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*intro music* Hello everyone, it is I, Reversal and welcome back to another episode of Pokemon Go Now, I personally don’t have the buddy system yet My game still needs to update so it’s probably going to be the same for some of you guys out there However, there’s a bunch of people who already got access to the buddy system and I’m here to provide you with all of the facts and information that you guys need to know and need to take into consideration when it comes down to the buddy system. What’s going to be the case here is that I’m going to actually livestream the new buddy system update whenever it comes out if, if it doesn’t come out I will just download the APK mirror so that I can actually livestream the whole thing to you guys, but that livestream is going to be happening about two or three hours after this video has been, launched onto the channel, and I’m gonna be doing it here on YouTube so you guys have nothing to worry about.

If you still want to get a notification, make sure to follow me on Twitter, for the buddy system so with that being said, let’s get into the eleven facts and information pieces that you guys need to know, provided with evidence of course. Let’s take a look. On the buddy screen, you will be able to actually see how much distance you walked with the buddy, how much distance you need for more candy and how much candy you’ve accumulated with your buddy. When your buddy Pokemon finds Pokemon candy, it actually has the possibility to find more than just one candy and there’s no limit to the amount of candy you can actually find with your buddy Pokemon. On the screenshot right here, you will see a Magikarp named Mewtwo, which is very fishy. (wink) uhh, that is actually getting five hundred experience upon gaining one candy, however, there’s no supported evidence to actually cover this story, so it is maybe possible to get some experience with the candy but unfortunately, there’s no additional information on that yet. If you guys know about this, make sure you leave a comment in the comment section down below.

We finally have information regarding the amount of distance that a Pokemon needs in order to get themselves the candy, and this is actually broken down by the egg hatches. So every single Pokemon from a two kilometre egg requires one kilometre. Every single Pokemon from a five kilometre egg requires three kilometres, and every single Pokemon from a ten kilometre egg requires five kilometres. The only exception to this rule are the three starter Pokemon: Bulbasaur, Squirtle and Charmander which require you three kilometres to walk before you get a candy off them. So know that we know what the distances that are needed for each buddy Pokemon, I can really recommend Geodude and Jigglypuff. These are two really awesome Pokemon to have, make up for some great defensive walls.

So definitely go for these Pokemon if you can find them, Geodude as Golem is just an absolute beast, and Wigglytuff has a bunch of health, try them out for yourself. Did you know the distance walked is exactly the same when it comes down to your buddy Pokemon and your egg hatching? It actually makes a lot of sense when you think about it, but take this into consideration. You right know have an egg hatching tracker because you’re able to see how much distance you have walked with your buddy Pokemon and this immediately reflects the amount of kilometres or distance that you walked alongside with your egg hatching. So it’s really awesome to see how far you’ve walked with your buddy Pokemon and also Niantic has increased the reliability when it comes down to your network. So no longer is there going to be a lot of chopping when it comes down to the distance that you’ve walked, you will actually see it moving up gradually after this update, and I think Niantic did a fantastic job on this.

So there’s a really small percentage of people out there in Pokemon Go who are just like “I’m not gonna be picking a team” right? and I really respect those people because they’re missing out on a really awesome aspect of the game, Gym Battles, but they’re also going to be missing out on appraisal. However though, with this update they can still select themselves a buddy Pokemon. Be sure to take into consideration that if you evolve your Pokemon, the progression towards that candy is also going to be reset. And last but not least this is not really related to the buddy system on itself, but, after you appraise your Pokemon your screen will actually turn to the colour of your team and the avatar of your team leader is going to be a little bit bigger. So yes, that’s going to be covering ten or so tips, when it comes down to the whole new buddy system, I hope that you guys can get something out of the information that I just showed you guys.

Some additional links will be provided in the video description down below. Once again, I will be livestreaming very soon so be sure to stay tuned, for more Pokemon Go live action. That being said, just wanna say thank you guys for watching and this has been Reversal for Pokemon Go. I’m gonna be signing off and I’ll see you guys in the next one. (captions by VAT, have a nice day ;D).

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