-GB Hello guys my name is CaptainFoz and welcome to my ultimate PUBG sniper rifle guide!!! So we have made the assault rifle guide but i felt like i should progress on to snipers!!! But first let me say that the SKS and the Mini 14 are not considered snipers but dmr’s for some but today we will include them to this category just for convenience and the fact that many times you come across them but you dont use them as dmr’s.

So currently in the game the sniper rifles that are chambered in ammo are; the Kar98 the SKS the Mk14 EBR and the M24 the only sniper chambered in is the Mini-14 the only chambered in 45ACP ammo is the Winchester 94 and lastly we have the AWM the most powerful weapon in the game chambered in 300 Magnum special ammo. . Now lets put all of these guns to categories in regards to rarity and compatibility with attachments!!! Now the AWM the Mk14 EBR and the M24 have their own category because they are airdrop weapons and i assume that if you know how to use a common sniper you will be able to use these i suppose.

Now both the SKS and the Mini 14 take similar attachments with the exception that the Mini cant have a grip rail but that’s okay. The Kar98 can’t take a magazine attachment because it is a bolt action rifle and you load the bullets one by one. The Winchester 94 accepts only bullet loops that let you reload faster. Now according to the attachments for muzzles the best to have is the silencer but because this is is hugely uncommon you may go for the flash hider because it does not make a flash when you fire which believe me it is very helpful because i have spotted many snipers by their guns’ flash.

Now for sights you may prefer what suits the situation because in a more close battle lets say the end game you will not need an 8 times scope but a 2 times will serve you well. for Magazines i would prefer the extended quick draw because the extended is a little slow in reload and the quick draw just gives you quicker reload that again… it i better to have more bullets ready than to chamber them faster. When you are using a sniper you mus always zero it correctly and by that i mean to adjust the gun’s sight to work with the range you are shooting. each small square in the map is 100 meters so…

zero in correctly the next time you see that guy running in the fields alone. Lastly i can’t tell you what gun to use because that’s a personal preference. For example many of my teammates prefer a Mini 14 or a SKS instead of the bolt action Kar98. I instead prefer the power of the Kar98 because i’m more sure about my shots and generally i will be at the back of my squad… okay guys thank you for wathcing if you liked my video give it a like share it to your friends it helps me alot and as always my name is CpatinFoz and i will see you in the next one!!!.

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