Today, we’re going to be talking about boost in Player Unknowns battlegrounds we got a little bit of a shorter video for you guys today But as always if you check the description of this video I’ll have links to the main parts of it So you can skip around you don’t got to deal with all my nonsense But I did break down all the boost items in this game, and I got the hard numbers for you So let’s jump right into it first off before we go into that I want to actually describe how the boost bar works.

The boost bar is broken up into four different bars each Confer different benefits the first bar like all of the bars in the boost meter give you health regen with the first part giving you 1% of Health every eight seconds the second bar gives you 2% of health every eight seconds the third 3% and the fourth 4% now that eight second tick happens as soon as you consume boost and then every eight seconds thereafter You’re going to notice on this infographic I have here I list, not only the time that a bar will take to deplete, but also the total healing you’re going to Experience per bar. Now that adds up the more bars you gain and if you manage to fill the entire boost bar You’re going to end up healing around 86% of your health. Now only the top two bars within the boost meter actually provide movement speed benefits and those movement speed benefits are actually relatively small: the third bar provides you a 2.5% movement speed buff and the fourth bar provides you a 6.2% movement speed buff It’s small, but it might still save you in the heat of the moment.

So let’s talk about the items you can consume to gain boost in this game. First up We have the energy drink it has an activation time of 4 seconds and once consumed it will give you 40 percent boost That’s going to bring you up to one-and-a-half bars of boost You’ll have boost active for 2 minutes after you consume an energy drink and after those 2 minutes are over you’ll have healed 23 percent of your total health that’s significant because it means if you use a first-aid kit Or bandages to bring yourself up to 75 percent health consuming an energy drink will bring you just shy of Full health however if you want that last little bit of health you’re going to have to consume another energy drink Or you should have just consumed painkillers from the beginning next up we have painkillers they take seconds to consume and once consumed you’re going to get 60% of your total boost bar now It’s going to bring you up to two full bars. It’ll last for three minutes and after those three minutes You’re going to heal for 40% of your health that’s pretty significant.

That’s actually a pretty sizable Heal although it does take three minutes now Please note that both the energy drink and the painkiller will only give you health Regen They will not improve your movement speed at all however you will notice that consuming both Painkillers and energy drinks together will bring you up to a hundred percent I recommend consuming the energy drink after the activation time is shorter So you will be at four tiers of boost for longer than if you consumed the painkiller second and finally we have the adrenaline Syringe sometimes called the adrenaline shot in game It takes 10 seconds to use why it takes 10 seconds to inject yourself with a needle? I’m not super sure of but once you do that you’re going to gain a hundred percent boost That’s a full bar of boost. It’ll be active for five minutes and after those five minutes.

You’re going to have healed for 86 percent of your life that is more healing than a First-Aid kit even provides Not only with the adrenaline syringe will you get that massive health Regen But you’ll also get bonus movespeed as you go through both the fourth tier and the third tier I’m going to go ahead and throw up a comparison of sprinting on the screen right now That will show side by side the difference Between both third tier fourth tier and no tiers of boost the Sprint speed differences there again with the fourth tier being a percent Moving speed increase and the third tier being a percent moving speed increase and these do affect all forms of movement Not just sprinting but for the sake of the comparison We’re just going to look at sprinting and finally I’m going to throw up all this information and a really easy to compare Graphic that we got right here.

So you can take a look at how they all compare to each other There’s no real secret here the bottom line is this the better Consumable you have the better the effects it might not always be advisable to use a painkiller or an adrenaline syringe if you’re just trying To top yourself off after using a first-aid kit but for the most part the better the Consumable the better the effect the longer you’ll have boost active for the more you’ll heal for and in many cases the faster You’ll move I want to give a shout out to battle Nonsense who I reached out to on Twitter who gave me some suggestions for graphics I want to personally thank Jessica [Schwarz] for her help with the graphics that you’ve seen this video if you guys like what you see, please subscribe We’re going to be doing way more ocd content.

We still have all the ocd content We’ve done so far shotguns pistols a whole bunch of them. We’ve got more myths tested come up If there’s anything you want to see if there’s anything I got wrong in this video leave a comment here Check the description for my twitch check the description for the forum where I collate all this information for guys I’m MagnumDopus keep crunching those numbers.

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