Today, we’re going to be talking about the brand new p 18 C in Player unknowns battlegrounds I got the footage and broke it down for you guys We can take a look at this machine pistol and determine where it excels and where it falls short the p 18 c fires nine-Millimeter ammo it only deals 19 damage that is not only the least damaging pistol It’s the least damaging gun in the entire game It can be fired single fire or full auto making it the only pistol capable of being fired full auto And if you’re firing it in full auto, it’s capable of delivering a thousand rounds per minute That’s a shot every point zero six seconds now It’s not the easiest to control as you can see from these clips here And if you are firing full auto you are going how to fight it to stay on Target. It has a capacity of 17 rounds per magazine if you compare that to all the other pistols that do not have extended magazines on them It is the largest magazine in the pistol class and if you get your hands on an extended capacity magazine it bumps that up to 25 rounds per magazine and again that is the Largest magazine in the pistol class a full reload with this weapon is going to take about two seconds And if you have a round left in the chamber a tactical reload is going to take seconds that falls in line with the P90 – and the p 1911 almost perfectly And if you manage to get your hands on a quick-draw magazine you’re going to see that standard 30% reload time reduction a full reload dropping to seconds and a tactical reload dropping to seconds and Obviously if you can manage to get your hands on an extended quick-draw magazine that is the best of both worlds And you should absolutely Equip that to your pistol now with this update the p 18 C as well as the P90 2 and the p 1911 can now all equip red dot optics onto the gun only the red dot is allowed no other optics can be mounted to the weapon and Unfortunately the revolver is still left out in the cold It is the only pistol now that cannot mount any optics and if you throw that on the p 18 C you’re going to see your ad s speed increase by a factor of 20% So now let’s talk about this weapon at range its sound Profile and how much you’re going to have to lead targets this weapon is zeroed at 25 meters as a standard for all pistols.

It has a muzzle velocity of 375 meters per second that’s pretty quick for a pistol, but it’s about in line with submachine guns and it’s about half that of the muzzle velocity of Ars and Sniper rifles really the max range of this pistol is going to be about a hundred meters? You might be able to get some lucky shots off past that but because it can only mount red dot as it’s optics Landing a shot past 100 meters is very difficult So we’re only going to take a look at that for leading and as you can see here at about 100 meters with a red Dot sight you’re going to have to leave about this much to consistently hit your target running in a full sprint Perpendicular to you now at that range your weapon is only going to deal 15 damage it already dealt a small amount of damage at 19 up close and at a hundred meters it falls off to 15% damage that is a very small amount of damage It’s really hard for me to verify damage numbers at a range past 100 meters.

Well to Webmin as I discussed before but if we assume a similar fall-off profile then after around 450 meters it’s possible this weapon simply does no damage at all and Finally let’s take a look at the sound of this weapon if you do not have anything Equipped on the muzzle of this weapon it can be heard from about 350 meters Away, it’s about the same sound profile the ump I suspect all the weapons chambered for nine-Millimeter have this similar sound profile, but around 350 meters You will not really be able to hear this weapon and Anything below that Distance you will slowly begin to hear it until it gets louder and louder and we’re going to go ahead and listen to a sound Of this weapon unsuppressed filing at range, so you might be able to identify it in-game And if you put a suppressor on this weapon, you will not be able to hear it firing at a hundred meters Yes much like the ump this weapon is silent at a hundred meters Anything before that and you will hear it firing though It will be a different softer sound than if it were unsuppressed, but this makes this weapon again a very powerful Stealth weapon, I’ll go ahead and throw it up So you can hear what that weapon sounds like firing at range so perhaps in game you can identify a suppressed p 18 C And as always with the suppressor and in this side by side You’ll see it completely eliminates the muzzle flash of this weapon, so what’s the takeaway here guys? What’s the conclusion as always the p 18 C seems like a very viable CQC weapon that is close quarters combat if you turn a corner And somebody gets a jump on you if you hose them down in full auto this weapon puts a lot of rounds downrange Very quickly now it does do very limited damage if you come across somebody who has armor it is going to take a ton of Bullets to kill that person unless you are consistently hitting them in the head I don’t really see this weapon as having a place in any real ranged combat It is very limited as many of the pistols are and its capabilities at range But up close this weapon could save your life and with the newest changes the pistols being that they can be drawn Faster if you do run out of ammo in a close-quarters fight from your primary it may be smarter to switch to a secondary especially if you have this weapon then it would be to merely attempt to reload your primary and continue the fight with that weapon and Finally if you can manage to get your hands on an extended capacity magazine that is going to really significantly Increase your capacity from 17 to 25, I’d say it’s the smarter over the quick-draw But of course if you can get an extended quick-draw that’s going to be the preferable magazine attachment to put on this weapon I want to give a big shout-out to lazy gun eight who helped me collect this footage And I also want to give a big shout-out to pub g dot me Who helped me get a lot of the hard numbers that you’ve seen in this video here today check them out guys They’ve got great statistics, and I got great news guys I managed to get access to a custom server So I’m going to try and get a bonus episode out on the groza as soon as I possibly can Leave a comment.

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