I’m Mack, for Pixel Enemy, here taking a must-needed break from playing PUBG to, well, talk about PUBG. The details for this month’s PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds update have dropped, and man, there’s a lot of changes to discuss! Along with the usual Dacia-load of optimizations on the server and client sides, the recently announced MK14 EBR has now been added to the game. This DMR is available only via Care Packages, but if you grab it, you’ll be wielding a weapon that uses the common 7.62mm rounds, and which can be further pimped out with sniper rifle attachments. Pull a John Travolta or Nick Cage with the two new face presets and hairstyle customization for both genders. Moving onto gameplay tweaks, there’s this big one: “Added 1st Person server options to NA and EU Solo and Duo game modes.” That promises to make things very interesting indeed. And yes, this comes bundled with an FOV slider! A new feature has been added that lets you report players.

So if you spot Dr Disrespect team-killing again… it’s now even easier to exact revenge. New animations for different consumables have been added, so I guess we’ll be seen chugging energy drinks now, which is cool… The VSS has got a game-breaking buff and we should all quit the game now! Only joking, it’s had its reload time increased. As if you’d actually survive getting through that first magazine load! “Players may now re-enter games if they have been disconnected mid-game.” Now this is a good one! Hopefully you appear at the same position and with all the loot you had. The masochists amongst you will be happy to hear that Xbox controllers are now officially supported by the game.

Yay! Two more slight tweaks that are worth pointing out are 1. “The sound difference from inside and outside of buildings is more obvious,” and 2. “Added a slight delay when using the drag-and-drop feature on items in inventory UI.” Noteworthy item and vehicle changes include the addition of a lower rail attachment slot to the SKS, and the slightly reduced time of applying medical resources. Oh, and you can now honk your horn when driving a car! PlayerUnknown has also listed a load of minor UI and Bug Fixes, which you really don’t need to hear me read. Follow the link in the description, if you want to see the entire list. Moving on from the patch, to the controversy surrounding PUBG and micro-transactions. PlayerUnknown gave further details on the upcoming “Crate and Key System,” hoping to clarify things. I’ll quote him verbatim here, just so everything is clear: “Like the current free-to-open system, you will be limited in the number of crates you can receive each week, with the crate prices being reset each Monday.

Currently, this limit is set to 6 crates per week, and you are free to trade them on the Steam Marketplace. I also want to point out that the full cosmetic system is still being discussed internally, and we are taking your concerns into consideration when it comes to the ability to get free cosmetics by playing the game.” Following his statement were images showing the contents of the new “free-to-open” crates: The Survivor Crate and The Wanderer Crate. Not too much to get excited about there, if I’m honest, and I’ll forever be wearing camouflage gear anyway.

And so that’s the fourth PUBG early access update covered. What change are you most happy with? And what do you want to see fixed or added in the next patch? Let us know in the comments down below. If you enjoyed this video, hit the Like button, and be sure to subscribe if you haven’t already. This has been Mack, for Pixel Enemy, goodbye!.

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