Hello Dear viewers. My name is c4tTi and this is Frogger. Today we are looking at PUBG Highlights this allows you to record your kills, knockouts, deaths, fails and everything else automatically. Which is really a neat thing! First of all let’s see what we get out of it. At the end of a match you will get the option to save your videos or share them. If you don’t they are store temporary in a folder specified in the settings. Here’s a clip that shows you a recording of a multi-kill next to the automatic drop location of the afk people.

There are two more clips of the same game at the end of this video. Have fun! Now let’s get back to the setup if you press “Alt – Z” You will get into the menu of geforce experience shadowplay now if you want to use PUBG Highlights Make sure instant replay is active. Prior to that should set up the recording location for manual recordings as well as for PUBG Highlights to ensure good playability of PUBG you should set a record disc to another disc then PUBG is running at. This means if you have PUBG running on disk C. You can record on disk D. Let’s start a PUBG and go to settings on a video capture highlights. You choose NVIdia Shadowplay highlights after that click apply and ok now you should be ready to record and you can enter a game Lobby When entering a game Lobby the following dialog should pop up so Geforce can interact with the game.

Click Yes. You should be good to go to record videos have fun with it. If you want a little more control over it you can go to Geforce experience and tinker around what to record. Here you see a little single kill with the example why you don’t leave doors open. Some mates, just told me when I drove the bike that they wanted to play with me So I rushed into the zone to get some kills or be killed, and that’s what happend. Thank you for watching and I wish you a wonderful day on the battlefield..

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