Today we are going to bust all the myths surrounding all the different throwables in player unknown’s battlegrounds. I have seen some of the best players making mistakes when they compared grenades with smoke grenades, the truth is that they roll or bounce differently, meaning that you will have to use a different throwing technique for each and every single throwable in battlegrounds. We will also check out how unreliable smoke grenades are, I will show you how to become a sneaky bastard once again and I will give you some tips and tricks on how you can efficiently use them to win your next chicken dinner. I was very impressed to see how much work the developers put in to change to behaviour of all the throwables because most of them have entirely different characteristics.

This became clear to me when I went to the shooting range. The main view that you see now is your view, you will be the one throwing the grenade. I used the third person mode because it’s just easier to show you what is going on. In the top right corner you will see the side view from the right side, pay close attention to this because here you are going to see what happens when your grenade hits the ground.

Every throwable has a built in timer, this allows us to cook our grenades so that we can instantly kill or blind our enemy. After exactly 5 seconds, your item will detonate, so it makes sense to make sure that this is the exact moment that it lands at your enemy’s feet. This is the easy part, and you probably knew this already if you watched one of the first tips and tricks videos. The tricky part is knowing how to throw your item, because they all bounce and roll differently.

Let’s start with the most lethal one, our beloved frag grenade. As you know it relatively round, and this is also the behaviour that you may expect when it hits the ground. Basically it’s a heavy round ball so it will bounce a little bit and then it will roll like any other ball. It rolls relatively far as you can see here. In order to make the perfect throw, you will have to make sure that your grenade hits the ground a few meters before your enemy, so never aim at his feet because you won’t be able to cause any damage that way, the grenade will just blow up behind your enemy and that’s it. When we compare this with the smoke grenades, then you are going to see a very different picture. A smoke grenade isn’t round, basically it’s a cylinder? In other words, just like in real life, and it will bounce differently. When it hits the ground, it will bounce up a lot more compared to the normal grenade. This means that it loses a lot of its forward speed or momentum.

Then it will bounce some more until it comes to rest at a distance much closer to the point where it hit the ground. Let’s say that you want it to detonate at buddy’s feet, then you will have to make sure that you aim much closer to buddy compared to a frag grenade because it just won’t roll that far. The flash bang behaves in a very similar manner as the smoke grenade but it bounces a lot more so it does not roll as much as a smoke grenade, so use the same basic technique as a smoke grenade but aim slightly closer to your enemy. Just make sure that it comes to a rest slightly before your enemy’s feet for maximum effect. A Molotov cocktail is completely different. You are throwing a bottle, and like most bottles, it will shatter immediately when it hits the ground. In the beginning, I thought that you have to aim at your enemy’s feet in order to kill him, but that’s not true.

I threw about 10 Molotov cocktails at this person’s feet and none of them caused any damage. The area of effect of a Molotov cocktail in player unknown’s battlegrounds lies infront the initial impact zone. So never aim at your enemy’s feet, but aim at a point slightly behind him so that he will end up standing in the middle of the effective zone. Having said that, they aren’t very consistent, sometimes when you hit the person with the bottle then the person will suffer damage, but sometimes he or she won’t suffer any damage. For me, a flash bang is the most unreliable throwable in pubg. Sorry that’s not true, let me rephrase that, it the most avoidable item in pubg. It’s very reliable because it will always detonate, the problem is that you don’t know if your enemy managed to avoid it or not.

So far, I have never been successfully flash banged in all these months that I played battlegrounds because all you have to do is to look the other way. That is also the reason why I will never carry them in my load out because you just can’t rely on it to be effective. If you have found a more successful way to use them then please let me know in the comments. Smoke grenades are pretty unreliable as well, sometimes whey will release their smoke cloud in the street itself causing almost no visual effect whatsoever. Having said that, most of the time they still do what they are supposed to do, it just looks different for you compared to what your enemy might see.

On many occasions person A can clearly see the person B but person B cannot see person A. Your chances are better if you keep your distance behind the smoke cloud but be careful because you might think that you are in cover but that’s not necessarily true for everybody’s point of view. Things will get even worse if you decide to stand in your own smoke cloud. You can be completely blinded, while your enemy has a perfectly clear shot on you so avoid this at all costs. All I want to say is that you should use these smoke grenades with caution, because not everything is what it seems. You can mitigate some of the negative effects by deploying multiple smoke grenades in a small area, this will improve your odds of actually blocking your enemy’s view.

Sometimes, the normal grenades can be extremely unreliable as well. I haven’t experienced this myself but about 2 weeks ago, I was watching summit1g on twitch. He was cooking his grenade, aimed at the top window of a building, and the grenade hit the wall right in front of him, he was lucky enough to get out of there in time but he almost killed himself even tho he didn’t do anything wrong. I don’t have any rights to use his footage so I recorded what happened to him myself so that I could show you this but I had to aim down so that the grenade ended up hitting the wall, just to be clear he aimed at the top window, released the grenade and strangely enough it ended up hitting the wall right in front of him.

The only way to avoid this is not to fully cook your grenade so that you still have some time to get out of there in case something unexpected should happen. There is one thing that you should try out if you haven’t done this already, and that is to try and throw a grenade through one of the windows of a concrete shack.

The first time that I tried it I missed because I aimed at the middle of that window, and the same thing will probably happen to you because the grenade doesn’t perfectly follow the red indicator. You will have to aim slightly lower if you are standing this close to the shack. The best thing to do it to aim at the bottom of the window. It’s the easiest way to clear it from camping enemy’s without exposing yourself. There is way to fool your enemy with these throwables but it all depends on the situation. You could call this psychological warfare at it’s best if you can convince your enemy that your harmless smoke grenade is a proper grenade instead. People don’t expect you to throw a smoke grenade at them when there are only 2 guys left alive, you would expect a normal grenade to be coming your way right, and you can take advantage of that.

But once again you will have to become a sneaky bastard. Throw your very dangerous smoke grenade when you are rushing at him, don’t throw it too close to him because then he might be able to see what it is, so throw it slightly further than usual but still close enough for him to think that it can cause damage. The poor guy is going to hit the floor looking for cover thinking that it’s a proper grenade and then he sees the smoke, he realises that he has been fooled, tries to get up in time and then the inevitable will happen. Another chicken dinner thanks to those very lethal smoke grenades. If only we could see the look on his face then this video would be getting over a million views. I’m pretty sure that if you were to throw a smoke grenade into a shack that the guy would run out thinking it’s a proper grenade. Just try it out for yourself and let me know how it went.

This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds. Player unknown’s battlegrounds grenades, battlegrounds grenades, pubg grenades.

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