Hi guys. Welcome to FOG of GAMING .The 7th update to the PC version of PlayerUnknown’s BattleGrounds introduced new graphical changes to our favourite sights and scopes. These attachments affect our aim in many ways, so we need to be familiar with these changes if we want to maintain our accuracy when using them. Today, we will take an in depth look at each of the commonly used scopes so that you will know exactly what to expect when you find them. One of the most noticeable changes that the Update 7 applied to scopes and sights is the parallax effect. This means that when you quickly move your mouse while aiming down the sights, the reticle of the scope will look like it’s trying to keep up with your movements. There will be a slight delay before the reticle is completely centered. It makes switching between different targets more difficult for inexperienced players because they usually wait for the reticle to be in the center before taking the shot. Another important effect that can now be seen with high magnification scopes is color distortion.

Your scope now look similar to what you would see in real life, and while it does make the experience feel more authentic, it also makes it hard to spot enemies. At really long ranges, the heads of characters can look small enough for these effects to cover them. This means that you have to be more thorough when checking your surroundings with these high magnification scopes, like when you are looking for enemies through windows for example. Another new feature of the high magnification scopes is black transition effect that you now see when you ads with your 8x scope for example. The problem with this is that it now takes longer before you can aim at your enemy’s head.

Personally I feel that it slows down the game for no reason, I would like to know how you guys feel about this new feature if I may call it that, so please let me know in the comments. the The parallax and distortion effects vary depending on the scope, and you will get to see them for yourself in this video. All of the magnification scopes have adjusted perspectives, so you will see more of the environment within each scope, and less of the scope’s black surface. The first custom sight on our list is the Holographic Sight, which is based on the EOTech Model 553 sight in real life.

It is designed for close range combat, and that is why it has low magnification. The magnification value isn’t written beside its name, and the actual magnification does depend on your Field of View. At the maximum 103 FOV, aiming down a Holographic Sight will actually magnify your view by 180%. If you hold your breath while aiming down sights, your magnification reaches all the way up to 250%. Unlike the old holographic sight, this new version has a very bright reticle, but you can reduce the glow if you scroll the mouse wheel down while you are aiming with it.

The details on the frame of the scope are better rendered as well. This change makes it easier to acquire targets from across the street with the Holographic Sight, but the drawback is that the frame of the sight blocks your view significantly. This is a significant disadvantage because the holographic sight is meant to be used in close range firefights, and you need your peripheral vision to see your enemies from corners. The Red Dot Sight is based on the Sightmark Sure Shot reflex sight, and it is considered to be the best close range sight in the game. If we compared the old and the new version of the red dot sight, we can see that the actual dot is much thicker now. Most people prefer attaching this weapon to an assault rifle or a close range weapon.

Just like the Holographic Sight, it has minimal magnification. At a 103 degree field of view, you get a 180% or 1.8x zoom when you aim down the red dot sight, and you get a 250% or 2.5x zoom when you hold your breath while aiming down the sight. You can also adjust the brightness of the reticle, but it is a bit more blurry than the one from the Holographic Sight. That being said, the reason why this is a very popular sight is because there is very little of the sight’s frame actually blocking your view. You will still be able to see enemies from corners, which means you have more situational awareness.

When it comes to close quarter battles, it is definitely a good idea to swap out your holographic sight for the red dot sight. In fact, it is also preferable to use this over the 2x scope. The Red Dot Sight doesn’t just have a significantly smaller frame, but it can also achieve nearly the same level of zoom as the 2x scope if you hold your breath while aiming down sights. Before we get to the magnification scopes, we need to talk about the reflex sight. This is not a custom sight that you will find lying around on the map, but it is the default sight when you pick up the crossbow.

