Hi guys and welcome to Vaulting and climbing in playerunknown’s battlegrounds. This is probably the end of crouch jumping and that will definitely slow down the gameplay. I just had the chance to test out the new and upcoming features and I will tell you everything that I discovered so far, the good things, the bad things and the shooting issues that come with the new the new vaulting system in pubg. Everything that you will see today in this video is still under review, meaning that they allowed everybody to try out these new features on test servers but they still want to add some changes based on our test results and on your feedback. You might see bugs and errors but those might all be fixed in the near future. Before we get started, make sure that you check your control settings, they added a few things and you definitely want to assign a key to vault only. If you don’t do so then you won’t be able to fully take advantage of the new vaulting system because most of the time you will just jump instead of vault.

The great news is that we now have access to what were unreachable places before the implementation of this new system. Take a look at this rooftop for example, completely unreachable before but now you can take advantage of a location like this. If you don’t use a dedicated vault key then you will just jump and you will never be able to get on top. Just to be clear, you will have to take a step back before you can get on the very top, but you will have to press your dedicated vault key. Be careful because your enemy can also access a location like this now so you better watch out and expect to see a few enemies in unexpected places from now on.

Do you remember these high white fences, normally you will have to walk all the way around them because there was no way to jump over, not even by using crouch jumping. This has all changed, no need to walk around them anymore, from now on you can easily get passed and all you have to do is press one single button on your keyboard. A lot of different object are now usable as well, for example these objects on top of a rooftop in yasnaya polyana, and many other objects spread out over the entire map.

Trapped in a building, no need to worry soldier, you can now jump through a window, break it at the same time and safely get away from an enemy who was trying to kill you, well until he jumps through as well. You can also do the opposite, and you can surprise an enemy who is hiding inside a building by jumping through a window. This will allow for interesting tactics and it will make hiding inside a building a lot less effective if you decide to do so. Not only will you have to keep an eye on the doors, you will now also have to watch the windows for guys who think they are John Rambo. If you are hiding upstairs then do not rely on the sound of a window breaking just yet, I managed to enter and exit several houses without breaking the glass, this means that an enemy might be able to enter your house without opening a door and without breaking the glass of a window.

Don’t expect to become super man neither, you can get over most walls and high objects but you cannot get over the highest walls in playerunknown’s battlegrounds. For that you will have to find a broken part, it is the only way to get passed this object. The vaulting and climbing update is great, but there is a big issue that comes with this new system and that is the shooting issue. You are extremely vulnerable when you are vaulting, sure you can get over high objects, you can attack people from interesting angles, but while you are executing your perfectly thought out strate-gic maneuver, you cannot fire your weapon. In other words, you are a sitting vaulting duck, the other guy can clearly see you of course, he can open fire and you cannot do anything about it. What I am showing here is me vaulting over various items while spamming my left mouse button to see when you stop shooting and when you can start shooting again. In short, the higher the object, the longer it takes before you can shoot again.

This will put you at a disadvantage if your enemy saw you trying to get over a wall, he will know that you are vulnerable and he will have an easy time killing you long before you are able to shoot back, so keep this in mind when you decide to launch your surprise attack. Most of us are pretty good by now at pressing 2 keys on our keyboard at the same time, we all do it when we crouch jump. During all my time playing with the new vaulting update, I have not been able to crouch jump one single time. So I believe that this will be then end of the crouch jumping era.

Unfortunately this will slow down the gameplay, because you can get faster through a window while crouch jumping and in the meantime you can still shoot at your enemy. Crouch jumping was never meant to be a part of the game, that tried to fix it by preventing us from assigning one button to 2 different actions, and now they removed it completely and instead they gave us the vaulting system, overall an improvement but it does come at the cost of slower gameplay. These are the main things that I discovered so far about the new vaulting and climbing update, if you want to try it out yourself then jump on the test servers and check it out for yourself. If I discover more interesting items regarding this update then check out my patreon page so that you will be the first to know, the link is in the video description, otherwise make sure to check out the next videos where I will show you everything that you need to know.

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