When I think early game, I categorize into three different play styles, the first being the high kill game These are the typical military, school and Pochinki drop games where you aim to get as many kills as possible early on, and hope to end on a win with a high double digit kill count It literally is a high risk, low reward way of playing your early game loot will be limited depending on where you drop and how long the fights in that area lasts When you play like this the most important thing to do, is to pay attention to where people land In proximity to you, and how many. The second way of playing your early game is to loot safe. In the start of this video, you may have noticed how I look at the flights path before I choose where to drop and land This is without a doubt the most consistent way of playing if you want to grind wins You isolate yourself from the majority of players by dropping far away from the flights initial path Locate a vehicle and pick a spot on the map I found myself first to a UAZ with only one player in my proximity which means the entire east coast line was mine for the taking Now I’ll hopefully be able to loot everything I need, in peace, and finally, why not both? You combine the two.

This is the typical way I like to play I land somewhere safe to obtain what I need. Once I have a helmet, vest, backpack, AR, a sight and some basic heals I’m off in my vehicle scouting for kills Paying attention to where people jump out of the plane and looking at the safe zone, should give you an idea of where you should go to find people That is it for me, my name is Ekkz, I hope you’ve enjoyed the video My personal favorite is the high rish, low reward which one is yours? Let us know in the comments.

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