Hi, guys. FOG of GAMING here and welcome to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. The ump was a great weapon but we all swapped it for an ar as soon as we found one. But things have changed. I started doing the opposite and suddenly I won a lot more games. The ump became my go to weapon, today I will explain why that is and I will also make sure that you will also be able to unlock the full potential of this underrated weapon. Later in the video we will even compare all the bullet patterns of a ump with different attachments, this will clearly show you the best attachment for your ump.

Update 12 introduced a lot of weapon rebalances to the game. This allowed other weapon types like SMGs and DMRs to perform better in certain situations. A smart player will use a lot more variety in his loadout, so it doesn’t make sense to bring two M416s because you will be at a significant disadvantage. With that said, this update allowed one weapon to stand out more than the rest. It became so good that it should be part of any loadout. If you know how to use it then you will have a bigger chance of winning your next chicken dinner. Vpn pitch Before the 12th update, the UMP9 was just considered as a good early game weapon.

It was an SMG that had a good base magazine capacity, it could accept a lot of attachments, and it was stable enough to deliver accurate shots while aiming down sights. However, it was generally accepted that the UMP9, or SMGs in general, were meant to be replaced by a good AR like the M416. The ump was not a weapon that you would bring to the end game. Now that Update 12 has been applied to the live servers, SMGs are better than ever. They now enjoy a 120% limb shot modifier, which makes spraying so much more viable in close range firefights. In the later stages of the game, people are likely to have high level vests and helmets. With the new modifier, SMGs no longer need to tear through the durable protective gear to take enemies down. It is now very viable to aim center mass, because the recoil will naturally bring the shots to your enemy’s head and they will stay there. Speaking about recoil, SMGs now enjoys decreased vertical recoil effect even when firing from the hip.

When you aim down sights, you can further reduce the recoil and have less scope sway than other weapon types. You will also be able to aim down sights faster with SMGs, so they are now more effective weapons in close quarters combat. All of these changes positively affect the performance of the UMP9, which was already well suited in these close range firefights to begin with. The damage rating of the UMP was increased from 38 to 39, just 1 point shy of the Tommy Gun’s damage rating. The effect if this damage buff is much bigger than you would expect. Without armor, the belly button area used to take damage points per shot from the UMP, but now it takes 37. The upper chest used to take damage points per shot, but now it takes 42.9.

You will still need 3 shots to the torso in order to kill you enemy when he isn’t wearing any armor, 4 shots to a level 1 vest and 5 shots to a level 2 vest. But there is a difference if your enemy is wearing a Level 3 vest. In that case, you will need 6 shots to take an enemy down, but you won’t have to worry about the belly button area extending the shot to kill count to 7, so this is the difference that was caused by the damage increase. A small difference but that’s the way it is. If your enemy doesn’t have a helmet, then you will cause damage per headshot instead of the weaker damage that you would cause before. You will now deal points instead of damage per shot to the neck.

You still needed the same amount of shots to take an enemy down. Without a helmet you needed 2 shots to the head or neck. With a level 1 helmet you need 3 shots to the head and the neck. With a level 2 helmet you still need 3 shots to the head and 4 shots to the neck. The best helmet in battlegrounds will need 4 shots to the head and 5 to the neck. The biggest damage difference will be experienced when shooting limbs with the UMP. Before the 12th update, you would cause damage per shot to the bicep and thighs which means that you will need 0.369 seconds to fire the 5 shots needed to kill your enemy. Now, you will cause 28 damage per shot so you will need only 0.277 seconds to fire the 4 shots that you will need for a kill. Before, you would cause 19 damage per shot to the forearms and shins, so you would take 0.461 seconds to fire the 6 shots needed for a kill.

Now you will cause damage per shot, so you will take 0.369 seconds to fire the 5 shots needed for a kill. Same goes for hands and feet, before it was damage per shot and 0.738 seconds to fire the 9 shots you need for a kill. Now you will cause 14 damage per shot, so it will take you 0.646 seconds to fire the 8 shots needed for a kill. The damage increase that the UMP9 currently enjoys can easily be noticed when fighting enemies with level 3 protective gear. Aside from landing headshots. You now have the option to aim for biceps and thighs, which are easier to hit and are not protected by the vest.

