5. Pokemon Go is a game that was invented for smartphones and it is obviously based on Nintendo’s classic pokemon games but with a twist. The game uses your phone’s camera to show you the strange pokemon on the streets, rivers, sidewalks and much more. In only less than one week after it’s initial release, it has already become more popular than the app Tinder and is slowly increasing in popularity day by day. To find the pokemon one must walk around the real world. This causes your virtual character to walk around the virtual pokemon world and wherever you go in terms of direction, you character goes also. Basically you gain points from catching pokemon and leveling them up. 4. Some of the strangest things that have occurred since the games initial release include an American woman finding a dead body while she was searching for pokemon near a river, people getting arrested because they used the game as a way to lure people to remote areas and rob them at gun point, and also many cases of people falling, cutting themselves, and grazing their skin all because they were too busy paying attention to the game than what was right in front of them at the time.

3. Some of the known issues that players have experienced since getting the game include an error message stating that some players already own items which they do not, and a bug which temporarily resets your character to level one. Another major problem with the game is the fact that it drains battery power very quickly at times, although Niantic Labs made a statement saying that they are working on a solution to the problem. Other problems include distorted audio and jittery GPS Location service. A Good way to fix this problem would be to ensure that your GPS is set to high accuracy mode. Also, Pokemon Go has been experiencing many server issues which prevented some players of the game from actually playing it. It is important to note that since the game has only been released for about two weeks, there will be issues involved in gameplay and these bugs will likely be fixed once the problems are narrowed down. 2. Ok, so this isn’t much of an amazing fact but it is still something really interesting to think about.

Pokemon go is a game that allows you to explore random places and you need to move around in order to find pokemon. What I’m trying to say is that pokemon Go is basically like an exercise game. You move around, walk all over, bike around your city and basically get some exercise in the process of searching for pokemon. Well, at least for those people who don’t uber to catch pokemon. Pokemon Go is basically a game of free exercise, Kinda? 1. Pokemon Go is collecting huge amounts of your personal data. The app uses your GPS location data and users must agree that the Pokemon Company reserves the right to share this information with third parties. Not only can the user’s device be located generally or precisely, but the app obviously accesses the camera and not so obviously accesses the user’s storage, contacts, and network connections, among other things. Users logging in through Google also automatically grant access to their Gmail, Google Docs, and other Google applications.

Niantic can basically use this outrageous amount of data in any way they see fit, and if they have specific plans for it, they’re not saying. But the chances of the FBI raiding your home anytime soon are very low since your information is not likely to be given out unless you’re doing some really shady business..

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