What you just witnessed were the amazing powers of the m16a4 in playerunknown’s battlegrounds. The last guy didn’t have a chance, he wasn’t even able to fire off one single bullet. He knew where I was, he was expecting me to appear from around that corner, he aimed, he had his finger on the trigger, but one press on my mouse button triggered an instant kill thanks to the m16a4 on burst. This gun is brutal, devastating, powerful, and it’s probably the best assault rifle available today. In this video we will take a closer look at how you can maximize the potential of the m16a4. We will look at the setup, the best mode of operation, the attachments, and we will see if we can use it as a replacement sniper rifle.

I’m sure that you know the stats by heart, if not check out this video, today I will only show them on screen and I will discuss just one or two of them. The m16a4 is not the most powerful assault rifle in battlegrounds. The crown goes to the akm and to the groza, both of them can cause 48 damage, the m16a4, together with the m416 and the scar l can only cause 41 damage per bullet. The m16a4 excels with its super fast rate of fire. Even tho it causes a lot less damage than the akm, it can kill a guy wearing a level 2 vest equally fast. This is pretty impressive knowing that it need one extra bullet to do so. Just to be clear, you can only do this when you use this weapon in burst.

If you try to kill faster than the akm in single fire then you probably won’t be able to do that, unless you can click faster than any other human being on the planet, but then I definitely don’t want to meet you in battlegrounds. In short to medium range fire fight you can definitely get away with using this weapon in burst, but we both know that it’s hopeless if you decide to use burst for a longer range kill. I even tried to do that in the shooting range, but it was very difficult to get all bullets on target, most of the time I was happy enough to get 2 bullets on target. So the fastest way to kill at longer ranges is to use single fire, you will be able to get more consecutive rounds on target in a shorter period of time. The weapon does not have the same natural tendencies as the akm to go back to the original position but it is still very good. The great thing is that it settles back faster than the akm, so if you can quickly adjust your aim then you will be able to fire your second and third bullets much faster.

When you engage somebody in a close range firefight and you have your weapon set to burst then you will most likely be the one who will be walking away from that fight. This gun is absolutely brutal in killing at this range. You can fire incredibly fast while maintaining a lot of your accuracy. Every click of your mouse button puts 3 bullets in your enemy, if you aim for the head then you will get an instant kill because it is very likely that all of your bullets will end up hitting the poor guy’s head leaving him no chance to fight back, not even if he was wearing the best helmet in playerunknown’s battlegrounds.

In order to pull this off in medium range fights, then you will have to learn how to control this weapon by pulling your mouse down to compensate for the recoil. Try to practice a little bit in the shooting range or try shooting at a wall so that you can see where your bullets are landing. It’s difficult to explain by how much you should pull your mouse down, because it depends a lot on your settings, so this is something that you should try out for yourself. What I can tell you is that you should start pulling down at exactly the same moment that you press your mouse button.

Some weapons only require you to pull down after firing your first bullet or bullets but for the m16a4, you should pull down at exactly the same time as when you press your left mouse button. A compensator isn’t absolutely necessary for this weapon, it handles more than good enough. Sure a compensator will make it even better, but don’t expect any miracles. You won’t suddenly be able to put all your bullets on target in a long range fire fight when you select burst.

The best thing to do is to use your compensator on your other assault rifle if you have one. You will benefit more from this than putting it on the m16a4, unless you have 2 compensators of course. A silencer on the other hand is extremely useful on this weapon, the ability to kill silently with a monster weapon is eum, well slightly powerful. Some call it overpowered but I don’t want to go that far. An extended mag is very useful as well, in burst you can quickly run out of bullets if you are facing multiple opponents at the same time, and those extra bullets can come in handy. If you have 2 assault rifles then definitely put your first extended mag on the m16a4. You can use the m16a4 as a replacement sniper rifle, but you should only do that if you find 2 m16a4’s and nothing else. Sure you can quickly fire off consecutive rounds, but for this the weapons lacks the punch of an akm. Against the best helmet you only need 2 headshots with the akm and you will need one extra bullet with the m16a4. Most people will start reacting just after you fire of your second bullet, so they won’t be stationary anymore after the second headshot, and it’s likely that they will have sufficient cover by the time that you are ready to fire of that third bullet with the m16a4.

So the akm is a lot better as a replacement sniper rifle. The m16a4 should be used as your main run and gun weapon. Always set it to burst unless you have to cross an open field for example. It is devastatingly good in short to medium range firefights but it’s better to use another assault rifle as your replacement sniper rifle. And by the way guys the youtube likes, shares and comments are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would you mind taking a moment to like, share and post a comment on this video. If you haven’t done so already, then make sure to subscribe. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching and I will see you in Battlegrounds. Playerunknown’s battlegrounds m16a4. Battlegrounds m16a4 pubg m16a4.

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