It’s never easy when you are outnumbered in a squads game, having to fight over victory on your own against multiple enemies usually leads to your defeat, but there is always a way out, so that you can come out on top, so that you can walk away with that chicken dinner. Today I will show you how you can turn a losing position in to a winning position, you will have to become a ghost, you will have to cause confusion, put pressure on multiple enemies, in other words you will have to become a tactical mastermind. Before we get started, let’s go over the player profiles of all the remaining player who are left alive. That way you know what we are up against. The first member of the enemy team is Trelos123, he has an M416 and a Kar98K, he is wearing a level 2 helmet together with a level 3 vest. Gr3gori managed to find an SKS and a Scar L, he has a level 2 helmet and a level 2 vest. Finally, we have Yoki420, with an M24 and a Scar L, he is the one wearing a ghillie suit. Underneath that ghillie suit, he has a level 2 vest but he lost his helmet in another fight.

Now let’s see what my team is fighting with. I was armed with a UMP9 and a Mini14. I have a level 2 helmet and vest. My buddy, AdKode is carrying a DP28 and a pistol. He wasn’t able to get his hands on a second weapon. He is wearing a level 2 vest but he didn’t have a helmet. It’s clear that the enemy team has the advantage in firepower and armor. Most of their vests, helmets, and equipment are level 2 or higher, so this puts my UMP9 at a greater disadvantage.

On top of that they have the numerical advantage. Pure pvn: No need to write it here, it’s just a note for me to put it on the timeline The fight over the chicken dinner starts right here in Erangel, just outside of the military base. The dominating team is moving in from the south west. My buddy and I, we were in the compound in the east. Unfortunately my friend didn’t say a word all game, so I had no clue what was going on in his mind. Could it have been a bug? Did he mute me by accident or did he mute me on purpose, we will never know. The enemy team was much better than expected, to be honest with you, I was very surprised when I checked out the replay of this game, the level of coordination was extremely high at times, I have rarely seen this in battlegrounds, even when watching some of the esports tournaments.

They entered the final stage of the game with 10 kills in total, so they definitely knew what they were doing. Let’s take a closer look at their strategy, they are very close together when they come out of the military base, the first thing that you will notice is that they split up immediately when they start moving into the final circle. But look at how they move into that circle. 2 guys, Trelos and Yoki move forward, close to the wall, so that they can block us from entering the circle, this puts them in the best possible position, they have the tactical advantage, they have great cover behind that wall and they can easily shoot at they enemies.

The third guy, Gr3gori, splits up, he is moving towards a position that is further away from his buddies, so that he can cover this teammates with his sniper rifle. Tactical, this is a great move from them. 2 guys ready for a close range fight, and the third one covering they back from a distance. So far, it’s the perfect play. It doesn’t get much better than this. Let’s take a look at my team’s position. AdKode and me are covering both sides of the building that we are in. Adkode then decides to move in closer to the wall so that he can overlook the circle towards the North east.

A nice move since it gives him cover and it gives him a great line of sight over the battlefield. I notice him doing that and I try to move closer to him so that I can cover his back if needed. This is the initial setup, and this is also when the final battle starts, in other words this is where the killing starts. Based on what you know now, which team do you think has the best chances of winning this game, in other words, which team has the biggest advantage at this point? What I want you to do now, is to pause this video, go to the comments and write it down, show me which team is your favorite for winning that chicken dinner at this point? But be objective, based on the loadout, the position etc.

Do this now, at the end of the video I will as you another question and then you may edit your own comment. So pause it, and press play again after you comment. OK, welcome back, I hope you put your money on the other team because that is what I would have done at this point. I will show you what happened next from my point of view, then we will analyse it, so that you can see how these events unfolded. (maybe play the scene from here from my point of view until adkode dies: 1 how to finish off the fight keep moving from 5 sec until 26 sec.

Maybe no vo over this point What you just saw was pretty straight forward, Trelos knocked AdKode, he moved in for the kill, and then I killed Trelos. But this is not everything that happened. There is a lot more to this scene than meets the eye. (Use these files: 5 trelos point of view and Yoki) Let’s take a closer look at Trelos and Yoki, Trelos moves into a superior position with Yoki standing right besides him, Trelos sees my buddy AdKode, but pay close attention to Yoki, even before Trelos opens fire, Yoki is already cooking a grenade. I don’t know about you, but I have never seen people coordination their attack so quickly as these 2 guys. It took exactly 4 seconds from the moment that Trelos saw AdKode until Yoki started to cook his grenade, this is extremely fast, knowing that trelos needs about 1 second to turn towards Adkode, he took 2 seconds to explain where he was, and Yoki needed another second to figure out that he had to use his grenade. This results in a perfectly coordinated attack, as soon as trelos see his enemy again, he opens fire and knocks him with a headshot.

Yoki is able to throw is cooked grenade within 2 seconds after trelos knocks AdKode, pretty impressive. His grenade didn’t land in the perfect location but it was definitely good enough to take away more than half of AdKode’s health, leaving me almost no time to revive him. But there is a third guy still in play isn’t it, and that is Gr3gori, he heard Trelos as well, and he also decides to throw 2 grenades, but he doesn’t aim directly at AdKode, I don’t think this was a coincidence. I believe that he was throwing his grenades at the possible location of the last guy standing, which was me. Could I have been where he was throwing his nades, jep absolutely.

