Knowing where to shoot your enemy is basic knowledge for a pro player. In most games this means going for headshots, including player unknown’s battlegrounds. But what if you don’t have the opportunity to go for those headshots, then what do you do? The answer to that seems obvious, you shoot him in the chest right? What if I told you that you are sometimes better off to shoot him in the arms or the legs, and by doing so, that you will be able to kill him faster. Do you believe me? Well, I will prove that to you in this video, but first I will have to show you the new in depth stats for all the assault rifles. Let’s start with the power rating or the hit damage. The AKM is the most powerful assault rifle in battlegrounds because every bullet can deal 48 damage to your enemy.

This means that if you decide to shoot your next opponent in the chest, that he or she will lose 48 health. This is only true if that person isn’t wearing any body armor. The M416, the M16a4 and the scar l all have the same power rating, 41 to be precise. This is our basic starting point. Now, what if your enemy was lucky enough to find some form of protection, as you could have guessed, your power rating of 48 isn’t going to cause a loss of 48 health anymore.

If you are facing a guy with level 1 body armor then your bullet will only cause 70% of damage of your initial power rating, in other words 70% of 48 is and this is the amount of health that your victim is going to lose. A level 2 body armor vest is able to absorb even more damage, and you will only be able to cause 60% of damage, and that is 28.8. This means that you will now have to fire 4 bullets if you want to kill an enemy with a level 2 vest. If your enemy has the highest level of protection then you can only cause 45% of damage and that is only for the akm. This means that you will now have to shoot him 5 times. The same damage reduction applies to the other weapons, so our chart that shows us how many bullets it takes to kill is pretty straight forward. Most of the time you will have to fire one more bullet with one of the other rifles, except when your enemy isn’t wearing any body armor at all. This is the easiest way to remember the difference. But wait a minute, a great player like yourself always goes for headshots right, because then you can take advantage of a 250% damage multiplier.

That one bullet that was able to cause 48 damage, now causes 120 damage, so it definitely pays off to go for those headshots. If we apply this damage multiplier then we get the following chart. but remember, the same damage reduction is applied for each level of protection. So as you can see, you will only need 1 headshot to kill a guy who didn’t find a helmet, you will need 2 headshots to kill a guy who is wearing a helmet, and if you are using the m416, the m16a4 or the scar l then you will need to fire one extra bullet if your enemy is wearing the best helmet in the game.

The akm on the other side can still finish him off with only 2 headshots. If you ever have to shoot a guy who is hiding behind a tree, I mean, you would never do that right, you’re not a coward, then sometimes you will only be able to see his arm or his leg, in that case you will suffer from a 50% damage reduction, so our 48 initial damage is now reduced to only 24. So we end up with the following chart. This means that all assault rifles need 5 arm or legs shots to kill because the M416, the M16a4 and the scar l can still cause damage points, which means that they also need 5 arm or leg shots to kill. You would think that this doesn’t really matter but things will become clear when I bring back the damage chart of the assault rifles with the lowest amount of damage. There is one important thing that I want to show you, and that is the number of bullets that you need to kill a guy who is wearing the highest level of body armor.

Before I show you the chart, I will ask you one question. Do you think that you’re better of shooting him in the chest or in the arm? I’m sure that you thought that shooting him in the chest was the fastest way to kill him, but let’s bring back that chart. As you can see, you are better off shooting this guy in the arms or the legs, because you will be able to kill him faster, you will only need 5 bullets instead of six.

Most people, and by that I mean more than 99 percent of the people who play battlegrounds, aren’t aware of this because this isn’t exactly obvious. But now you know and now you can take advantage of this when the opportunity presents itself. This is the fastest way to kill a level 3 guy if you can’t go for headshots. If you were watching closely then you must have noticed the fact that you can deal more damage per bullet with the akm when you shoot a level 3 armor guy in the arm or leg compared to shooting him in the chest. The same is valid for the M416, the m16a4 and the scar l. The ability to kill your enemy faster than he can kill you is crucial to your survival and for your chicken dinner so use this information to your advantage.

I will always try to shoot a guy, who is wearing the best vest in battlegrounds, in the arms or the legs, not just because I can kill him faster but because of the extra benefit of being able to steal his undamaged vest so that I can absorb more damage myself. Well, unless I end up playing against you. Let’s continue with the stats because there are a few things that I want to show you. Besides a difference in hit damage, there is also a difference in initial bullet speed.The akm is the slowest in this regard, it only has an initial bullet speed of 715 meters per second.

The m16a4 is the best with 900, then the m416 with 880 and then there is the scar l with 870. This means that you will have to lead your target a lot more with the AKM, compared to the other weapons and this can make it more difficult for you to make those long range kills. There is also a time difference between shots second for the akm, 0.096 for the scar, 0.086 for the m416 and 0.075 for the m16a4. This means that you can fire more than 10 bullets per second with the m16a4 and only with the scar l. The result of these stats is the fact that you can deal more damage per second with the m16a4. Unfortunately for the scar l, it has the lowest dps rating. Most people love the scar l because the weapon is very easy to use. The scar l has better stats for spread, deviation and recoil and that makes this weapon more user friendly. I will highlight the main differences for you.

The akm suffers from a lot of base spread, 6 compared to only 4 for the m416 and the scar l and 5 for the m16a4. This trend continues when you look at the difference in spread for when you’re use the targeting mode when you hold your right mouse button or for when you aim down sights. The deviation for the scar l is also a lot better than the other weapons and it doesn’t suffer as much from recoil. There is one more difference that I want to point out and that is the reload time. The akm is by far the worst weapon to reload, it will take exactly seconds for an empty reload and seconds for a reload with bullets left. The other weapons do a lot better, they can complete a reload with bullets left in only seconds.

The m16a4 and the scar l can do an empty reload in seconds and the m416 does the same in only seconds, and that is a massive difference when you compare that with the akm. If you find a 4 times, 8 times or 15 times scope, then you will also be interested in the difference in zeroing range. The akm can go up to 400 meters, the m16a4 up to 500 and the m416 together with the scar l can go up to 600 meters. The most important thing to remember from this video is that you should go for the arms or the legs against a guy with good armor, if you can’t go for those headshots, this will allow you to kill him a lot faster and it will allow you to steal his undamaged equipment.

It’s a win win situation and this way you can outsmart every opponent and you can increase your chances of getting your next chicken dinner. While you are here why don’t you increase your chances of getting that chicken dinner even further by checking out one of these videos? As you know the Youtube likes and shares are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in battlegrounds.

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