It will take 4 head shots to take down an enemy with the best helmet in battlegrounds, and that’s the same amount of shots you need to the biceps or thighs for a kill. That is where the advantage lies. Assault Rifles, in general, have been modified in the exact opposite way. They now take longer to recover from recoil and take longer to reload. Other than the AKM, these weapons now have more vertical and horizontal recoil, meaning that it will be a lot more difficult to control these weapons, especially in medium range fight where you would have normally used full auto.

This puts you at a big disadvantage compared to a fully automatic smg because with this weapon you can keep your crosshairs exactly on your enemy’s head. Most of the time, an SMG will outperform an ar in close but also in medium range fight, because smg will have a faster ads time and less recoil. The UMP is also a lot more stable compared to the rest of the assault rifles. These high caliber weapons all have greater DPS values and a faster time to kill than the UMP. But you can’t take advantage of the faster time to kill if you can’t use full auto in a medium range firefight. The Scar L has the lowest DPS rating for ARs with 448, but it’s still higher than the 423 DPS that the UMP can cause. The AKM has a second time to kill when you shoot your enemy in the chest. It’s the slowest ttk for assault rifles, but it’s still seconds faster than the UMP’s time to kill.

However, these ratings were created under the assumption that all bullets will hit your target while using full auto. The reality is that you’ll be able to land more bullets with the stable UMP than with the assault rifles that kick back really hard. They will only be able to consistently outperform SMGs like the UMP in longer range firefights, when people normally fire single shots so that their weapon can recover from recail after each shot. Now it’s clear that the SMGs have a firm place in PUBG, but how exactly did the UMP rise above the other SMGs in the game? One reason can be found in the stats, the other reason is because of the attachments.

Using the right ones will turn your good ump into a monster ump. Let’s check out the spray pattern of the UMP without attachments by firing the weapon in full auto without controlling the mouse. Then, we will equip one attachments at a time to see how they change the bullet pattern. We will then compare all of the grips so that we can determine the best attachments for the UMP. If we fire the UMP in full auto without any grips or muzzle attachments, then you can see that the spray pattern deviates to the right. You can see that 7 bullets landed on the target’s body, and the space between each bullet is very small because of how low the UMPs recoil is.

However, the 8th and 9th shot failed to hit the head because the weapon swerved to the right. For this weapon it is clear that we have to do something about the horizontal recoil. We know that there are two lower rail attachments that help reduce horizontal recoil, the angled foregrip and the half grip. Let’s see their effects on the UMP’s spray pattern. If we fire the UMP with the angled foregrip attached, then we can see a very dramatic change. The spray pattern is almost a straight line now, and each bullet landed nearly straight above the previous one. Pretty impressive, this is very different from the original bullet pattern.

The UMP landed 6 bullets to the body, 1 bullet to the neck and two bullets to the head. The 10th bullet flew over the head, but it still stayed very close to the center line. This means that if you compensate for the recoil and for this bullet pattern, that you’ll be able to shoot all of your shots exactly where you want them to hit your enemy. The Angled Foregrip also improves the ADS time, so it will allow you to fire your weapon earlier than a ump without an angled foregrip. If we use the half grip, then we can see that the spray pattern is even better, except for this one bullet in the middle, it deviated to the right. I recorded about 10 different patterns with the half grip and this was the worst bullet pattern, that is why I am showing you this one. If you try to control the UMP with the half grip, you won’t need to bring your mouse down as far as you normally would.

At close range, your shots are also predictable enough that you will be able to keep your shots on target. This is definitely a great grip to have on the UMP or any close range weapon. What about the other grips in the game? Let’s see what the effects the Vertical Grip has on the UMP’s spray pattern. Here, you can see that the spray pattern is also very good. The shots started to deviate to the right after the second shot, but it also reverts back to the middle at the 7th shot. In the base pattern, there was nothing that stopped the weapon from deviating to one side. The 10th shot also nearly glances the targets head. This is a surprisingly good shot grouping since the Vertical Grip only decreases vertical recoil. The result is that your bullets are grouped tightly together in the beginning, the longer your use full auto the bigger the space becomes between each shot.

