Hunting in PUBG is an early game strategy that will allow you to consistently engage with enemies who are completely unaware of your position You will know exactly where to land, how to loot and what to do in order to spot your enemies Isolate them and kill them These strategies apply both first-person and third-person modes and while they’re designed for solos with the right teamwork They can work extremely well in duos and even squads If you enjoy the thrill of dropping at a high-traffic area But don’t like how luck can screw you over and how hard it is to come out alive of them You will find that hunting is the perfect balance between having fun early on but also going for the win So sit back, watch this video and let me tell you everything I know about it The fundamentals of hunting are extremely simple.

You will pick a relatively high traffic area That’s near the flight path and then drop on a smaller compound that’s nearby Usually between 200 and 300 meters away On your way down you will confirm that at least one player is dropping there And once you touch the ground you will loot as fast as possible, picking only the essential items, and then immediately rush your target Now because the other person dropped at around the same time as you and they went to a bigger area It’s safe to assume that their equipment is at least as good as yours, if not better You also have to take into consideration the fact that while you were running They were still looting, but this apparent disadvantage is precisely what makes this strategy work because their compound is bigger than yours It’s very likely that they’re still running between buildings or even fighting other players And that’s where the hunting begins.

Your enemies might be very well equipped, but if you catch them off-guard It will look something like this. Oh my god. What is he? What is he doing? He’s drunk, jumping around like a ballerina Look That’s the easiest kill of my life The first step of hunting is picking the spot that will eventually assault And the general rules to do this are very simple. The spot needs to be Relatively close to the flight path to make sure that at least one person goes for it It also needs to have a smaller compound nearby which is where we’re land and Lastly it also needs to be somewhat Isolated so that our target doesn’t have an easy way to escape The map that you see on screen right now has some of my favorite Spots to hunt but you don’t really need to follow it at all. Once you identify the qualities that make for a good spot You’ll be able to find your own on the go so now that we know where to land Let’s have a look at a textbook example So for this particular flight path we’re gonna choose this ??-side compound that meets all the criteria And then drop immediately on the smaller compound, that’s a bit north of it.

Since we’re pretty much above it We’re dropping straight down and as soon as we open the parachute We’re gonna look around, pressing Alt and confirm that at least one person is going for the compound Now we see only one person so this means that our Mission is a go, we can do the rushing. Now as soon as I touch the ground I try to loot as fast as possible I’m only looking for the essentials – namely a primary weapon, some sort of protective gear and perhaps a backup weapon I find two shotguns, which is probably not optimal for the range I’m gonna try to engage, but I still pick them up anyway And then quickly come across an m16 and a vest, which is just perfect Now I could probably approach with just this but since there’s a small house on the side I also decided to go through it, and it was very much worth it as I found a four times and an Uzi inside Please note that the compound that we’re about to assault is the perfect example of a compound that’s perfectly isolated There’s no roads with vehicles nearby, no trees No small riches that they can hide over and since the zone is largely above this player We can safely assume that it’s very unlikely that he’ll try to escape with some of the boats that sometimes spawn nearby So we could have very easily waited here with our four times until he run into this open field and taken him out But I didn’t feel like doing that so we approach them I approach the compound very carefully as not to be heard and then realized some doors were already open.

As most players, It’s very likely that this guy had gone for the bigger buildings first And then would proceed to the smaller buildings before leaving this so I inch my way over there hoping to see him After not finding him right away I picked this spot because I would be able to spot him going through this door and maybe then shoot him when he came out of this one And there’s our target. Now I expected him to go through the door as I mentioned But it turns out it wasn’t really necessary He just run in plain sight and all his loot that was vastly superior to what we had is now ours Here’s another similar situation where I drop at the exact same spot, and it’s pretty much the same except this time around I didn’t see only one player land here, but instead three of them now.

Now I hadn’t heard any gunshots So it was safe to assume that they were all still alive and soon enough, as it often happens I see players confronting each other and this was just too tempting. I took this guy out, but I made a terrible mistake I hadn’t accounted for the third player who immediately rushed me, got a lucky headshot and killed me The lesson to be learned here is that unless you have a reasonable belief that everyone you’ve seen is dead or at least accounted for Don’t move in too quickl. You can simply wait and let them do the hard work for you In this other example me and my dual partner had been slowly approaching this compound And we heard gunshots coming from it and saw the kills in the feed So we knew for certain that these guys were really well equipped, and taking them out at long-range was gonna be difficult Luckily for us the red zone here provided a very convenient noise that allowed us to sneak in without making much noise.

Perfect, move now Okay you got this door with the shoddy. I’ll get the other oh And as usual people who don’t expect you are extremely easy to kill Yeah, he’s on the ?? Wh- Where the fuck. Oh, okay there she- There he is, down there Nice. Well done In this other duo example I landed near this small cluster of buildings with the intention of hunting down anyone who went for power plant I saw one person landing there and as soon as I touched the ground, I started looting real fast However I only found a shotgun which forced me to make a plan what I would engage with my enemy in close range and this is Where the planning comes into play. After my target is done looting in this building the most likely thing he’ll do is hit the road right here and try to grab a vehicle to get into the zone So there was a very high chance that on the way to the road the target would stop by this building to loot So I went around the complex and got into that building myself waiting for him But in doing so I violated two of the most important rules that you have to follow when you hunt in duos Number one: Always work with your team.

