Hi, guys! FOG of GAMING here and welcome to PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Many new features were added in the PC Version of this game. Weapon Class Modifiers were introduced so that it became clear how much damage each type of gun can cause. To make things more complicated, Hit Area Modifiers were introduced so that each specific part of the body will take specific amounts of damage.These new modifiers changed the way that damage is calculated, and we have to take the game’s new ballistics system into account if we want to stay effective with our favourite weapons. Today, we will take a close look at the game’s sniper rifles. Each of the guns in this weapon glass has its own strengths and weaknesses, and I will show them to you so that you know how to handle these rifles when you get your hands on them. The stats of Sniper Rifles in PUBG mostly remained the same, but that doesn’t mean nothing else has changed.

This side by side comparison will also take into account the effects of Weapon Class Modifiers and Hit Area Modifiers. Sniper Rifles cause 250% damage to the head, 110% damage to the torso, and 95% damage to the limbs. Since Sniper Rifles are all about precision shooting, it makes sense for the game to reward you with more damage when you hit a body’s weak points. Marksman’s rifles are also designed that way, except they deal less damage to the head at 230%. Obviously, the Sniper Rifles were given a higher percentage because they fire individual shots at a time.

This means that players who use sniper rifles have to make each shot count, so the new mechanics ensure that when they do land their shots in the right places. Hit area modifiers then add to the calculation on top of this. For example, shooting someone in the belly button area is going to deal less damage than shooting someone in the heart. Given the high amounts of damage that sniper rifles deal, it will be very easy to notice the advantage of aiming for the right body parts. That is why we are going to talk about each sniper rifle individually, and I will specify how much damage each Sniper Rifle will deal to each part of the body. The AWM is a powerful bolt-action sniper rifle that is exclusive to air drops. It fires .300 Magnum Rounds, and these cartridges can only be found alongside the AWM when you find it. This means that the ammo for this weapon is very rare, so you need to make your shots count with the AWM more than with the other sniper rifles on this list.

Each shot is rated at an amazing 120 damage points, and this is the highest rating for Sniper Rifles. On top of this huge damage rating, the 110% Body Shot Modifier allows you to deal 132 damage points per shot to an enemy that doesn’t have a vest. The belly button area will take 1damage points per shot, while the upper chest will take 1points per shot. This means that you will consistently kill your opponent with one shot no matter where you hit him in the torso. If he does have a vest, then you will generally need two body shots in order to kill him, it doesn’t matter what level that vest is. In fact, if the vest is Level 1, then you can actually keep the shot-to-kill requirement at one if you hit the upper chest.

If you already think that the AWM is very powerful, then you are only going to be more amazed from here. If your enemy is not wearing a helmet, you will cause 300 damage points with a single headshot, in other words that’s 3 full HP bars. You will deal 225 damage with a single neck shot, and this is an even higher than the M24’s damage output for headshots. Your opponent will always die with one shot to the head or the neck, with or without a helmet, so get used to landing headshots so that you can enjoy this weapon’s insane advantages. Hitting the limbs won’t be a very big issue though. You will cause damage per shot to the biceps and thigh areas, 57 damage per shot to the forearms and shins and damage per shot to the hands and feet. You will need 3 shots to the hands and feet in order to kill your enemy, and you will need one less shot if you keep hitting anywhere else on the limbs. The M24 shares a few qualities with the AWM.

They are both bolt action rifles, are both exclusive to air drops, and both have a base magazine capacity of 5. The difference is that the M24 fires 7.62mm cartridges, which can be found anywhere on both maps near weapons like the AKM or the Kar98K. Each shot is rated at 88 damage points, and because of the 110% Body Shot Modifier for Sniper RIfles, you will usually deal damage points per shot to an unprotected torso. The belly button area will take damage points per shot, while the upper chest will take 1points per shot. If your opponent doesn’t have a vest, then he will die in one shot to the Upper chest. You will usually need two shots to kill if you hit the rest of the torso, and this shot-to-kill requirement will stay the same even if your enemy has a level 1 or 2 vest on.

If he is wearing the best vest in BattleGrounds, then you will need 3 shots. If your opponent is not wearing a helmet, you will cause 220 damage points with a single headshot. You will deal 165 damage with a single neck shot, and that will also immediately kill your enemy. A level 1 helmet will reduce the damage that he takes, but it won’t be enough to increase your shot-to-kill requirement. Your opponent needs to have a level 2 helmet so that you will need 2 neck shots to kill him, but he will still die with a single headshot. He needs to have the best helmet in Battlegrounds and a full HP bar so he can survive a headshot, but he will only be left with 1HP. With the M24, you will cause damage per shot to the biceps and thighs and need two shots to kill, you will deal damage per shot to the forearms and shins and need 3 shots to kill, and finally you will deal 25 damage per shot to the hands and feet, killing your opponent in 4 shots.

The Kar98K is the most commonly used Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, It fires 7.62mm cartridges with a base capacity of 5 rounds and each shot is rated at 75 Damage Points, which is the second lowest among all sniper rifles. Thanks to the 110% Body Shot Modifier for Sniper RIfles, you will usually deal damage points per shot to an unprotected torso. The belly button area will take slightly less damage with only damage points, while the upper chest will take more damage at points. You will need just two shots to the torso in order to kill an enemy without a vest, and the shot-to-kill requirement stays the same even if your opponent has a level 1 vest. You will need 3 shots to the torso so that you can kill an enemy with a level 2 vest, but if you keep hitting the upper chest, you will only need 2 shots.

