Hi, guys. FOG of GAMING here and welcome to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds UPdate 14. It adds a few important changes to the way explosives work in the game. In one of the previous updates, Frag Grenades no longer had a knockback effect. This made players feel that the Frag Grenade wasn’t that effective anymore. Update 14 attempts to bring back the killing power of the frag grenade by buffing its effective range and damage. Frag Grenades will now cause lethal damage within meters of the explosion, which is meters longer than the previous blast radius. From meters to meters, the frag grenade will cause moderate damage to enemies. From to 10 meters the damage will be low, and anyone beyond 10 meters will not be affected by the grenade’s blast. What you see here is meters, this is right outside of the kill zone and you won’t be able to get closer to a grenade without dying.

Stun grenades have been improved as well, they now affect stunned players’ vision, hearing, and their ability to shoot accurately The Direct effect occurs if a stun grenade explodes within a 100 degree angle of a player’s field of view. Update 14 increases the effective range of the stun grenade to 20 meters. If it explodes within your 100 degree field of view, then you have to be more than 20 meters away from it to avoid the blinding effect. If you happen to be within that distance, then the blind duration will depend on how far you are. The maximum blind duration is seconds, and the minimum is 1 second which will occur at the maximum 20 meter range. This is the closest that I can get the stun grenade to explode near my face so this is the longest effect that the stun grenade can cause, I lowered the volume there but the sound effect lasts much longer than the visual effect. The second stun grenade shows the indirect effect which I will explain in a second and the last stun grenade shows how you can play the zone, meaning that if you turn away so that it does not explode within you 100 degrees field of view, then you will not suffer from the visual effects, in other words you can pretty much avoid the stun grenade all together.

The indirect effect occurs if a player is within the meter blast radius of the stun grenade, but the explosion doesn’t happen within his 100 degree field of view. The indirect effect has a maximum duration of 3 seconds, and the blinding effect only occurs within meters. Enemies can now tell if they have blinded you, because your character will cover his or her face.

Spectators who are watching you will also be blinded if you are effected by a stun grenade. You can not aim down your sights when you are blinded, so keep that in mind. If you cook a stun grenade and it explodes behind you before you throw it, then you will also be briefly blinded and deafened. Molotov Cocktails now have new effects as well as increased damage. The damage is divided into two types. You will cause indirect damage to a player who is standing in the flames of your thrown molotov. This now amounts to damage points per second instead of the previous 10 points. Once a player has caught fire, he will take burn damage.

This will continue to hurt a player even after he has escaped the radius of the Molotov’s flames. He will take 10 damage per second and the burn will last 4 seconds. A player who is burning will not be able to aim down sights, so keep this in mind when you are caught in the flames of a molotov. Your enemies can tell that you are burning because your character model will try to put out the flames using their hands. Update 14 now allows you to spread the flames of a molotov further by throwing it on wooden surfaces in houses. You can also do this by throwing another molotov on top of the flames. Aside from the changes to the game’s throwable weapons, there are many new weapon rebalances implemented in Update 14. The horizontal and vertical recoil of the Scar L has been reduced, and it has become a more viable weapon especially since most other assault rifles had their recoil increased in the previous updates. The M24 received a significant nerf in Update 14. The Base damage has been decreased from 88 to 79, and this rating is just 4 points higher than the Kar98K.

But the M24 will now spawn anywhere in the map, so you will no longer need to get to an airdrop to use it. The Vector will be easier to find because they increased the spawn rate at the cost of the spawn rate of the ump. The overall spawn rate of SMGs will still remain the same. If you like DMRs, then you will now find them more frequently in the game because their world spawn rate has been increased. Attachments have also received small changes in Update 14. Light Grips no longer affect a weapon’s basic recoil or recoil recovery speed. It now decreases the recoil of the first shot by 15 percent and the animation kick reduction has been changed from 30% to 20%. A new Anti Cheat System has been introduced.

This anti-cheat system was developed in-house by PUBG Corp. You will see a new pop up when you start the client up, and the developers recommend that you run the anti-cheat system using Security Mode. A compatibility mode was also added in case players have problems with Security Mode when running the anti-cheat. There are also a few performance and sound improvements in Update 14. The character rendering process has been improved to prevent small frame drop issues. Character Movement and animation has been optimized so that the framerate you experience while skydiving with multiple players is improved. The netcode has also been improved to reduce latency. The speed at which the server transfers data about items, doors, and fences has been increased. This was done to address the issue where items would spawn in late after players parachute in. To resolve some abnormal physics that affect moving vehicles, the game now updates frames on vehicles and character models more efficiently. The new Head Related Transfer Function which simulates 3 dimensional sound for 2 channel headphones can be toggled on or off in the options menu, but this will only affect the sound of enemy gunshots. The volume for care package planes have also been reduced.

Many bug fixes have been implemented in Update 14. An issue where guns would appear to be lowered after they are hip-fired for an extended duration has been removed. Cheek pads will now always add 10% vertical recoil recovery if it is attached to the SLR, and it will always appear on the in-game tooltip. Stun Grenades now blind consistently regardless of what graphical settings you are using, and they will no longer bounce around after breaking a window. The throwing trajectory indicator is now more accurate for stun grenades as well. The collision mechanics have been generally refined so you won’t get stuck while vaulting in certain spots around Erangel. Abnormal collisions in spots around Erangel and Miramar should also be less frequent now, so you will no longer pass through solid objects or through vehicle roofs. Visual glitches in the inventory screen will no longer occur when attaching a choke to your sawed off shotgun. A few minor changes that this update introduced into the game involves the UI and the Leaderboards.

A new UI message will appear whenever healing items cannot be used. Average Swimming Distance has been added to a player’s stats on the career screen. The Total rating points gained or lost per match has been increased so that the skill difference between players is made clear. These were all the changes that were introduced in the 14th update of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Make sure to use of all the information that you saw in this video on your way to your next chicken dinner, or watch one of these to improve your chances even further. If you think that this video was worthy, would you mind giving it a like and maybe even write a comment if you have time. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching, and I will see you in Battlegrounds..

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