Welcome to the full hitbox detection video for Playerunknown’s battlegrounds. This video was originally created for eStars and I asked them if I could upload the video here on youtube for you guys. On top of that, they listened to your feedback and they have now decided to make all of my estarz videos free to watch for all of you. They are now available for free on their facebook page and on their website, the link is in the video description. In the meantime enjoy the hitbox detection video for battlegrounds. Welcome to FOG of GAMING and welcome to HITBOX.

Today I will show you everything that you should know about the hitboxes in player unknown’s battlegrounds. I’m sure that you understand that knowing where to shoot your enemy is extremely important for a pro player. The last thing that you want is to waste ammo on something that doesn’t even cause any damage. You want to be 100% sure that when you open fire, that you are going to cause damage. We have all been in a situation where the enemy was hiding behind an object, but you could still see a small part of his body or equipment, I’m sure that you opened fire, not knowing if this actually made sense or not. Maybe you caused damage, maybe not, you probably asked this question many times and today I will provide you with the answer. We will start with taking a look at the general hitbox in battlegrounds, we will then take a look at helmets, vests, backpacks and weapons, last but not least we will check out some of the melee items, including the pan, to see what they can do to save your ass.

This is buddy, boddy volunteered to be abused today. He is going to be our guinea pig. On the right we have pamela, our naked nurse, she will help buddy to get back on his feet when buddy can’t handle it anymore. I will use the ump9 for our torture test, as you know it is zeroed at 100 meters, if we shoot at the wall then we can see that the bullet won’t hit the wall in the exact same spot as the center of our scope. This has to do with the range and the placement of the scope. So focus on the top part of the iron sights, this is the part that we will use to aim and shoot because this is where the bullet will hit the wall and this is also where the bullet will hit buddy. Let’s start with his shoulder, as you can see the first bullets clearly miss his shoulder because that is where we are aiming right now, at some point we are going to hit buddy as we get closer and closer to his shoulder.

So the hitbox around his body is very accurate.I will continue shooting next to his arm and sometimes I will shoot one bullet at buddy so that we are sure that the arm is included in the hitbox. As you can see his upper arm is included, and the same is valid for this his forearm. Let’s keep on going lower and lower, I will now shoot at the wrist, and yes this is still included in the hitbox. Let’s give buddy a change to recover from his torture and let’s patch him up before we continue. So far everything was exactly as we expected it to be, even his hand is include, untill we go lower, when I shoot at his fingers, then nothing happens. No matter what I do, the bullets seem to fly through his fingers.

This is the first discovery that we made so far, the whole arm is included in the hitbox, except for his fingers. Remember this because it will help you later when we check out what happens if you shoot his weapons. You now have a good idea of how this works, so I will go a little bit faster. Everything makes perfect sense until you reach his utility belt.

No Matter what you do, you will not be able to cause any damage. I emptied an entire magazine on this thing and it does nothing at all. Not even 1 bullet managed to cause any damage until you start shooting at his leg. So never shoot at the utility belt unless your bullet will also hit his body if you are shooting at him sideways for example. The rest of his leg is exactly as you would expect, they even included a small bump for his knee. You can even shoot him in the foot and the toes are included as well. Basically what you see is what you get. Let’s move up on his leg, until we reach the part here buddy started screaming even before I shot him there. I guess no man wants to get shot in that part of the body. And luckily for buddy this is the moment when I ran out of ammo, you could see the relief on his face. But there is no escaping this, it has to be done. The first shot was close but the next one was extremely painful, and buddy fainted because he couldn’t handle the pain.

You can’t really blame him for that now can you. So here comes our beloved naked nurse Pamela, she will hold her hand where it hurts to stop the bleeding and hopefully buddy will be able to continue this torture. Let’s call this a brutal way to die. But yes, if you aim at that spot, it will cause damage. The other side of the body is an exact copy of this side so we can move over to the helmet. As you can see the helmet is a lot bigger than the actual head, which makes sense right. But what happens if you shoot at helmet itself? Do you think that you will be able to get a kill by shooting that part? Let’s find out.

I could shoot this part of his helmet all day and it would not cause any damage, so no, if you aim at the helmet you will not get awarded with a headshot. The only thing that counts, besides his skull itself are the ears, it seems that it does register as headshot when you shoot your enemy’s ear off. Another body part that does not count is his nose, no matter how many bullets you fire, his nose is not a part of his head in battlegrounds. So far, we learned that shooting the fingers, nose and the side of the helmet has no effect.

So we will exclude those. What about body armor? Where do we have to shoot in order to avoid it so that we can cause more damage? If you shoot at the arm, then you hit the arm, this part is straightforward. Surprisingly, when you aim at the shoulder, it shows that the side closest to the vest is partially protected, because as you can see the vest took some damage, but the damage shows up slightly later. Visually it is very clear that this part of the body is not covered by the vest, but in reality the part of the shoulder closest to the vest will benefit from the protection of any form of body armor. The outside of the shoulder counts as the arm. This is important if you are facing a guy with the best vest in battlegrounds because you can kill this guy faster if you aim at the arms instead of the vest. That information can be found on my youtube channel, so feel free to check it out.

There is a part underneath the neck that doesn’t seem to be covered by the vest. This part is also protected by the vest. If we then aim at the neck then we are avoiding the vest entirely. Just to be very clear, the neck does not count as a headshot. For that you will have to aim at the chin or higher The lower side of the vest is pretty straight forward. If you shoot at the clothes, then you will hit the clothes, if you shoot at the vest then you will hit the vest. The great thing is that the backpack is not included in the hitbox. So feel free to carry the biggest backpack because it will not make it easier for your enemies to kill you. The opposite is also true, never shoot at the backpack an enemy who is hiding behind an object because you will only give away your position.

If you shoot sideways at an enemy then be careful when you go for a headshot. The back side of the helmet does not count, and you will have to aim at the skull of your opponent in order to get awarded with a headshot. I was surprised with how much of the helmet that did not count. What if your opponent is holding a weapon, does it make sense to shoot the weapon or not? The answer to that is very easy, not it does not. The bullets will just fly through as if the weapons wasn’t even there. The hand still counts but that’s its. As you know the pan can save your life. It will cover a large part of your back and the pan handle is much larger than it looks. The best way to describe the hitbox is a big rectangle next to a circle. I also tried shooting at the sickel and at the machete but no luck, it has the same effect as shooting at a weapon and the bullets will fly straight through as if the object wasn’t even there.

To summarize, don’t shoot at the fingers, nose, backpack, weapon or pan. The vest also covers a part of the shoulder and the part underneath the neck, and if you want to go for a headshot then aim for the skull, not the helmet. And by the way guys the youtube likes, shares and comments are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like, share and post a comment on this video. If you haven’t done so already, then make sure to subscribe. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds. Playerunknown’s battlegrounds hitbox detection. Battlegrounds hit detection.

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