The best vest in BattleGrounds will require 3 shots regardless of which part of the torso you hit. If your opponent is not wearing a helmet, you will deal 1damage points with a single headshot, and you will deal 1damage with a neck shot. This means that you will need one shot to the head or neck in order to kill him. If your opponent has a level 1 or a level 2 helmet, you can still kill him with one headshot but you will need 2 neck shots this time. If he has the best helmet in Battlegrounds, then you will need 2 shots to the head or the neck so that you can kill him.

With the Kar98K, you will cause damage points per shot to the bicep and thighs, damage per shot to the forearms and shins, and damage per shot to hands and feet. Just because the KAR98K deals the least amount of damage among the guns on this list, doesn’t mean that it is immediately useless. There are many other stats that make each sniper rifle powerful in its own right. Each gun has its own damage per second rating, which depends on how fast it can fire shots. You might think that this stat is useless because most of these guns are single shot weapons, but being able to fire shots more quickly means that you will be ready to fire much sooner.

For prolonged fights, we also have to take into account how fast a gun reloads so that we can obtain its Sustained DPS rating or SDPS for short. The AWM has a second delay between shots, which ranks in the middle for bolt action sniper rifles. It has the highest single shot damage, which is why it also has the highest DPS rating at 65. Unlike the sniper rifles that shoot 7.62, the delay between shots isn’t that much of a problem considering you will usually need only one or two shots to kill an enemy. It will take seconds to load a new magazine into the AWM, and this is the fastest reload speed for Sniper Rifles.

This gives the weapon an SDPS rating of 46, and it is the highest SDPS for bolt action sniper rifles. The M24 has a second delay in between shots. This is the fastest for bolt action sniper rifles, but not by much. This is combined with the weapon’s high damage rating to yield a DPS score of 49. That looks like a small amount on paper, but when fighting another sniper at long range, every single point counts. The M24 will always be ready to fire seconds faster than the Kar98K, and that can decide if you are the one that stays alive or if your game ends early. it will take seconds to reload the M24. It is the slowest reload speed for sniper rifles, but it’s only seconds slower than the Kar98K. The M24 has a sustained DPS rating of 33, which is just a slight upgrade from the Kar98K. The Kar98K’s has a second delay between each shot, thanks to its bolt action mechanism.

Taking into account the gun’s single shot damage, the DPS rating of the Kar98K amounts to just 39. This is the lowest DPS rating for sniper rifles, but these types of guns were never about how fast they fired to begin with, so it doesn’t actually sound so bad. It takes 4 seconds to reload this weapon, but there’s more to this reload time than just the number. The gun will reload using a 5 round stripper clip if you manage to use all of the cartridges in your rifle, but it will load individual bullets if there are bullets remaining in the Kar98K. The first bullet will take 1.690s to load, but each bullet after that will only take 0.750s each. Either way, it does give the Kar98K an SDPS rating of 28, which is the lowest for sniper rifles in battlegrounds.

The stats here look very low, but to compensate for this, the Kar98K can be found anywhere and is not exclusive to air drops. Speaking of precision, there are three stats that directly affect a weapon’s precision. Firstly, the Spread Rating determines how much your shots will deviate from where you are pointing the crosshairs. The higher the spread rating, the more likely these shots go off the mark. Secondly, each gun has its own bullet speed rating. The slower the bullet speed, the longer a shot will take to reach its target. This will force you to make wider leads when you are trying to shoot down moving targets.

Finally, each gun has its own effective range as well. This determines how far your target has to be for your shots to stay effective. If a target is located beyond the guns effective range, then your shots will start to lose power and in some cases your shot might not even reach him. These are the stats that really define sniper rifles, and set them apart from other weapons. On paper, the AWM is superior to all the other assault rifles almost every way.

It has the lowest spread rating for sniper rifles at 0.03. It has the highest effective range at 650 meters, and it has the fastest bullet speed at 945 meters per second. The only other weapon that beats the AWM’s bullet speed is the Mini-14 with 990 meters per second. The developers balanced it out by making this weapon AND its ammunition exclusive to air drops. This is flat out the best sniper rifle in the game, but you will have very few chances to use it, and a limited supply of ammo for the weapon.

The M24 has the second highest spread rating for sniper rifles, to be precise. It has a 600 meter effective range and a bullet speed rating of 790 meters per second. These stats are direct upgrades from the Kar98K, and it uses the same ammunition, which is probably why this gun is exclusive to air drops. There’s no reason to keep around the Kar98K in your inventory if you manage to get your hands on the M24. It has stronger shots, fires faster, and is easier to aim with when compared to the Kar98K. The Kar98k has a spread rating, a 500m effective range, and a 760 meters per second bullet speed. As expected, these are all lower ratings than the rest of the sniper rifles. These were all the major changes that were applied to Sniper Rifles in the Pc release of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds.

This was Fog of Gaming, thanks for watching, and I will see you in Battlegrounds..

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