Even if he didn’t hit me, he took a chance, which could have worked out, but more importantly he is adding to the pressure that their team is applying to our time. They want this win, sooner rather than later, and they are playing very aggressively in order to walk away with their dinner. The only mistake that they made so far was that Trelos got too eager and he wanted to finish off AdKode no matter the cost, and he got knocked because of his greed.

You can’t really blame him for it, it’s part of their strategy to play aggressive, and moving in for the kill makes sense, you don’t want to give the enemy team the chance to revive a player, we all get that, but today, he had to pay the price for it. Gr3gori, made a great move throwing his nades while he was running towards Trelos in order to pick him up. Unfortunately for their team, Yoki decided to make a mistake, he jumped over the wall while there was absolutely no need for him to do that based on what just happened and based on where the circle was. He wanted to kill me, but instead he ended up exposing himself and then he ran straight into my crosshairs. All of a sudden it’s a one vs one game, but not for long, Gr3gori bring Trelos back into play and it becomes a 2 v 1.

I’m sure that you paid close attention to what I did, I knocked Trelos when he moved in for the kill, I knocked Yoki when he wanted to seal the deal, but every time I relocated, I kept on moving. I started out inside the compound, then I moved towards the left but I still used the wall for cover, and now I am moving again towards my left. I keep rotating, this is a very important part of my strategy. Movimiento es vida, movement is life, Brad Pitt said it in World War Z, and it is also applicable in Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.

Most of the time, if you keep moving, you will live, your chances will be better because you will keep the enemy guessing. Other words, be unpredictable, and don’t stay in the same spot for too long especially when you are playing against squads who can radio in your location, they can surround you and they will take you out easily. These guys were well coordinated, as you could have seen when the other guy was quick to prepare the nade meant to finish off AdKode. So staying in the exact same spot would have lead to my defeat. Reviving AdKode would have been a bad idea, running over there would have put me in a corner, with little chance to fight back. On top of that, the play area was about to shrink and the building was going to be outside of it.

I couldn’t afford getting caught outside of the play area. So I kept on rotating to the left. Doing that on it’s own wasn’t going to be enough. I needed to cause confusion, I had to apply more pressure on them, they still had the advantage because of their location and because of the fact that they outnumbered me. That is why I decided to throw a smoke grenade right after knocking Yoki, I threw it right in the center of the action because it would allow me to rotate around it. Doing this blocks of their line of sight, it puts pressure on them, they didn’t expect this so it startles them as well. This smoke grenade was crucial to my survival. For some weird reason, Gr3gory decides to make the exact same mistake as Yoki did, and he also jumps over the wall, leading to his defeat.

Now, for the first time, I have the advantage. I turned a 3 vs 1 into a 1 vs 1. Now I finally have a chance to win this game for my squad. But it’s not over yet. I stick to my strategy by rotating around the smoke, I keep moving and I slowly start getting closer to the white circle. Yoki did something remarkable at the same time. First take a look at Gr3gory, he does what 99 percent of gamers would have done. He got knocked, he crawled away in the smoke looking for cover and then he wanted Trelos to pick him up, Trelos was tempted to do that but he made the right decision not to because there was not time. In the meantime Yoki was doing something that I have rarely seen in in a public game, it is something that you only see in esports matches. He crawled towards me, out of the smoke, tracking me and giving intel to his buddies. This is a great play, you make yourself useful even when you are knocked. He realized this pretty quickly after getting knocked.

And he accepted the fact that he wasn’t going to be revived, he sacrificed himself for the team, a very respectable thing to do because he gave valuable intel to his friends. This guy’s reaction time is impeccable, better than most of us and much better than me to be honest. He was lightning fast in getting his grenade ready and he knew very quickly that he wasn’t going to be revived and that he had to track me down. In a way Yoki turned it into a vs 1. Gr3gory could have helped out doing the same thing but he became pretty useless at this point. And now, the final play, the ultimate fight, mano a mano . But take a look at where I am. I am now in a superior position, in fact I am in the same position as the enemy team when the fight began. Basically we swapped positions. They are now on the wrong side of the wall, and they will soon find themselves outside of the blue zone. Trelos decided to fight, trying to revive anybody wasn’t an option anymore. He headed to where Yoki saw me last.

Unfortunately for him, he made a few mistakes while doing so. He gave up his advantage by moving to side of the wall that was going to be outside of the circle. Was he preoccupied trying to find me that he lost sight of the play area. But this meant that I now had the advantage. This is the moment when I heard Trelos his footsteps, I turn around and I aim where I am expecting him to show up. And there he is, we shot at each other, but it wasn’t good enough to make a kill. I knew that the play area was going to force him to climb over the wall, leaving him exposed and unable to fight back, so I made sure that I positioned myself so that I could shoot Trelos when he was at his most vulnerable moment, he figured it out too late, the zone was already causing damage, he is now forced to vault over the wall, straight into my line of sight, and then he dies.

Game over, 3vs1 and they lost their chicken dinner. Did they give it away, or was it tactics that go the better of them? You tell me, share your ideas in the comments, what ruined it for those guys? What would you have done differently if you were them and what would you have done differently if you were me? These were the strategies that I used to overcome a 1 vs 3 disadvantage. I understand that you can’t replicate everything exactly the way that I did it, because every game is different, different location, different equipment etc.

But remember this, movement is life, keep moving, keep the enemy guessing, you have to become a one man army and the enemy has to think that you are everywhere, they have to feel surrounded, intimidated, outgunned, you can do this, believe in yourself and you will win that chicken dinner. By the way guys, the youtube likes, shares and comments are very helpful to me, if you think that this video is worth it, would you mind taking a moment to share, like and comment on this video.

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