Welcome to the Mini-14 in player unknown’s battlegrounds. The september update brought us a lot of good things, including this new beast of a weapon. Today we will take a closer look at the stats so that you can take advantage of this gun on your way to your next chicken dinner. Luckily we don’t have to chase the airplane anymore because this weapon spawns randomly around the map. It resembles a smaller version of the M14, hence the name, mini-14. The initial damage is only 44, which is low for a weapon that belongs to the sniper rifles in battlegrounds. Damage wise this weapon is slightly better than the vss which has a damage rating of 38, and it is slightly worse than the sks, with a damage rating of 55. The initial bullet speed is amazing, 990 meters per second, that is even better than the AWM which only has an initial bullet speed of 910 meters per second. This puts the mini 14 near the top of the food chain, making it an extremely user friendly weapon because the bullet drop is almost negligeable compared to most of the other weapons.

The time between shots of second is acceptable,only the kar 98 k, the m24 and the awm have a larger time between shots. The magazine size is good as well and you will be able to fire 20 bullets before you have to reload. This takes seconds for a tactical reload and 3.6seconds for a full reload, which is slightly faster than the mk14 ebr. If you prefer to use the zeroing range then you will not be pleased to know that you can only go up to 600 meters. Both the sks and the mk14 can go up to 800 meters and for a weapon that barely has any bullet drop, it’s a bit disappointing. There is only one firing mode and that is semi-automatic. The mini 14 used the same 5.56mm cartridges as some of the assault rifles. Which will make your life a lot easier. The base spread is amazing as well, it has a rating of 5 which is at least 2 points lower than all the other sniper rifles.

This means that you can accurately fire consecutive rounds at your next favorite victim. The low amount of recoil that you will experience will help with that as well. As you know, you can improve the magazine by attaching an extended magazine, this will allow you to fire 30 bullets instead of 20. It speaks for itself that you can also attach a quickdraw and an extended quickdraw magazine for sniper rifles. You can also use the standard muzzle attachments like the suppressor, the flash hider and the compensator. The sound of the suppressor surprised me the first time because the sound is not what you would expect. So just to familiarize yourself with it I will show you what it sound like under normal circumstances and I will show you what the difference is when you have a suppressor attached.

You can attach all scopes and sights that you can find but you cannot attach a cheek pad for example because there is no slot available for that. Let’s see how it performs. 3 body shots is all you need to kill your opponent. In that case that your enemy has found some body armor, then you will need a fourth bullet to kill him by shooting hit at his level 1 vest, the same is valid if he was wearing a level 2 vest and you will need six shots if he managed to find the best vest in battlegrounds. If you aim at the poor guy’s head then you will be able to kill him faster of course. One headshot is all it takes to kill, you will need 2 headshots if he is wearing a level 1 helmet or a level 2 helmet. And the best helmet requires one extra bullet. Let’s do a full comparison with the sks, because both of them are extremely similar, that way you will know which weapon that you should keep and which one you should swap. The sks wins against the mini 14 when you look at the hit damage, 55 vs 44.

But it loses the initial bullet speed contest big time with only 800 meters per second vs 990. The time between shots is worse for the mini-14, second vs seconds. The sks has 10 bullets in one magazine and the mini has 20. Unfortunately, it takes longer for the mini 14 to reload but then again, you have double the magazine size so in a way it wins this round. The sks can complete a full reload in only seconds while the mini needs 3.6, when we look at the tactical reload time then we can see a similar story, 2.350 seconds vs seconds.

The mini 14 has a much lower base deviation of 5 compared to 7 for the sks and both of them can only be used in single fire. Let’s take a look at the body shot and headshot damage chart. The sks needs 2 body shots to kill and the mini 14 needs one more bullet. Both of them need one extra bullet against a level 1 vest but the sks also needs a fourth bullet against a level 2 vest. So here they are equal. The sks needs 5 bullets against the best vest in battlegrounds but the mini 14 needs 6 in order to kill the same guy. They both need 1 headshot to kill and 2 headshots against a level 1 or a level 2 helmet.

The sks can still kill the best helmet with the same amount of shots, but the mini needs one extra bullet against that same helmet. Both of these weapons have advantages and disadvantages. Overall I find the mini 14 to be more user friendly because of the extremely low bullet drop and large magazine size, but the sks is able to kill faster. I love the fact that they decided to make this weapon available to everyone. No need to chase the airplane, just try to find it or steal it from somebody else. At least this gives everybody the chance to play with the new weapons, because that’s what it’s all about when they add a new one to the game.

I hope that this video will guide you towards your next chicken dinner with the mini-14, and if you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? I read all the comments so feel free to leave me a message as well. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in battlegrounds.

Player unknown’s battlegrounds mini 14. Battlegrounds mini 14.

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