally, you may need to change the DPI of your mouse. You will be able to do this using the software that was designed to be used with your mouse.. DPI stands for dots per inch, and it dictates how many dots a mouse can detect for every linear inch. The more dots a mouse can detect, the more sensitive it is. This is why you want to set the DPI to something sensible. 2000 or lower should do it. Anything higher that this will be too sensitive or disruptive, and will definitely have a negative impact on your aim.

While you’re at it, make sure that you set Acceleration to 0 if the software of your mouse has its own default settings. Now that you have all of these settings in place, make sure that you don’t change this anymore. No matter what game you play, these are the best mouse settings that will deliver the best performance. From here, all that you need to change are the in game sensitivity settings. Do you want to go for high sensitivity or low sensitivity? There are many pros and cons to consider, so let’s go through those as well. If you are the type of player that uses low sensitivity, then you probably like long range firefights.

Low sensitivity allows you to control your aim steadily. You can slowly bring your crosshairs to precise points so that you can fire shots wherever you want to. High magnification scopes tend to benefit a lot from low sensitivity, because you can be more precise. Low sensitivity does have its drawbacks. In close quarters where reflexes are very important, low sensitivity means that you’ll have to make even bigger hand movements to catch up with your enemy who is circling around you. This will put you at a disadvantage against a player with high sensitivity, because they can easily keep their crosshairs on you while you might have to lift up your mouse, relocate it and then start dragging it to one side.

With your sensitivity too low, chances are high that you will die before you can even turn around to see your opponent. Some players use High Sensitivity because they value reaction time a lot. With high sensitivity, you can make your crosshair move farther using less hand movement. This is useful in tight spaces and close quarters, where you need to react quickly. If you are attacked from behind, it won’t take too long for you to make your character turn to face the guy shooting you. Against multiple targets, you can quickly aim for the next guy after you killed the first one.

It also makes it easier to watch for two separate entrances at once, because you can alternate looking left and right quickly without tiring yourself out. Obviously, the disadvantage is when you need to aim at enemies who are far away. Because of how quickly your crosshair will move around at high sensitivities, you’ll have to make careful and precise movements to aim wherever you want to. This makes it very hard to go for headshots, especially when your targets are moving. This will also backfire on you when you get nervous or startled. You will definitely feel the camera shake harder when your own hand is trembling, and this will make your aim even less accurate. High magnification scopes are going to be more challenging, because a small nudge on your mouse can send your aim way off. Whether or not you go for high sensitivity or low sensitivity depends on your playstyle, so it’s up to you if you are going to prioritize long range fighting, close quarter combat. Whichever the case, you will need to make sure that your sensitivity settings compliment your playstyle well. Having said that, most of the time you will be able to find your natural sensitivity setting.

And that is what I will help you with today, we will search for your very own perfect natural sensitivity settings, which you can use in other games as well. We will first use the spawn island and the prison, the objective is that you can snap on a target relatively consistent without over or undershooting the target. No need to fire your gun at this stage, it is purely about your aim and ability to naturally snap on to a target with these settings. Look at the very center of your screen, this is where you can see this white dot. That’s all you are going to need at this stage. With your current settings, so no need to change anything yet, so stand still and try to snap onto 5 different targets. Aim for their head but you only get one change, if you over or undershoot then there is no chance to readjust. If you can snap onto 4 out of 5 different heads, then you are good to go, stop watching this video and go an play the game, there is nothing here that you can learn because you are extremely close to your perfect sensitivity settings.

If you didn’t get 4 out of 5 then keep watching and let’s improve your stuff right here and right now. Most of us think that we are one of the greatest gamers that have ever lived right. We all want to be good at the games that we play, we think that we are good, and that is why we don’t see things the way they sometimes are. Having said that, today we are going to make you better.

The first thing that I want you to do is to record your next test, use shadowplay or any other recording software that you have lying around, and do this same test again, so try to snap onto 5 different heads, stop the recording and check what really happened. Be honest with yourself, only count the times that you snapped onto your enemy’s head, the side of his head does not count, on his head, very close to the center. Count how many times that you actually managed to naturally do that with your current settings. Save this recording because you are going to have to use this as a reference in about one week’s time. This is your basic starting point. Your honest analysis of your own test should show you if you are constantly overshooting or undershooting.

If you are overshooting then your sensitivity settings are too high, undershooting means that your settings are too low. We are now going to make a very drastic change, shocking for some but very useful for all, I want you to cut your sensitivity in half, yes you heard me, in half. A big change but this will determine the outcome of your future settings. Just of simplicity, I will show you what to do if your settings are too high, if yours are too low then just do the opposite and double your sensitivity settings.

