Today, we will check out the top ten best places to land in Miramar, this is the second map in battlegrounds and it will soon be available on the main servers. We are all fairly new to this map so this kind of info will definitely help you on your way to your next chicken dinner. The areas that you will see today are the absolute best places to find high level gear, an enormous amount of weapons and a boat load of meds. To give you an example, in one of the better places you will find the best helmet in battlegrounds, the best vest and the biggest backpack, together with every assault rifle you could ever need.

These places are worth it. I will show you where each area can be found on the map, and then show you actual gameplay of me fighting in these areas, together with the great loot that you may find over here. Let’s start with number 10, this is the best kept secret on the entire map. Impala is located on the east side of the map. But that’s not where we are going, we are going to a place called Minas de Plata, you can search the map, but you will not find it, simply because the name does not appear on that map. Could this have been removed by accident, or did that on purpose, you tell me. So unless I tell you where it is, you are going to have a very a very hard time finding it. Minas de Plata is a very lucrative area located directly to the north east of Impala. These 7 highly lucrative buildings are the place to be for an adventurer. These buildings are gold mines, filled with great equipment. There is a lot of elevation, with a bunch of walkways, an old mining railroad, and a bunch of crates that allow you to climb up and take some nice shortcuts, a shortcut that lead me directly to a level 3 vest.

These shortcuts give Minas de Plata something extra, an extra dimension which makes it very interesting to loot this place but also to fight. You can easily surprise your enemy because you will have so many angles that he won’t be able to cover all of them. Since this place is still very unknown to the larger battlegrounds community, it is likely that you will be the only one landing here in the beginning, that will help you with getting a lot of great gear without having to worry about too many enemies, you will walk out of here with an advantage and you will be ready to take on everybody. The ninth spot on our takes us to Minas Generales, or simply the General Mines. It is located in the eastern part of the map but closer to the center, just north of La Bendita. It doesn’t look like there’s much to be found over here but make no mistake, this is a great place to loot, with lots of big buildings.

You will find plenty of cover in the area, and some elevation if you land in the hills, so use that to your advantage. This is a good place to land if you don’t want the start of your game to be hectic. Just be careful, apparently there is a pit that swallows you alive, or in term of a video game, you will get stuck and there is no way of getting out. El Pozo is an even better place to start your journey, that’s why it’s number 8, it is located in the northwest. There are a few noticeable landmarks over here. There’s a destruction derby stadium where you can always find good loot, and there is a motorcycle wall of death as well. This place was built by motorheads, the city lives and breaths on entertaining the crowd with motorcycle madness. On top of that, there’s also a boxing ring, this place is very interesting because it holds a lot of equipment and high level gear, but you will need to climb up to certain areas so that you can get access to get to the good stuff.

You will not have a hard time finding high level gear in El Pozo. I was able to find the best vest, the best helmet, and a lot of medkits together with a great arsenal of weapons. There are a few buildings with a restaurant on the first floor that you can use as cover to get some great angles on your enemies.. There aren’t any skyscrapers or cranes or anything like that, so you won’t find that much elevation. Most of the fighting will happen on ground level within the industrial and entertainment districts. Spot number seven of Miramar’s best landing spots goes to Valle del Mar, a harbor located in the southwest, right next to the main bridge that connects the island in the south. The church looks tempting because it’s a big building, but it isn’t, basically it simply isn’t worth it.

The loot inside the church isn’t very good and you will be disappointed when you walk out of there. The best place to land are in these nine buildings over here. This is the hot spot, the city center, the holy grail of valle del mar. This is where you will find the best gear and they can provide you with a lot of cover and elevation, making the firefight a lot more interesting. Loot these 9 places and you squad is ready to take on everybody. Number six of Miramar’s best starting areas is Chumacera, it is located directly to the west of Los Leones. This place was once the center of Miramar’s textile industry, and because of this you will find many abandoned factories overlooking the main road.

These are large buildings and you know what that means. There are also many residential and commercial buildings that you can use when you go closer to the road. The best place to land is in the south of this city, this is where you will find all those large buildings and they are located in an elevated area, giving you the highground as well. If you want even more then make good use of the pipes, they can give you the best birds’ eye view, and this is the perfect place to scout for enemies.

