Welcome back, everyone! Today we will be looking at video settings for PUBG First off, we will be taking a look at a different approach to spotting enemies better. It starts though with how your monitor is calibrated First, open your GPU settings program For me, it is the Nvidia Control Panel Go to the change resolution option Make sure you are at the highest color depth So basically the first thing we are going to be looking at is the Playerunknown Battlegrounds .exe file What we are going through here Is all the optimizations we can make to the performance of the game Now again this is pretty dependent on your system if you don’t have a Nvidia card, this won’t make a difference to you You won’t even have this software because it is driver compatibility software So your going to The first thing we are really going to change is Make sure gamma correction is on The Antialiasing Mode: Override Any Application Setting This will override anything anything that PUBG has built in We are going to make sure this is on 4x, this is what Nvidia recommends Transparency can be left off It provides a little more quality in leaves So I going to put the quality up to 8 on that Making sure that All Core Making sure that All Cuda Cores are being used So we are going to make sure that your GPU is selected, so for me a 1080ti.

Then this is a pretty big one Maximum pre-rendered frames, this is what is getting sent to the CPU This is what is being sent to the CPU I have a 6 core i7, it’s hyperthreaded, so basically Windows recognizes it as 12 cores Along with PUBG recognizes it as a 12 core processor And same with Nvidia software, it also recognizes it as a 12 core processor So on each CPU core, it can send 4 pre-rendered frames So from the CPU to the GPU So that will automatically go through the RAM The VRAM on the GPU It is basically already rendering those frames So it provides less of a load for the GPU Which in PUBG, makes a big difference, In other games like Battlefield 1, and something that runs on the Frostbite Engine The Frostbite Engine is really well optimized for the CPU Especially in hyperthreading situations So in hyperthreading situations Dice does overall a really great job at taking care of that So moving on So just make sure OpenGL is selected on your GPU Power Management Mode, making this for sure Making sure that is on Maximum Performance Just making sure we can get enough power from your PSU can send to the GPU, so that is actually happening Making sure this is on Making sure quality is on High Performance I just want to get the maximum frames in this game So I am not going to set it to high quality I just really need to get more frames out of it Making sure this is on Threaded optimization, it won’t really mean as much if your system isn’t hyperthreaded This works on hyperthreaded systems, so making sure this is on Then these two on here are off, then making sure this one is use 3D application settings This one doesn’t apply because it is VR, you would need to have a headset connected in order to make use of that So that is basically the Nvidia Control Panel So now you can just start up the game And these settings will be automatically applied Finally, run the game You might have to adjust the brightness in the game up or down a little bit.

So that is it, you will now have a better FPS in PUBG, plus seeing people will be easier along with having more color in your game Please Like, Comment and Subscribe if you enjoyed this video..

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