I had a pretty sick game with the MK14 the new airdrop Rifle Sniper marksmanship rifle It is absolutely a beast the sks is pretty sick too now that you can get a grip on it Even without a compensator. It almost has no recoil It’s amazing these kills on from the match that you’re about to watch, but hope you enjoy it That’s a good start Thank you very much Level 3 Helmet 2 and an uMp we are ready That’s not him but there’s another guy stepping is he coming in here? Wow, I’m blind…

Hello. How did I not see that guy holy shit? One of those plays where people like damn Fugglet You suck some a$$ man. All right onwards That’s the thing Youtube videos gameplay you just got to go for the action right? That’s what you guys want Yeah, we’re not going to catch that air drop even though. I want a new sniper. We do have an eight-time scope, too So that’d be pretty cool fit Man, we could check the garage and see if there’s a car. Let’s go get with those guys that Sounded like it was coming from up here. I’ve been the blue house oh heresy He probably went down into the town then If you already killed the other guy, there’s no reason for him to stay here Still a little bit of lag With us seemed like it goes away after we’re like 50 players Left it’s just the early game Yeah, oh shit.

Oh God ie Nice he had an sks. It’s so fucking strong if you get it decked out now with new patch that grip Come out please Five minutes you take into loop one house I’ll be waiting here till you come out buddy any day now oh a bye bye What did you have good, sir? Oh, silencer See we’re going to take the important stuff off the umpy dumpy because we have a silencer now noice drop, drop Come on. There we go Got to go fast I don’t know why but I freakin love the bikes in first person There’s so much fun and so risky That’s why they are fun I guess That’s kind of scary Let’s stop over here on this tree so we can sneak up on them Don’t see him.

Oh hello that can’t be him There’s no way. It just landed and the buggy is there no that’s not him oh Oh, yes, first twister. Hello and the other guy See now I love first person because now I have the advantage even though. He’s on a house So I can keep scoping until the peaks and when he peaks I get the first shot pace go back to third person I Mean it’s not like I hate third person, but first person is really enjoyable to me right now Oh Groza here The groza with silencer is the best thing Gotta remember the Ghillie What did you have sir? Huh nothing really? Lets go, oh I’m going to show you guys a trick now Well i’mma show you Prepare your butt cheeks Why you driving towards the water fuckwit.

Yeah There’s something for those of you didn’t know let’s go up into the tower over here and just chill out And never mind that bye-bye If there would have been third person, I’d probably be dead there because they could have spotted me coming. I guess Where to go let’s let’s go to the mountains listen To a cool ass trick on the way Please don’t die Away, we go ah Noice Don’t mind being in the open and first-person at all Because I feel like I have the advantage in a way because I expose myself so I can get information As long as I don’t get one tappped though Where the fuck is that coming from? It’s got to be far away because I couldn’t hear it, silencer. Maybe It’s what in probably the house on the top of it with the roof you know which one. I’m talking about This one down there. No, I don’t see anybody ah there you are Add it up pick it up All right time to go dead.

Oh yes, here we go I don’t know. I feel like I kind of preferred the sks right now over Any other sniper than the M24 and um, AWM. It just feels so strong if you have the attachments that is We do have a Ghillie suit got to remember that Hi Oh free airdrop, there’s nobody here Don’t mind if I do This tap tap tap tap no recoil almost and with a compensator on top of that, that’d be insane oh jackpot All right, I know I talked a lot of good stuff about the SKS but um No, not again this happened to me two minutes ago where I just got the new one and then I died please Don’t loot I’m such a greedy fuck oh, yeah, it has bipods too Did tried once before well twice one with super black, and then one without a scope it seems really strong Yep I prefer right now the bikes over any other vehicle I have such an open view compared to the Dacia – whatever you want to call it Because you’re like boxed in in it in it and here you have it total open view I like it.

Let’s go back to the mountain Now we’re fully decked out Ghillie suit, sniper, groza if somebody comes up close like this chump Here we go What the fuck, holy shit oh we’re gonna be good friends this weapon and I Wow, that double-kill before always shoot the guy like facing you first because the other guy has no clue It does have recoil, I think we got to get these bipods down. Oh yeah that is better It does have a lot of recoil still, a compensator would be nice so far I call it best with a 4x, maybe Like on medium long ish range. No doubt it’s still strong here.

I mean shit Ooh got to makeup I say in first person you always just the guy with a bigger ba- bigger ball Just when I got to talk about ball I can’t say it. The guy with the biggest balls will come out on top if you can keep your calm while taking fire Okay, so a lot of people just Rape their pants when ever they get hit once they’re like okay? I’m dead This this is probably my new favorite weapon right now Where’s that guy? Got to check our back too. Right now It’s just about killing everyone Fuck those bushes Anyone from behind, no Oh, there’s a guys. (gun fire) Lay down you idiot Where’s the other guy? Oh there he is? peek me oh Yes Is that a guy. Oh he’s dead is he? Aight yep he dead There’s probably a guy on top of the garage house over there Where I usually land if I go for vehicles or vehicles. Go for air drops only shit Yeah, there he was Hello, welcome to the death of valley bitch Stop moving like a b- What was that fucking, Military, Swat, Seal, Navy, potato walk? Alright, let’s wait for him to sit behind this tree.

If he does, he does need to push quite a bit No he is going for the hut. Hey, are you going for me? idiot Why would you? You heard I had a Groza It’s like it doesn’t get any harder to kill someone driving straight, at him. Oh well Well, where’s the last guy and there you are ah bye bye. Holy shit that gun is strong.

It was a pretty sick load out to damn.

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