Oh I see a guy. I might take a shot, If that’s right. Yeah Go go. yeah, he insta-died. Hey Jawns & Gents Quaweds here bring you gaming with a zesty twist. The most debated attachment for the Uzi is most definitely the Uzi stock. Known for taking a weak SMG and turning into a god weapon. Let’s go over the contents of this video. In this video we’ll be covering an overview of the Uzi itself and its attachments a Weapon stability test and a full auto whole clip test now Let’s have an overview of the Uzi with its attachments first off We look at the SMG flash hider and as 10% less recoil pattern 10% less horizontal recoil and 10% less vertical recoil Next we’ll look at the suppressor for SMG It reduces deviation by 5% next is the compensate for SMG the recoil pattern will be reduced by 25% So will the horizontal recoil by 20% and 25% less vertical recoil next up We have the extended quick-draw for SMG Which reduces the reload time by 30% or for the Uzi is for a second and…

It also increases the magazine size from 25 to 35 last But not least but the most important is what we’re looking at is that stock for UZI. It’s gonna Give you a minus 20 recoil pattern a minus 20 vertical recoil and a plus 15 vertical recovery moving on to the weapon stability test and here we can see that there’s no difference with or without the Uzi stock and Because I can see no difference. I’m not going to test this while walking or moving or crouching So this is a straight out a bus it does not change your sway or stability Okay now let’s do the full-auto test using up a full clip of the UZI first without the Uzi stock Let’s get a closer look at that spray and as you can see it’s absolutely Nuts the vertical recoil is huge, and now let’s see if that Uzi stock actually does make a big difference or not And Oh, my goodness immediately.

I can tell there’s a huge difference Before I even line this up. I could see those definitely gonna be tons of less vertical recoil and just look at that It’s so straight such small recoil now comparing up side-by-side with the vertical recoil You can just see how much better the Uzi is Adding that stock again and this pretty much confirms that it makes the weapon a hell of a lot better The last clip I have for you guys is a fully decked out easy with the compensator with the stock Just to see how small the recoil would be and here it is if you’d like to see it So what’s the verdict guys should you use the Uzi stock? Well of course you should you just saw the proof of it, but does this mean now It’s a God Tier, well probably not, but it makes it a hell of a lot better and if you see a stock And you have it UZI you dang right pick that up mate and that’s about all the information I have for you in this video I hope I’ve really helped you learn some new things about the Uzi and Just give you a bit of an edge in that early game.

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