My teammate was nowhere near me, which meant that if this situation went south, I would have no backup whatsoever. But that’s not too bad, because there’s only one guy right? Wrong. Number two: Never assume that someone is alone As you’re about to see I started hearing two sets of footsteps and things got heated up pretty quick There’s two people Okay, one And two. Wooh Even though I had the right weapon for the situation, this was still extremely lucky If the second guy had had a level three vest like the first one did, he might have survived the shot And they would have probably killed me, so remember never stray too far from your teammates Another common situation that you might find yourself in if you do hunting in duo’s is when you down an enemy player But then have absolutely no idea where his teammate is The best way to prevent this is to delay your attack until you know where the other one is Or even in some situations looking at the downed player to see if his behavior gives you any clues At any rate, do not be afraid to just finish him off, and move on to the next area Because while some people behave in very predictable ways Some will happily leave their teammates behind or even quit the game altogether, so if they don’t show up, don’t waste your time Even though I just stressed the importance of a compound being isolated This is a rule that can sometimes be broken Yasnaya Poliana is a terribly integrated city, where it’s probably very easy to lose track of someone But if we focus on a part of it That’s actually isolated, the strategy can still be done.

In this particular instance my duo partner And I dropped at this very distant warehouse and took our time to reach the city knowing full Well that since there were many teams landing at Yasnaya It would be pretty easy to catch at least one of them off-guard and as you can see it worked like a charm He was aiming inside the building so there’s gonna be someone inside. Let’s rush in In this other instance I’m dropping to a tiny compound That’s north of Primorsk, where no less than eight people are dropping With so many people and it would be impossible to try and keep track of how many people are dead and alive So what I did was just wait by the outskirts, and soon enough, one of them came into my view Now he’s gone into this building, and we’ve seen him over this left side door so we can kind of piece together What route he’s gonna take he’s most likely checking one part, then checking the other and then possibly dropping off the balcony So I immediately positioned myself on the opposite side to try and catch him whenever he jumped But to my surprise he never actually jumped, so I went into this building which was already looted And thus probably safe and well, I’ll let you see what happens next Hey, dude, I’m behind you And if you’re ballsy and fast enough you can even get away with dropping within the same city and then rush to an isolated part where Someone has just finished looting.

In this Rozhok example I’m dropping in a loot dense house and then immediately rushing north now even though I missed them coming out of the warehouse I saw them going inside this building and Despite my stun grenade not really being timed so well, I still had the upper hand in this situation And check out this one time where I was rushing this big blue warehouse from a compound that was like 400 meters away And then I find these two guys fighting each other. This one closer to me doesn’t even notice me But the other one does and starts shooting me, but then the first guy kills him, and then I kill him Priceless. You will find that this strategy works in many many different kinds of situations And if for whatever reason no one drops at the spot that you expected them to Well it might be a bit more boring, but now you have two compounds for yourself Or you can always just go even further and then get some kills As we have seen throughout this video, our only advantage as a hunter is the fact that our prey doesn’t know we’re there If we fail to capitalize on this fact and are discovered before we can secure a kill we will find ourselves in a very dire situation Where we’ll be left fighting against an enemy that is better geared than us We do not want this to happen so in this next section.

We’re going to learn how to make the most out of each situation As a general rule we want our looting to be as fast as possible Here I’m taking a quick peek at the room to confirm that there’s nothing inside and just skip it Skip in certain rooms and going for the place where the loot is most likely to be found is usually a good idea But sometimes you might be forced to go back to them if you found absolutely nothing The time you should spend looting is also Influenced by the distance that you’ll have to make and how many people drop at the compound. If the compound you’re going to is not Too far and you saw a couple people drop in there You can probably take your time to look a bit more than usual.

As a general guideline I would say that if you have a versatile primary weapon with some kind of scope and then perhaps a vest You are good to go. If you have a weapon That’s not so versatile you will still have a good chance But you’ll have to find a way to work around its limitations and finally if you pick up something That is not versatile at all, know that you can still have a lot of success But your entire strategy will have to revolve around this weapon, and of course it doesn’t hurt to have a backup, just in case Killing an unsuspected fool with a fully decked assault rifle is easy enough, but more often than not, you have to make do with other weapons that Are not nearly as good so let’s have a look at some of the hardest ones to use early on, and we’ll start with the p90a arguably the worst weapon in the game And I would concede not ideal if you want to hunt someone down.

