Welcome to the September update for Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. This massive 5GB patch brought a lot of changes and improvements and today I will show you all of them. Let’s start with the mini-14. This semi-automatic marksman rifle is the new weapon that came with this patch. The mini 14 is a weapon manufactured by Storm, Ruger and Co. It resembles a smaller version of the M14, hence the name, mini-14.

Luckily we don’t have to chase the airplane for this one, you may find it lying around all over the map, which is awesome. It uses the same 5.56mm cartridges as the m416, m16a4 and the scar l. So it makes sense to collect a decent amount of ammo in case you find it or if you rip it out of the hands of your cold dead enemy. You can use most sniper rifle attachments for the muzzle and for the magazine. I will do a full review about this weapon so make sure that you keep an eye on the channel so that you will be the first one to get access to all the stats. They did manage to confirm already that it has lower damage stats than other designated marksman rifles but it has a higher muzzle velocity and a low bullet drop. You will now have the chance to play in foggy weather.

Actually, it’s only a small chance because it only has a low probability to occur. I think that your chances of getting rainy weather or fog now have the same probability, at least that will give you a reference. If you didn’t know, fog will limit your line of sight. Good luck trying to spot an enemy in an open field like this one. I have to say the new background noise or environmental noise is perfect for this kind of weather. A new town has been added, it’s called Kameshki and you may find it to the east of Stalber.

You will always find a lot of people over here because everybody wants to check out this city. A lot of guys loved the fact that they had the option to change the crosshair in Battlefield and in many other games. From today we can also do that in battlegrounds. You can select from a lot of different colors, so feel free to choose your favorite color. If you use the zeroing feature a lot then you can now easily reset it back to the default value by using a mouse wheel click. You can now double tap for leaning or peeking. If you press and hold Q or E then everything will be still as it was before, but if you then double tap then you will keep leaning to that side. The visual transition that you see when you release your freelook button has been improved and we can now choose to keep the freelook interpolation or not.

You can also choose not to see your inventory character, you can replace it with this plain image, you can do this by changing the inventory screen character render in the gameplay options. We can now also use a specific key bind so that we can differentiate between using painkillers, an energy drink or adrenaline. On top of that we now have a key bind that allows us to automatically select the consumable with the biggest healing powers, it’s called Use Heal Item. If you have a med kit then this will be used first, if not then it will use a first aid kit, if you don’t have that it will use bandages. The crossbow received a buff to it’s reload speed and it will now do that 35% faster. You will no longer find the tommy gun in the care packages, instead you will find it lying around in building like many of the other weapons and you can now use a silencer, a vertical fore grip and the standard magazines.

Weapons with a high horizontal recoil now have an improved horizontal recoil scale. The grenades just became a lot more lethal, this will make it easier for you to kill but also to get killed. You will find a great video on how to use and throw the grenades for maximum effect over here, and I will also put the link to that guide in the video description. They recently increased the injury range and also t he lethal range, this means that a grenade that wasn’t able to cause damage before, now has a better chance of hurting your opponent. I think that a lot of people didn’t know how to use these grenades and this is probably why they decided to make them more user friendly. Every throwable has a built in timer of 5 seconds, we all used this to cook our grenades for example.

If you decide to use a flash grenade then make sure that you are aware of the fact that the fuse time has been adjusted to only seconds, the last thing that you want is for it to blow up in your hands and blinding yourself. I think that this was done in an effort to convince more people to use them but still it is super easy to avoid these things because all you have to do is to look the other way.

I still feel that this is the most useless throwable in battlegrounds and that is why I will never carry one in my loadout. The cooking of grenades is now done manually, and for that you will have to press the R or Romeo key by default, if you do it the old way then you won’t cook the grenade, you will just pull the pin. The animation of throwing the grenades has been improved and this allows for greater speeds and more accurate trajectories. This means that your movement speed now affects the trajectory as well. The visual trajectory distance has been decreased, and it seems that the red indicator now overestimates your throwing capabilities, it’s only accurate up to a certain distance. You can now also toggle the throwing mode between rolling and the standard overhead throw by clicking the right mouse button As some of you know already, it pays off big time to lean to the right instead of leaning to the left.

Your exposure was more than 10 times smaller if you leaned to the right side and now they decided to do something about it because the difference was incredibly big. Another great change is the fact that you can regenerate your breath gauge while sprinting. Just to be clear, you won’t be able to sprint immediately after you use up all the oxygen in your lungs. It will take a few seconds before your breath starts to regenerate and this is the moment that you now can start sprinting while your are regenerating your breath. You will also stop learning when you start sprinting but only if you did not use ads.

You may now also change your stance while reloading, this will not cancel the reload animation anymore. Marking your own position on the map is done by pressing insert, it’s a great way to inform your buddies about the location of a certain weapons that you don’t need yourself or if needed you can make your own position if you ever need their help, but a great player like yourself will never need help so be prepared to help others instead, so ask your buddies to mark their position so that you can do what you do best. A new set of rules has been implemented to prevent idle players from earning Battle Points. I don’t think that it affects any of you guys because I’m sure that none of you tried to abuse the system that. However they decided to do something about that. I never thought it was necessary because there are always a few guys who make a sport out of it to kill all the idle players anyway. If you get knocked out while underwater, you will now see a breath gauge and you will take additional damage over time, which makes sense.

A few sounds were added as well and you will now hear various sounds when a collision between characters or vehicles occurs. You will hear a new sound when you remove the safety pin of a grenade and when using a consumable. The only thing to watch out for is that the audible range of breaking a window or reloading has been changed. Speaking about reloading, if you decide to loot with a right click then you will cancel the reload, so we can’t use this tactic anymore. For the guys who decided to bind different actions on a single key, you will not be please to know that you are no longer able to do that.

And finally we now have leaderboards for the first person mode. Unfortunately, we did not receive the much awaited vaulting update yet. They decided to postpone that because they want to test it for a longer period of time. We might have the chance to try it out for a short while in October, I will definitely update you as soon as this has been confirmed. Later this month you may also expect an announcement that confirms the official launch date of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds. Most likely this will be some time in December of this year. Battlegrounds now runs better on lower end pc’s than before, basically the buildings, shadows and server performance was improved. It was decided to synchronize the distance at which shadows are rendered for all graphics settings, this means that we can’t benefit from this setting anymore so keep it in mind when you watch the video that I made earlier about the best graphics settings for PUBG.

At least you were able to use it in your advantage for the last 5 months. These were all the changes that came with the September update for player unknown’s battlegrounds. You may find the link to the grenade video and the patch notes in the video description and by the way guys the youtube likes, shares and comments are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, then please take a moment to like, share and maybe even post a comment on this video. If you haven’t done so already, then please subscribe. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds mini 14. Battlegrounds mini 14.

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