If we try using the thumb grip and fire the UMP with it, we can see that the spray pattern deviates to the side twice in just 9 shots. It deviated to the right after the first shot, and again after the 7th shot. More importantly, the 9 shot completely missed the head. In the base spray pattern, the 9th bullet was still on the same level with the head, but it missed because of the horizontal deviation. With the thumb grip, you can see that there’s actually more vertical recoil within the first 9 shots, since the 9th shot failed to hit the head even if it was close to the middle.

The thumb grip actually puts you at a disadvantage. The lightweight grip is not that great for the UMP. Here you can see that the shots consistently deviate to the left, though it is still close enough to the middle that the 7th shot managed to hit the head. However, the 8th shot already glances the head, while the 9th shot completely missed the target. It makes sense since the half grip has a negative effect on the vertical recoil and on recoil recovery. Given all of the results, we can see that the half grip is definitely the best choice for the UMP.

It decreases both vertical and horizontal recoil, so it is great for a close to medium range weapon. Your spray pattern will be very reliable and easy to control, so all you will need to do is bring your mouse straight down so that you can accurately fire in full auto. The Angled Foregrip is also a great choice if you can’t find the half grip, though you will have to bring down the mouse a little bit more to make good use of it. In an actual game we never settle for just one attachment. We use a combination of attachments and we want to know the best combination of attachments for our UMP. It might not be able to equip stocks to help control recoil, but it can still use compensators, flash hiders, and suppressors. Let’s check out the effects of these muzzle attachments. The compensator has an amazing effect on the UMP, but I am sure that you knew that already. It managed to land 12 shots on target.

It took 8 shots before the UMP started hitting the upper chest. The 9th shot hits the neck, but the 10th, 11th and 12th shot all clearly hit the head. The patter does deviate slightly to the right, but the vertical recoil has been greatly improved. It’s a huge difference from the base spray pattern, which was very unreliable. The Flash Hider has a very disappointing effect on the spray pattern. The base spread still managed to have the 7th shot hit the target. With the flash hider, the UMP can only land 6 shots on the target. The 7th, 8th, and 9th shots missed the head because the crosshairs swerved hard to the right. This is simply not worth it, especially if you consider that the flash hider only reduces the muzzle flash instead of eliminating it. The suppressor has a surprisingly good effect on the spray pattern. With it, the UMP managed to land 9 shots on the target. The 7th shot managed to hit the neck, while the 8th and 9th shot hit the head.

The spray pattern is also nearly straight, though it does primarily deviate to one side. Still, this is great especially when you consider that your shots are silenced and muzzle flash is completely eliminated. The silencer not only gives you a stealthy option in combat, but it will also help you keep your shots on target. The UMP is primarily used in close range to medium range combat. You want to make sure that you are landing your shots because you have less than a second to correct your aim if you miss. That’s why the compensator is the best muzzle attachment for the UMP, because the huge vertical recoil reduction will keep the weapon stable.The suppressor is also a very good choice for the UMP9.

Your shots are silenced, the muzzle flash is eliminated, and your spray pattern is slightly easier to control. Stay away from the Flash Hider if you can. Now let’s see what happens if we combine the best muzzle attachment with the best grip for the UMP. Thanks to the recoil redu ction from both the compensator and the half grip, the spray pattern is now extremely tight and it’s almost a perfect straight line, it does not get any better than this. We landed 13 shots on our target. The 10th shot hit the neck, while the 11th, 12th, and 13th shot hit the head. It’s very hard to imagine someone not being able to hit targets with a spray pattern that is this reliable. This is definitely the perfect combination for the UMP. The suppressor is also a good choice to complement the half grip. Here, you can see that the spray pattern is almost a straight line. The UMP landed 10 good shots on the target. The 8th shot landed on the neck, while the 9th and 10th shot landed on the head. The 11th shot widely missed the head, but with good control of the mouse you will be able to keep your shots perfectly on target.

This is definitely a great set of attachments to have, and it’s a good idea to keep a suppressor in your loadout in case you need stealth. The other reason why the ump is so good now is because of the stats, so let’s compare the UMP9 side by side with the other smg’s. The UMP9’s biggest rival has to be the Vector. It can enjoy up to 5 attachments and it can use a Tactical Stock, while the UMP can only have 4. It has a rate of fire that clocks in at 0.055 seconds per shot or 18 shots per second. That’s almost twice as fast as the UMP’s rate of fire, which is 0.092 seconds per shot or nearly 11 shots per second.