It has a similar frame to the red dot sight, but instead of a plain red dot, you have a set of dots and a rangefinder. You can line up a person’s height on the vertical line, and you can pick the reticle appropriate for your target depending on how much of the vertical line covers your target. If your enemy fits between the bar marked as “5” and the lowest bar on the line, he is 50 meters away, and you should use the 2nd dot. If he fits between the “10” bar and the lowest bar on the line, he is 100 meters away and you need to use the 3rd dot to aim at your target.

If he is 200 meters away, your enemy will fit between the “20” bar and the lowest bar on the line, so you need to aim at your target with the 4th dot. It’s a very handy tool especially because of the limited effective range and slow speed of the crossbow dart. This sight can be replaced with both the red dot and the holographic sights, but this is a bad idea because you will lose the rangefinding tools that this weapon needs to stay effective. We will now move on to the available scopes in the game, starting with the 2x Aimpoint Scope. It does give a 200% magnification if you have your FOV set to 80, but it will actually magnify objects by 300% if your FOV is set to 103. The real-life Aimpoint Comp M2 sight that the 2x scope was based from actually doesn’t have magnification, so it was definitely altered to fit the game. You might think that this scope does not have rangefinding capabilities, because of how simple the reticle looks, but it actually does. A target standing 100 meters away will fit perfectly between the top and bottom edges of the outer circle.

A target standing 200 meters away will fit between the center dot and the outer edges of the circle. At 300 meters, the width of a standing target will be obscured by the center dot. This will allow you to zero in on the enemies more quickly, and accurately fire your shots. Just like with the sights, you can use the mousewheel to make the reticle brighter or dimmer. It might be a good idea to replace your holographic sight with this scope if you need an option for mid range fights in Miramar. In Erangel, the green reticle is a major disadvantage because there are many green trees and grass around the map. Even if you can adjust the brightness of the reticle, it will still be harder to see. In Miramar, the green reticle is actually more visible over the beige colored dunes. the new version also allows you to see much more inside the scope than before, thanks to the change in perspective. The frame also looks much thinner now, so it doesn’t block as much of your vision as it used to.

The Holographic sight can have nearly the same zoom as the 2x scope if you hold your breath, but it does not have reliable range finding and zeroing mechanics. The 4x Acog Scope is one of the most commonly used scopes in the game given that it can be attached to all of the assault rifles in the game. The frame of this scope covers more of your peripheral vision than the 2x scope, so it is definitely not suitable for short range combat. The previous updates changed the 4x scope in many ways. Aside from being able to see more of the environment within the scope, the 4x now has a different reticle depending on what weapon it is attached to.

It is very important to understand how each reticle works, because you can no longer zero in on your targets with the 4x scope. You will need to use the rangefinding tools on each reticle to accurately shoot enemies from long range, and each reticle has a different way of measuring distance. The 4x scope is definitely a reliable addition to your inventory, and is compatible with more weapons than the 8x scope. The reticle of the 4x scope for weapons consists of a chevron, or a reverse v shape, in the middle of the scope, and a graded line below it. There are numbers listed beside the grading line that will help you determine how far your enemy is, and how to aim at him.

For example, you will notice that part of the graded line and the chevron are glowing. If this fits half of an enemy’s standing height, then he is 100 meters away. If the glowing part of the reticle fits the full body height of an enemy, then it means he is 200 meters away. The width of the player will match the width of the chevron if your enemy is 300 meters away.

If the width of the player matches the width of the horizontal line to the left of the number 4, then your enemy is 400 meters away. Each line below that will then represent every additional 100 meters, which is why the number 6 is located two lines after the one beside the number 4. While these rangefinding mechanics for this reticle work the same way for all weapons, the right way to aim will vary. This is because each gun has its own bullet speed and effective range values, so you have to compensate for the bullet drop and range in different ways. The reticle of the 4x scope for the AKM, DP28, Groza, and S12K is slightly different compared to the reticle for weapons. Instead of a chevron, you get a circle that is similar to the one you get for the 2x scope. The only difference is that the circle is not complete for the 4x scope.