We are now halfway through the list, up next are the absolute best starting areas. The number five spot goes to Los Leones, the capital city of Miramar. Snipers can have long range fights across the rooftops of tall buildings, mid-range firefights can erupt on the streets, and close quarter battles can happen inside the shopping areas and commercial buildings. A lot of these buildings are under construction, so you can take advantage of unexpected angles. Some construction sites will allow you to reach high places, so make the most of these vantage points to help you secure the area. Certain buildings give you a bird’s eye view of the main road that leads to this place.

In another part of town you will find some very beautiful buildings and you can even find a lot of loot lying around on the outside of this yellow building. I believe this is the town hall. On the inside you will find high level stuff lying around all over the place. There are still so many buildings to discover in los leones but I would definitely recommend you to start over here or in the bigger building that I mentioned earlier if you prefer the high ground. Number 4, the Prison. This is the new spawn location, so we’re not confined to an island anymore, now we are confined to the prison and the immediate surrounding, a bit ironic isn’t it. It’s located in the southwestern corner of the map, on the big island to the south of Valle del Mar. This is a difficult place to reach because it all depends on where the airplane goes.

But if the airplane is close enough then definitely make your way over here. There are so many weapons over here. I didn’t know which one to choose. Most of these weapons are lying around inside the main cell block, this place is massive, with multiple floors, dozens of cells and lot of gear all up for grabs. There isn’t much elevation in this area, so it’s a shame that there’s no way to get inside the guard towers.

One downside tho, it’s located in the far south western corner of the map, so transportation in or out can be an issue. On top of that if you decide to use one of the bridges then be prepared for an ambush, because we all know where the bridge campers like to hang out. It’s not surprising that Campo Militar comes in at number three on our list. This place is very similar to the military base in Erangel, so you know that you will find a lot of high level gear, a lot of powerful weapons and some nice sniper rifles. Campo Militar is located in the north eastern corner of the map, so it all depends on the airplane, if it gets close then expect to see a lot of people jumping out over here, having said that, in my experience there are a lot less people jumping out over Campo Militar than in Military Base in Erangel.

Nevertheless, the equipment is there, all you have to do is pick it up. Pecado is one of the best places to land in Miramar, it’s all about location location location. This is the very center of the map. Smack in the middle. All roads lead to Rome, then Pecado must be like Rome because there are five roads that lead to this area. Landing here also means that you will always be close to the first circle.

You could go to the casino, and fight right in the middle between the slots machines or you can go upstairs if you prefer to play craps. The rooftop is also a great place, with interesting angles and a great overview of the area. But watch out because you will not have the high ground, for that you will have to go to the 2 casino hotels. Behind these 2 hotels you will find an exact copy of the boxing arena from El Pozo. This is the best place to go in Pecado, this building contains the highest amount of loot. And finally the ultimate place, the building of buildings, the wet dream of every battlegrounds player, the absolute best place to land in Miramar, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Hacienda del Patron.

I have never, and I mean never, found so many guns lying around in one particular place during my entire time playing playerunknown’s battlegrounds. This place is madness, Scar l, m16a4, m416, akm, sks, kar 98 k, and not just one, 3 of them. I didn’t know which one to pick. This is by far the most amazing place on the new desert map. Extreme gear, not just lots of gear, no no, all the gear you can possibly dream off. Just pick your prefered assault rifle and then spend the next minute trying to decide which one of the kar 98 k’s you are going to use today. I even found all the attachments, more than I could physically attach to the gun itself, and an 8x scope to finish it off.

I could have easily collected more than 500 bullets of or from 7.62, no issue at all, come and take as much as you need. You could compare this with the school, but the school is a kids playground compared to this. This is the school on steroids. Not only when you look at the great gear but also at all the fights that take place over here. WHen they organise a new battlegrounds tournament then I hope that they will just show this place for the first minute, it will be a massacre. Respect to the guy that walks away from this place alive. This place is mental, not only for the fights but also for the gear, definitely check it out. So guys, these were the 10 absolute best places to land in Miramar, use all the info that you saw in this video on your way to your next chicken dinner.

Let me know in the comments what you think about the video, and if you liked it, well then you know what to do. This was Fog of Gaming, thanks for watching, and I will see you in Battlegrounds..

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