The PC release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds made huge changes to the game’s ballistics. All guns are set apart from each other thanks to individual weapon class modifiers. They also added Hit Area Damage modifiers on top of this so that each specific part of the body will take different amounts of damage. The new formula for damage calculation is now more complex than ever before. Because of this, we will revisit our favourite weapons and check out how the PC release has changed them. Today, we are going to look at assault rifles and compare them side by side. I will show you all the important stats and values to help you pick the right assault rifle for every situation. Later I will make an individual updated weapons guide covering each assault rifle in greater detail. First we will have to discuss the new damage modifiers, namely the Weapon Class Damage and the Hit Area Damage. All the Assault Rifles have a weapon class damage modifier of 230% for damage to the head, 100% for damage to the torso, and 90% for damage to the limbs. Thanks to the Hit Area Modifier, the damage will not be the same throughout the entire torso.

While shots to the belly button area deal 90% damage, shots to the collarbone and everywhere else in the abdomen will deal 100% damage. Naturally, shots to the chest will deal more damage at 110%. The limbs and even the head also have their own values. The Biceps and Thighs take 60% damage. The Forearms and Shins take 50% damage. The hands and feet take the least amount of damage at 30%. The values for damage to the limbs might be very low, but they do not get reduced when a player wears armor because vests can only protect the torso.

The head might have a constant value of 100% hit area damage, but the neck only takes 75%. This is important to take note of because helmets in the game now protect the neck as well. All of these values will play a huge part when we compare these guns. We will first start comparing these guns in terms of raw damage output. The good news is that assault rifles that fire the same bullet also deal the same raw damage per shot.

The AUG A3, M16A4, M416, and SCAR L all fire rounds and are rated at 44 damage, just for info this number was brought up from 41 to 44, so they deal more damage now. Without armor, shooting at the belly button area will deal damage. The abdomen and collarbone areas will take 44 while the chest takes damage. It will take 3 body shots to kill an unarmored target with any of these guns. With Level 3 armor on, you will generally need 6 body shots to make a kill. The exception for this is if you always hit the chest, because you will only need 5.

Shooting at an unprotected head will deal 1damage for a one shot kill, but you will need an extra shot if you hit the neck as it will only take damage. With a Level 3 helmet on, both the neck and the head of your target will take three shots before he dies. The bicep and thigh areas take damage and need 5 shots for a kill, the forearms and shins take and need 6 shots, and finally the hands and feet take damage and need 9 shots. This is a lot of info, and we are just getting started. Just try to remember the key points, and know that you should always try to aim at the head or the upper torso. The Groza and the AKM both have a damage rating of 49. These assault rifles used to be rated at 48 damage, so they were buffed up slightly when the game was fully released. Unarmored, a target will take damage to the belly button area. The abdomen and collarbone areas take damage while the chest takes more than half of a health bar away from your enemy because that area takes 53.9.

Aim for an unprotected chest with these guns and you will only need two shots to kill. With a level 3 armored target, you will consistently need 5 bodyshots for a kill. Without a helmet, one headshot will deal 1damage and instantly kill. A neck shot needs one extra bullet because it only deals 84.5. With a level 3 helmet on your enemy, you will have to make sure you land one extra shot for a kill. Bicep and Thigh areas take damage and need 4 shots to kill. The Forearm and Shin areas take and need 5 shots, while the hands and feet take and need 8 shots.

So far we’ve talked about damage for an individual shot, but that’s not the only criteria that determines how powerful a weapon truly is. We also have to take into account the rate of fire or ROF, which refers to how fast a gun can spit out bullets. Now we have to talk about these guns individually because they don’t all deal the same damage per second. To measure DPS or damage per second, we will assume that all of the shots hit the target in the same part of the body. The AUG A3 shares the same DPS with the M416 because they both have the same ROF at 0.086 seconds per shot, or around 11 shots per second. This is a slight increase from their previous ROF of 0.09s.

Since they both have the same damage rating of 44, they will both deal 513 damage per second. You might think that the guns are equal in damage, but they are not. The AUG A3 needs seconds to reload, while the M416 only needs 2.1. Taking this into account and assuming that the guns don’t have extended magazines will give us the Sustained DPS or just SDPS for short. This is where the AUG A3 falls short at 212 SDPS, while the M416 beats it at 283. Looking at the SCAR L, things don’t seem to be looking too good. It has the lowest fire rate of all the ARs at 0.096 seconds per shot, and it used to be when it first came out. These days the gun can shoot about 10 shots per second. That’s why the SCAR L can only deal 458 DPS. Luckily the SCAR L does take only seconds to reload, allowing it to deal 260 SDPS. The M16A4 seems to be a great weapon when it comes to damage over time.

