1: Northwest 2: Have you seen an aerial landing (means weapons and supplies) 1: I will not be careful on that side For a misunderstanding 2: I’ll push here that person who launches crazy shots 1: That’s right! I’ve dropped 125-5 next to the car for you 2: For a Mistake 1: Yes! Yeah ! I’ll give you the Holster 2: I do not see anyone …….. yes yes 165 degrees south It’s in the street at the top of the blue building! Is he looking at us or what? It moves from left to right Is it scandals? I will 2: I dropped him 1: good! There at the top of the surface 2: to push you guys 2: You killed him or caused him twice.

1: Yes, I hit him twice in the ground To confuse (Shotguns) 2: hit him once … Dropping that person in the surface … to be warned he has the advantage (Bomb) 3: I’ve jumped 2: Damn I’ve saved my life, man (takes his brothers) I finally found ACOG 2: Let me take it 3: Well take it I will lose the person who killed him They talk about looting stuff 1: I’m okay 2: I have money, man 1: I’m good because I have 40 on 89 3: Will I get back to get the car 2: If you want it but we are close to you do not need to 2: Let’s take these things 2: Do you see a boat? In the southwest? From left to right up the coast 2: Is this you in the car? 3: Yes, yes 2: What to do? 2: To control the aerial landing 2: Do you have any kiosks? 3: Yes 2: General Take This Behind You 1: Thank you They talk about weapons and … 3: A bow and a cross for those who want it 2: Yes (gunshots) and to confuse them 2: Person Gallery 3: It’s I’m on the Roof 2: Let me inspect the map 2: This will be a good place to sneeze to go there and you must control that hill Command and Talk 2: That place is good to go 3: 5 seconds to reach 3: Wide and open field! 2: I’ll stay here !! There is a boat there! Let’s go.

The fuel is over anyway 2: Let’s make the boat come out! 3: You can not stand 2: Yes 1: Do you see the car in the southeast? 2: No! Yes Yes 2: A distant person there 3: There’s someone behind the box 2: I know the beat up (with 3 urges) 2: Go up to the hill stop fighting for us to go !! There are people in the boat here 2: I see the car! 1: There’s a person there! 2: Did he hurt you? 1: No 2: Do you see these people ?? Who holds the suppressor ?? 3: Did you kill him? 1: Yes, he’s dead 2: car x4 2: Very good Dear General! General covered me! I’ll spend them! 1: Well 2: There are people in the Northwest compound 2: Christ stops moving! 2: Bleeds more while moving 1: I took a 3 shots shot: this was imminent! 1: Yes 3: It’s the M24 brake 1: That box, which is 30 meters from the field, I think came from the farmhouses 60 meters away 2: Haha !! I’ve been fired !! where are you from ?? 1: I think it’s Class 15 on the hill across the valley 2: He hit the dust 2: Looks like close to the bottom of the hill !! We have to pay anyway 2: Did you find the boat? 1: Yes in front of the coast and there are two people on it 3: Beware of shots from the back 1: Yes 3: They must be behind rocks on the bank of class 105 1: Yes 1: I watch people in houses in the southwest 2: I see the people on the hill there are they dead ??? 3: Yes, he’s dead 2: Ranging anyway 3: I’ll track your back from the people who call us with the brakes 1: Well 2: Okay 2: I wonder if that person who could not rise ?? 1: That’s what I was thinking about 2: He’s wasting his ammunition because he’s stuck !!! The rude person is stuck 1: Yes 3: Through the bombing of his relative 1: I see someone running toward 30 degrees either houses 2 not three people !!! Where is the car? West 2: Car 2x !! 2: A car coming in our direction !! west 2: Burn the car !!! 3: Good good 2: Let me get out of the latter !! You do not have all of them 2: Look behind us !! And watch the dreaded boat !! 1: The Hill !! The hill !! 2: One fell !! 3: What the hell is this !!! 2: All four died! 3: Good 2: General I’m coming I’m coming !! Crest Gtana !! 3: Yes 3: I have no help; 2: Oh my God we’ve destroyed 8 people !! 3: Yes, I say, some of them were killed without help Here I did not understand what they were saying 1: There are 2 per cent 3: These people have extra CAR98 2: There is one here 3: I killed him 2: I saved my life, my son there is one will eat ice cream tonight !! 1: I told you I’m not bad but you never believe me 2: You killed one person Let’s not forget it 2: I need 5-5-6 HAPP 3: I am also 2: Push 1: Northwest 3: My Extra AR Shake 2: Beautiful 1: They’re fighting there 2: Where? Where ? Where ? Where ? 1: Southwest 240 degrees 1: It is very difficult to see behind trees 3: Where is that insect? 2: Next to the car ??? 2: Give me that suppressor 3: I am coming 2: I am coming to you 3: That guy, the car Yeah yeah 3: I have repressed an extra ar on the ground wait wait for me to restore it 2: You fool, we have to pay to the circle 2: They’re all in the hut 1: They must rest there.

2: Hurry up at them 2: Only three people left an easy win we can do you guys and what a fantastic game 2: 150 degree shots on Northeast 3: It’s in the water they laugh 2: There are two other men will be in the hut 3: Yes I see one in the water 2: Watch and examine also And also seeing the tunnel who knows 2: Let me know 1: Northwest Northwest at the edge of the circle 1: See one 2: Is still in the water will come out right ??? 2: O them who are stupid 2: It must be the person who crossed by car 3: There’s only 1 there 2: No 2 and one died 2: Where is it ??? 1: Near the blue circle 2: I’ll call it 2: 1x 3m: A man here is southwest 2: Let’s quarrel with him !! Where are you where is am South West on the edge of the area 2: Bring your moles, boys, (mock the man) 2: Do not launch 3: Should we crawl it like CS 2: Let’s go go 2: I can not hit him

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