Get free in-game loot in with Twitch Prime – From frying pans to shotguns, there are a lot of different weapons in Player Unknowns Battlegrounds and you can only carry so many at once, so to help you decide what to arm yourself with im going to give you the rundown on every type of weapon in the arsenal. First let’s take a look at the Assault Rifles. These are the favorite guns of most players, their accurate and effective at most most distances and pack a hell of a punch. They might not have the range of a sniper rifle but they boast a much higher rate of fire making them more forgiving if you miss some shots.

They each offer 2 fire modes, semi auto and then either full auto or burst providing some added versatility depending on the range of your target, they also have a lot of room for attachments to improve them even further, getting either a red dot or holographic scope will make it even easier to use and a compensator can boost the accuracy even further. These are military weapons and as such spawn at higher rates inside militarised zones on the map but they can be found in other areas as well. If you’re looking for something that can be effective in most situations the Assault rifles are a great choice. Shotguns are the kings of close range combat. If you’re clearing out a house or other structure they will outperform almost any other weapon. However out in the open they lose their effectiveness. While they can still challenge someone at a few meters away the damage drop off is harsh and at mid to long range they have almost no stopping power, although a Choke attachment can give them a little more range. Shotguns are one of the most niche weapons in the game, early on while hunting for loot they can be great at helping you to safely clear houses, but in the latter game when the fighting is more likely to be outside they simply lack the range to compete.

Pistols are some of the most common weapons in the game and for most rounds they will probably be the first guns you get your hands on so get comfortable using them. They will actually do surprisingly good damage at medium range but its likely you’ll not use your pistol again once you get some primary firearms, but just incase look out for a quick draw magazine attachment to help you get the gun up faster. Sniper rifles are the ultimate weapon when it comes to range and power. If your looking to take someone out over a long distance these are the guns you want in your hands. However they do suffer from low magazine sizes and low rates of fire, meaning you’re going to need to make every shot count, They have a lot of great options for attachments. Obviously a good scope like the is a must but also look out for a cheek pad, it will make your recoil recovery quicker and reduce the weapons sway and if you’re really lucky and find a Suppressor it will be very effective at making it harder for the enemy to pinpoint your location as you take them out, but keep in mind without one sniper rifles are very loud.

If you choose to run a sniper rifle as one of your weapons pair it with something like an assault rifle to offer you some mid range options. The crossbow is one of the most unusual weapons in Battlegrounds. It lacks the stopping power of weapons like the shotgun, the fire rate of assault rifles or the range of a sniper rifle, but it does offer something else. The crossbow is silent and if the enemy has no idea where you are its unlikely to give away your position. In group games it can be quite useful to put a couple shots into a member of another team before they can locate you. However with that said, generally the bow will be outclassed by other weapons and you’ll probably want to swap it out unless going for some very specific strategies. Its only holds 1 bolt at a time and is very slow to reload. DMR’s are the weapons that sit somewhere between an assault rifle and a sniper rifle. Their effective range falls somewhere between the two and they pack more damage per bullet than the assault rifle, although they do have a smaller magazine size but you can boost this with an attachment.

Getting a scope with some magnification will help you to land the shots cleanly and don’t underestimate a muzzle mod to help you stay more concealed. They’re effective for picking up precision kills at medium range and their a bit more forgiving than sniper rifles if you miss a shot. However they do lack the assault rifles ability to put a lot of shots down range quickly making them less effective if you’re trying to rush someone or assault a building. You’ll generally need to play a little more passively if you’re kitted out with a DMR. Submachine guns are all about spraying and praying. These weapons are used in close quarters combat and have very large clip sizes and high rates of fire. They will out damage most other guns in close quarters combat other than a direct shotgun blast, just make sure to switch the fire mode to fully automatic.

However they lack accuracy and become less effective the further away the target is, you can help with this a little by attaching a grip or get an extended mag to let you unload even more bullets from a single clip. The final type of firearm is the Light Machine Gun. These are essentially big brothers to the assault rifles with their higher rates of fire and increased bullet damage. However they lose their effectiveness at longer ranges and burn through ammo quickly which can leave you in a difficult situation. They also lack the customisation of attachments that the assault rifles offer and this can limit their usefulness. Melee weapons are really just a last resort, ideally you should never need to use one but occasionally in the early game it’s your only option. Generally they are all the same but the Pan actually provides a little bonus as it will block bullets both when you’re holding it and when its hanging on your back and if it comes down it you can down an unarmored foe in 2 hits to the body or one good smash to the head.

Grenades come in 4 different forms. The Frag grenade is an explosive that packs quite a punch, along with the molotov cocktail these 2 are the most aggressive grenades. The Smoke grenade is interesting, it can be used to obscure your position of the enemy or even simply as a distraction. The last is the stun grenade, tossed into buildings or near enemies this can render anyone nearby blind and deaf for a few seconds, but keep your distance from the blast as it will also affect you. So which of these weapons is your personal favorite and do you have any tips for using it? Let me know in the comments below! As always this is James for Curse saying thanks for watching, and enjoy the game! Get free in-game loot in with Twitch Prime –

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