With its ROF at 0.075 seconds per shot, or at least 13 shots per second, the gun boasts a DPS rating of 587. Its fire rate used to be at seconds per shot, so it definitely got a buff. It also reloads quickly at seconds, resulting in 297 SDPS. The only catch is that this gun cannot fire in full auto. While the delay between bursts is the same value as the delay between shots, you’ll have to keep tapping the weapon to enjoy the fastest rate of fire among all of the assault rifles.

The AKM might have joined the Groza in boasting high single shot damage, but it fires very slowly at seconds per shot. Shooting 10 bullets per second, the AKM is rated at 490 DPS. If we limit guns to just one magazine, the AKM can out damage the SCAR L over time. The bad news is that the AKM takes seconds to finish reloading. This makes its SDPS lower than the SCAR L at 249.

The Groza has better damage over time stats than it’s fellow Care Package exclusive AUG A3. Not only does it share a high damage rating with the AKM, but its ROF clocks in at seconds per shot. Being able to shoot about 12 shots per second allows it to deal 613 damage in the same period of time, scoring higher than the M16A4. Unfortunately, it does need 3 seconds to reload, so an sdps of 272 is not better than the m16a4’s sdps of 297. If you’ve already decided that the M16A4 or the Groza is the best gun in the game, don’t. All of these assault rifles have their own Spread ratings, so some of these guns are harder to control than others. The higher the spread rating, the more you have to move the mouse down as you fire, so that you can keep hitting the target. That’s not the only stat that will affect your aim though. The range stat of a gun determines how far a target can get before your shots become ineffective.

Higher range stats mean that you can effectively shoot at targets from greater distances. The Bullet Speed rating determines how fast your shot will fly. The slower the Bullet Speed, the more you have to lead target. And then there is the biggest mystery in Battlegrounds, the damage drop. If you are trying to make a long range kill, then you bullet will now lose damage over time, meaning that your bullet that can cause 44 damage points, will no longer do that when it hits a target standing 500 meters away from you.

Unfortunately, nobody knows exactly how much this damage drop off is. Some guys give examples using real world calculations but nobody knows for sure. So for now, until we have figured out a way to show you the damage drop, we will leave it out of the equation. Just remember that it exists, and that it will affect you. When we speak about recoil, then I’m sure that the AKM comes to mind. This gun shares its Spread rating with the Groza at 0.15. Both these guns have a significant upward kick, so be ready to bring your mouse down as soon as you pull the trigger. Neither of these guns can attach foregrips or stocks, so you’ll always be dealing with the recoil in full force. They also share the same bullet speed with 715 meters per second and they have the same range rating of 380.

Not only do you have to deal with a strong recoil, but you also have to lead your target a lot more compared to some of the other guns. The SCAR L and the AUG A3 both have the same spread rating of and a 350 meter range rating. The difference is that the AUG A3 has the fastest initial bullet speed among all assault Rifles with 940 meters per second. The SCAR L has the lowest bullet speed of all the ARs at 870, but it is still way easier to lead targets with the scar than with the AKM. If you get used to firing the SCAR L, you’ll also find it similarly easy to use an unmodified M416. It has a spread rating of like the SCAR L, but the M416 is just slightly better at longer distances. It has a 360m range rating and it has an initial bullet speed of 880, you’ll have a slightly easier time making long range shots with this gun. The stock give the m416 the edge, the additional recoil reduction makes it more solid and well rounded compared to the SCAR.

The M16A4 looks like it can hold its own at long range. It has a spread rating of 0.10, a range stat of 400m, and its shots travel at 900 meters per second. Putting Care Package guns aside, that’s the fastest bullet speed of all the assault rifles. The problem is that it’s hard to enjoy these capabilities when you aren’t able to use an 8x scope.

If you really must use this weapon at long ranges, then you’ll have to learn to make good estimates with a 4x scope. These were all the major changes that came with the pc release and with the further updates. I will prepare an in depth video about each assault rifle, with all the new changes and with some tips and tricks on how to use each weapon. So make sure that you keep an eye on the channel so that you are the first to know, or even better yet, make sure to subscribe and you will always be the first to know.

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