The sheer number of bullets that you’ll have to put into someone with this is so high that you will have to be really close or incredibly accurate if you want to take someone out before they have time to react all you know if you go hunting with this weapon Be prepared to set up a very good trap or pray that your enemy doesn’t have a vest or at least doesn’t shoot straight Unless your opponent is missing a helmet, or you have a very clear shot I would simply aim for body mass and spam it with a quick game without aiming down my sights as that seems to be the Best way to put as many bullets out as possible The P1911 on the other hand packs a mighty punch and one requires many bullets But you cannot afford to spam it as it only has seven bullets Being good with this sidearm will save your life more often than you think, so give it a try And then we’ve got the revolver which works very differently from the others and the way to use it in my opinion Depends heavily on what your opponent has If you see that an opponent doesn’t have a helmet try to aim for the head as it will knock them out in one hit If your opponent doesn’t have a vest though.

It might be more reliable to go for three body shots Which are also enough to kill someone The crossbow or a car 98 without a proper scope are very similar in that they do massive damage Often enough to kill a player in one hit if you land a headshot but aren’t reliable when it comes to killing people with consecutive body shots. Using these weapons for hunting will require perfect timing and aim but They can be very useful Especially if you bring along a sidearm, and then we’ve got the shotguns which are loved by many But also hated by some and trust me if you’re gonna go hunting you have to learn to love these weapons The one thing that you always have to keep in mind with shotguns is that blunt damage is very very small so you want to Either hit the body, or if available hit the head There are countless Situations where only your shotgun will save you so if you haven’t done so already go to your settings and set the targeting sensitivity, that is approproate and that lets you follow people around when you quick aim with a shot easy, and now that you can decide when you pull the pin on a grenade, they are also a very strong asset early on.

Don’t forget to pick them up Very well, so we’ve done our looting, we’ve picked our weapons and now it’s time to approach and in very broad terms I’ve considered that there’s two ways to do this The first and easiest one of the two is waiting by the outskirts until your target comes into your sights. Of course, for this to work you’ll have to guess where your target will run into but most of the time It’s easy enough place yourself by a road with vehicles where they would run through or perhaps between the compound and the zone if it’s far away and they’ll most likely run into you And of course, the more isolated the compound is, the easier time you’ll have spawning.

The second kind of approach is the one where you get close and personal. Either by choice, or because your weapons force you to In this situation the best course of action is usually to determine where he’s been and where he’s going to and place yourself in a spot that Gives you advantage over his route It is very useful to look at which doors are open and which direction they’re open towards As that can easily give away the path that your target is following. If you do follow your target And you locate them inside a building It’s often a good idea to position in a way where you can see all the escape routes In this type of building for instance a player on the second floor cannot get away from it unless they go through your line of sight first Even if you don’t use these tricks, it’s good to keep them in mind as they can be used against you and they’re very nasty when that happens And remember to keep an eye on the closest vehicle spawns as they can easily get away if you don’t intercept them on the way As we’ve seen before it’s not at all uncommon for two or even more people to drop on the spot that we want to attack So for the final part of this guide we’re going to learn some important lessons that you have to apply when you engage with multiple prey This time around though I would like you to pay very close attention and watch and listen very carefully because I’m going to put your deductive skills to the test As you can see I have just arrived to the compound that I intended to attack.

I saw two players drop here But because my landing was a bit busy. I currently have no idea of how many of them are still alive Can you figure it out? So, what do you think? Did I make a mistake? Is there someone else alive in this compound that is just about to kill me? If you answered no, you’re absolutely correct And the key to tell is the way this guy dropped from the balcony. A player would only move so carelessly if they thought that they were alone in this compound And after a bit of searching I could confirm my suspicion.

The other guy had died pretty early on When there’s a lot of shooting going on around you, looking at the kill feed can give you very important information about your surroundings In this case I heard what sounded like an m16 coming from really close up And then immediately someone got killed by an m16 so I knew there was a fresh corpse somewhere After checking in this house and seeing one there I thought that it was too much of a coincidence, and that the m16 guy should still be in here, and there he ?? It’s also important to remember that you don’t have to kill everyone you come across, at least not immediately. In this game I was planning to attack the power plant, but I was surprised to hear another parachute going on near me I spotted a guy But I wasn’t able to take him out immediately, so I followed him around and I thought he might have been here I threw a stun grenade, and then pushed in But he wasn’t there, so how did I figure out where he was? I didn’t.

I just fucking ran away. When I went around the house where I’d have liked to set up an ambush I saw that it was already open so it was a good chance that no one would be coming here anymore I pushed into the power plant and hear footsteps inside, but then I saw this guy outside And he was just too tempting so I had to kill him But now the guy inside knew where I was so of course It was a bad idea to push him there was no need for me to engage him in a situation That would only benefit him so I looted the guy I killed, and then I got away and eventually he showed up And with that my friends, I’ve pretty much told you everything I know about this topic Now if you’ve watched this video until the end you’ve been listening to me for a very long time Which I really appreciate, but I’d also like to listen to you What do you think about the strategies? Is there something I missed? I would love to know what you think and if you’d like to See a video similar to this one and as for how to transition from all these early game strategies into a winning endgame I’ve put together a quick commentary over an entire game so that you know what the process can look like Click on the link on screen right now if you’re interested and that’s all.

I hope that you enjoyed watching this video And hopefully I’ll catch you next time.

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