A bottom arc was removed to fit a graded line that runs downward. The numbers to the right of the line are also different, as they represent 300m, 500m, and 700m marks, and they work the same way as the markings of the reticle. If your target is 100 meters away, the width of his torso will fit the width of the circle. If he is 200 meters away, his standing height will fit the glowing line and the center dot in the middle of the circle. The last reticle for the 4x scope is used by the Kar98K, M24, AWM, SKS, MK14, the UMP9, and the Vector. Instead of a chevron, or a circle, the reticle is a complete cross. Below the center are a set of lines that will help you find your range, but it is very tricky since it does not function in the same way as the lines from the other reticles .

If your enemy is 100 meters away, the width of the glowing red cross will match the width of your enemy’s shoulders. If your enemy is 200 meters away, the height of the red cross now marks one half of the enemy’s body height. To make sure that your opponent is 300 meters away, the second to the lowest horizontal line must match the shoulder width of your target. At 400 meters, your target’s height will match the full height of the center cross. At 500 meters, your target’s shoulder with will match the lowest horizontal line on the reticle. The VSS has its own 4x scope, and it cannot be replaced by any other custom scope or sight. It is based on the PSO-1 scope in real life. The frame covers your horizontal vision slightly less than the separate 4x scope attachment. The reticle consists one middle chevron, two extra chevrons beneath it, and a set of rangefinding marks below the chevrons.

The range finding works by aligning your target’s standing or crouching height to the vertical lines above each number. Each vertical line has two diagonal lines intersecting it; the upper line denotes standing height while the lower line denotes crouching height. For example, if your standing target fits the vertical line above number 3, then it means your target is 300 meters away. This means that you will have to aim at your enemy using the lowest chevron. Since there are only 3 chevrons, you actually have to imagine a 4th chevron if your target happens to be 400 meters away. This scope makes aiming with the VSS much easier. Given that the VSS has a very low effective range and bullet speed, you need to master the rangefinding mechanic of this scope to be effective. The 8x CQBSS Scope is based on the Leupold Mark 8 scope in real life, and in PUBG it was greatly redesigned in the PC Update 7. The frame looks much smaller now, so you actually will have some peripheral vision. You will be able to see much more on the left side than the right side, because the knob will block some of the environment to the right.

More importantly, The view radius of the scope is slightly smaller, but it is worth noting that you will no longer see as much of the inner walls of the scope. This means that it is much easier to find and acquire targets with the new 8x scope. The reticle has also slightly changed because the circle that surrounded the center dot is now gone. Now, you will have to fully rely on the mil dots to find your range. Thankfully, it still retains the variable zoom function so you can zoom out if you feel that 8x is too much for the situation. Range finding is quite tricky with the 8x.

If your enemy’s head fits the center dot and the first mil dots around it, then your enemy is 100 meters away. If your enemy is 200 meters away, his whole height should fit between the center red dot and the last mil dot. If your enemy’s shoulder width fits the first mil dot to the left and the right, then he is 300 meters away. If he is 400 meters away, then his standing height should fit in between the 2nd upper dot and the 2nd lower dot. A standing enemy 500 meters away will fit in between the 1st upper dot and the 2nd lower dot. If your center red dot fits just inside your enemy’s head, then he is 600 meters away. At 700 meters, your target’s standing height should fit between the first upper and first lower mil dots. The 8x has many advantages over the 4x scope, and there are many reasons to pick it up especially if you have a sniper rifle. The 8x can also achieve a 4x zoom by scrolling your mouse wheel down while aiming.

Unlike the 4x scope, the 8x can be zeroed in for more accurate shots. These were all the things you need to know about the most commonly used sights and scopes in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, including all of the changes that were applied to them in the recent updates. Use everything that you learned in this video on your way to your next chicken dinner. Be sure to subscribe so that you will always be the first to access these videos. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching, and I will see you in Battlegrounds..

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