Hey, guys! Fog of Gaming here, and welcome to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Today I will share a lot of tips and tricks with you for when you are playing Squads with your buddies. I will first explain each tip, and then I will demonstrate it with the actual gameplay so that you can see how it actually happened. It’s always a good idea to wait and see if your target is being followed by his squadmates, especially if you are the only member of your squad who can actually fight them at this very moment.

Once you know how many members of an enemy squad you have in your sights, you’ll have a good idea of how many more people you will have to deal with when the first firefight ends. Having more people in your line of sight will also allow you to quickly re-adjust your aim. Your enemies will be startled because of the fact that their buddies are getting killed in a very quick and unexpected way. They will be confused and they will have very little time to react to your attack. I could have decided to shoot the guy that showed up first but killing him then and there would have alerted the other two guys behind the house. He had cover behind the wall, so it’s more difficult for me to hit him because he had some cover that could protect him. I was waiting for him to expose himself a little bit more when the rest of his buddies showed up. The third guy never stood a chance, he saw both of his buddies dying right in front of this eyes and he was never able to react, I don’t think that he figured out where I was shooting from because he didn’t have much time to do something.

When you knock a guy down, then don’t immediately finish him off. Check the surrounding area for his squadmates and then prioritize shooting at the guys who are still standing. That way, your focus stays on the actual threats instead of trying to kill someone who can’t fight back anyway. The last thing you want is to have tunnel vision, and you will only expose yourself by trying to secure a kill. His teammates will be looking for you, so focus on them instead. It wasn’t a good time for me to finish that guy off, not even when his buddy decided to hide, and I learned that the hard way when another member of their squad shot me down.

I would have been able to fight longer if I relocated to a different building. That would have given me the chance to get a few more kills and possibly taking out this entire squad, instead of having to find another game. While it is important to prioritize your targets, it’s still a good idea to kill downed targets at the right time and thus prevent them from crawling towards cover so that they can be revived. The right timing will depend on the situation, so it can vary a lot, but it’s always a good idea to finish a guy off from behind cover when he is crawling towards his buddy and soon he will be out of your sight. That way, you can minimize your exposure when you fire and then you can quickly hide when your enemies start firing back. It’s also a good idea to finish a guy off when his buddies aren’t able to shoot you. In most cases, players will run towards cover when they have no idea where they are being shot from.

They will momentarily look away from the fight, they will lose their situational awareness and that will give you the opportunity to take your shots without risking too much. The driver knowingly drove his car on top of the rooftop, but he overshot and he crashed against the next house. He got stuck in between the buildings for a short period of time, and that allowed me to fight them. I focused on knocking down the guys that sitting in the back since they were the biggest threats at that time. When their buddies began to run away towards cover, I saw the chance to finish off the guys who I knocked down earlier. This is a situation when you should divide your attention between knocking the remaining players and killing the knocked guys. Always try to do that from cover and only do that when you don’t have another target. When your buddies go down, it’s a good idea to revive the ones behind safe cover first.

That way, you’ll reinforce your squad without the risk of dying in the process. Even if your buddies who are further away are closer to death, it’s likely that the enemy is waiting nearby to kill anyone who tries to help them. This is especially true if your buddy gets caught out in the open and fails to find cover. You don’t want to waste your effort by reviving a squadmate who is out in the open, only to get yourself killed.

That is exactly what your enemy wants and he will be waiting for that. I chose to flank the enemy because fighting uphill is fighting with a disadvantage, managed to get behind him and ultimately we got ourselves another chicken dinner. It is always good to share your resources with your buddies when they need them. That will make them appreciate you more, and that will make them more willing to cooperate with you. Your squad will have a better chance of winning if you and your buddies are supporting each other with resources. Always keep in mind that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a very competitive game, we are all looking for the advantage, that is why some guys prefer to keep some resources for themselves, this isn’t a good thing if you are playing squads or duos. Share your stuff, and keep an eye out for guys who need some of your resources so that they can continue fighting. My buddy shared his medkit with me when I needed it the most, I was low on health and I couldn’t find anything else to heal.

You can call it karma, but right after picking up the med kit, I was already able to return the favor by saving my new found friend from being killed by the guy hiding in the next room. It might be tempting to immediately shoot at a guy you just spotted, but always remember that you’re playing against a squad. If you attack too soon, you will not only risk giving away your position, but you might miss the chance to know where the rest of your enemies are.

Take the time to wait, and then inform your buddies about the location of the enemy. Your squad will appreciate that so that they can prepare before you force them into a firefight. Your squad will have the advantage because you will have more guys who ready to shoot down the targets. You will not get this benefit by immediately shooting your enemy, as this will alert the rest of his squad and give them the chance to take cover before your buddies even know what is going on. It was very difficult to spot the enemies because of the dense fog. When my buddy saw the two of them in the distance, he took the time to tell me where they were. We waited until we both had a clear shot at each target, and we made sure we were both ready before attacking.

That way, we were able to grab the two winning kills. Teamwork, patience and coordination earned us the victory. When playing squads, it’s a good idea to have your buddies focus their fire on the vehicle itself. You will be surprised at how quickly a car will explode when there are four guys shooting it at the same time. It is much easier for a squad to shoot at a car until it explodes than aiming at the passengers through the windows. The guys sitting inside won’t have a chance, stopping and getting out take way too long, shooting from inside a fast moving vehicle is inaccurate, so what other options do you have? You’re not going to run over 4 guys of an enemy squad, one or two maybe, but that’s it. Most of the time you will be long dead before you even get close.

Do not be scared of vehicles because they are way more fragile than you think. As long as you stay away from the vehicle’s path and you have everyone shooting it at the same time, then your squad will always have the advantage. Use the massive amount firepower you have at your disposal to your advantage. .These were some of the best tips and tricks for squads to give you the competitive advantage. Please let me know what you liked about this video and also what you didn’t like. I read all of them so all your comments can help me to make a better video for you. This was Fog of Gaming, thanks for watching, and I will see you in Battlegrounds.

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