So let’s say that your settings were too high and now you just changed them to half of what they were. It doesn’t matter if you do that in the options menu or if you adjust the GameUserSettings file if you know how to do that, just know that you might have to restart your game for this to take effect if you change the GameUserSettings file.

Now is the time to join a new game. Just run around as soon as you spawn and give yourself some time to adjust to these settings, try to make a 180 and some 90 degree turns as well. You mind is very powerful and you will probably cope much better with these settings than what you were expecting. Normally you will get at least 30 seconds to 1 minute on the spawn island. This is all the time that you need in order to determine if you should put your next sensitivity settings higher or lower just by judging how it feels right now by running and turning. Leave the game before it starts, and adjust accordingly. For myself this meant first going from a PUBG setting that matched my 25% Battlefield sensitivity to 12.5%, and then after this latest test, it meant going even lower than that. Surprisingly, the 12.5% still felt too high and I was playing with a much higher setting for years. At first I was reluctant to believe it but I continued, and I am happy that I did. So I repeated this test, and now I went to 6%.

This immediately felt way too slow for me, nothing made sense, turning felt as if I was playing with a character that was 100 years old. So no this wasn’t it for me, but I now knew that my perfect settings lie somewhere between 6 and 12.5%. So I change the settings to 9%, right in the middle between 6 and 12. And I must say this felt pretty good, running around good, turning was fluent and I was actually pretty happy about number. So far I went from a battlefield equivalent setting of 25% to 9% and this was very close to my perfect settings and all I had to do was one simple test that took me less than 10 minutes to complete. But we’re not quite there yet, we can do better. It is time to go back to our initial test, where we check if we can snap onto 5 different heads, but before you do that, I want you to play one full game.

So join a new game, play it safe, don’t think that you are john rambo just yet, go to a remote area, get your hands on some great guns, make sure that you have the right scope and attachments, and then start looking for a fight. Keep in mind that you are playing with new football shoes, I’m referring to soccer for the Americans, we all know that you are not going to score 5 goals in your first game but we all know that you are going to go home with 5 blisters, right.

That is why you should go to a remote area, so that you can run around, so that you can get used to your new shoes. We just determined the size of your shoes by narrowing it down to 9%, but now we still have to adjust our laces, making them more or less tight so that it feels just right. Try to survive as long as possible and only try to fight the guys that you can easily kill. Join a new game afterwards and do your 5 heads test. So start your recording, try to snap onto 5 heads. No need to count how many times you managed to do this, but try to identify if you are still overshooting or not. In my case, I was still slightly overshooting my targets, much less than before, and sometimes I managed to perfectly snap onto my target. So I knew that I was getting close. But I still had to make some smaller adjustments. Since I was still overshooting I change my settings from 9% to 8%. I played another full game, did the 5 heads test and I got 4 out of 5.

The smile on my face became a hole lot bigger now, I played another game, and another one, and another one. And yes, I finally found my new perfect sensitivity settings. I went to the shooting range to confirm it, and I was snapping onto targets left right and center. So 8% is perfect for me, some of you might wonder why I mention 8% because this is a Battlefield equivalent setting. I change my PUBG GameUserSettings file and then you end up with a number like 0.015882, and it wouldn’t make sense if I quoted those numbers, but this means 8% for battlefield, so that it is easier for me to explain these things.

I want you to do one of 2 things, the choice is yours. Option number 1: Fire Up battlegrounds and go and adjust your sensitivity settings like I showed you in this video, rewatch it and pauze it where necessary. Option number 2, if you can’t play Battlegrounds right now, for example you are watching on your phone on your way home, then go and watch another video on my channel and use it to get better at your favorite game. Do we have a deal? Once you figured out your settings, then please share them with all of us in the comments, write down your initial settings and then write down your new settings, it would be interesting to see your results. The ideal scenario is that you can use the exact same mouse settings for every single game that you play has a calculator that I use when I go from one game to another, I am not partnered with them or anything like that, this is just me personally recommending this website because it can help you with maintaining your muscle memory when you transition over to a new game.

To summarize, during your test when searching for your perfect sensitivity settings, you will find a certain settings to be too high or too low, if you notice that this is the case because you are always overshooting the target then lower it and try again. Assess the result, and adjust accordingly. In the beginning you should make big changes, and once you get closer to the optimum then start making smaller and smaller adjustments to the settings.

This was FOG of GAMING, good luck with your new sensitivity settings and I will see you in Battlegrounds..

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