The Vector reloads in only seconds, which is almost one second faster than the second reload time of the UMP9. It has a DPS of 624, which is much higher than the UMP’s rating of 423. Given all these advantages, how did the UMP9 outperform the Vector then? The keywords are versatility, range, capacity and controllability. The UMP9 can handle any close and medium range combat situation that you will encounter, while the Vector is more specialized for 1 vs 1 close range combat. Keep in mind that in this scenario, the vector will outperform the ump. But overall the latter comes out on top. It all starts with the magazine capacity. The UMP starts with a convenient 30 round base magazine, and the Vector only starts with a 13 round magazine.

In a perfect scenario where you will land all of your shots, the vector will kill your targets faster than the UMP. If you happen to miss some of your shots then you will be doomed to switch weapons or to reload, and this can give your enemy the opportunity to take you down. You could increase the capacity of the Vector to 25 with an extended magazine, but it will only take you seconds to empty that mag. Assuming, that a great player like yourself never misses, you will be able to kill 3 people wearing level 3 vests, but again that’s a perfect scenario that rarely happens to the average player. The Vector performs well in solo games, but that low ammo capacity will definitely hold you back in Duos or Squads. The UMP simply doesn’t have this problem. The 30 round mag can be extended to 40, and it will take less shots to kill enemies since it causes more damage per shot than the Vector.

You won’t find yourself reloading after each kill, and that’s why the UMP actually causes more sustained damage per second with 199 points. That’s 47 points higher than the Vector’s 152 point SDPS rating. The UMP9 will also have an easier time handling targets at mid range because it has a 400 meters per second bullet speed. That’s much higher than the 300 meters per second bullet speed of the Vector. The Tommy Gun would have been one of the best weapons in the game if it wasn’t held back by many flaws. The biggest and most noticeable problem has to be the fact that it cannot accept scopes. The Tommy Gun has a 250 meter effective range that it can only take advantage of using its iron sights. The UMP might have a shorter effective range at 150 meters, but it can use the 3x scope to conveniently shoot down enemies from afar. To make things even worse, the Tommy Gun has a 280 meters per second bullet speed. That’s 120 meters per second slower than the rating of the UMP9. So even if you do get used to the iron sights of the Tommy Gun, you’ll still have a hard time with moving targets.

The Uzi continues to be a great starting weapon to have on your loadout, and the 12th update might even allow the Uzi to perform well in the last circles of the game. I have even been able to win a few games with the uzi before the patch so it is definitely possible. However, depending on the circles, most fights are medium range fights, which is why players will still swap out the Uzi for something that is more versatile. The Uzi has an amazing rate of fire, clocking in at 0.048 seconds per shot or about 20 shots per second. It also has a sizeable 25 round base mag capacity, so it will at least take a second before you need to reload.

The Uzi causes 542 damage per second, which is more than enough to take enemies down at close range during the early stages of the game. However, it will run into the same problems as the Tommy Gun during the mid game. There are no attachments that will help the Uzi deal with targets from a distance. Even if it did, the Uzi has a spread rating that will make mid range fights very difficult. The UMP doesn’t have this problem at all, as it is compatible with scopes up to a 3x scope and a wide assortment of foregrips to improve a shooter’s accuracy.

It is clear that the UMP9 has great advantages over the rest of the SMGs in the game, but how do you unlock its full potential? How do you ensure that you are making the most out of the best smg in the game? To do this, we need to have a loadout that complements the strengths of the UMP so that you make up for its biggest weakness, long range firefights.

The UMP9 has a 150 meter effective range, so you need to bring a weapon that can help you deal with targets beyond that range. A sniper rifle or even a dmr would be perfect for this. It even makes sense to use an ar as a replacement sniper rifle. Create the perfect loadout and the ump will guide you to your next chicken dinner. By the way guys, the youtube likes, shares and comments are very helpful to me, if you think that this video is worth it, would you mind taking a moment to share, like and comment on this video.

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