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Everything’s changed. The city’s different now. I keep thinking of my folks… They thought this place was something worth protecting. (Mirror’s Edge) Hmm, Dinuguan. Quite possibly the least vegan thing I could ever eat. Traditionally pig guts in a stew of pig blood. This one here is, it’s like deep-fried pork… but still in the blood. So just so you know, I’m not totally vegan. I’ll eat meat for the culture.

Okay I’m back. I’m back struggling to reach the same gym from earlier today or yesterday depending on when this video goes up. Just trying to make use of my free raid pass for the day before heading back to edit video number two, this video. Hopefully this time I don’t get kicked out. Although technically, I don’t think I’m inside the mall right now. Let’s just try not to look conspicuous by talking to myself… I picked up a salad to wash down that Dinuguan later.

Wooo… So this is gonna be one of those videos where there’s a little bit of cinematics at the beginning and for the rest of it I’m gonna be sitting right here talking. Not my favorite type of video to make but with so much new information coming out about Pokemon GO right now, I really just want to take advantage of it get these videos out, get the information to you, and then also buy myself some time so that I can work and put a little bit more effort into the other videos that I’m creating while I’m here in the Philippines.

So at this point let me just say that this video is being recorded before Gen 3 has actually launched it might go up after gen 3 launches. I’m not sure because at this point We don’t know exactly when Gen 3 is gonna drop, so just just keep that in mind Timeline wise I guess it doesn’t really matter cuz it’s about weather, which is not coming until later this month so here We go everything we know about weather and its effects in Pokemon GO starts now I guess technically for the rest of the video. I’ll be sitting here and not there just to make things a little more interesting and comfortable So to start weather is being added to Pokemon GO and this is real-time weather.

The weather in-game will depend on the weather In your current location so if it’s raining where you are it’ll be raining in-game. If it’s cloudy It’ll be cloudy in game. If it’s foggy It’ll be foggy in game and all this weather will have effects on different types of Pokemon. So in the game data right now there are seven different types of weather you have clear, rainy, partly cloudy, overcast, windy, snow, and fog. And there are four different levels for rain, wind, snow, and fog, so depending on how heavy the rain or snow or wind or fog is That might manifest differently in-game it might just look different on the overworld map But have the same effects across all levels I guess before we go any further we can expect to see this weather update in Pokemon GO later this month from the Verge’s article on the update They say that the second part of the update which Niantic says will start rolling out towards the end of this month will bring this aspect to Pokemon GO.

Weather is coming later this month. Now the rest of this information is just going to be sort of compiled from all the different articles that have been written about the Gen 3 release and Everyone who’s writing these articles has access to a press kit that Niantic sends out they give them information and these Writers also get an opportunity to speak to Niantic and ask questions So here’s all the information that we have so far about weather. First of all from IGN weather changes will affect all Pokemon, not only those from Hoenn so in case you are curious Gen 1 and 2 Pokemon will also be affected by weather as for what those weather effects are again from IGN Weather itself makes the Pokemon more emboldened and makes sure the strongest of their species end up showing up So you’ll find stronger Pokemon as you encounter them And you’ll see a little bit of a bonus anytime you capture one you’ll get some additional stardust anytime you capture a Pokemon that has an affinity with the current weather and from the video previews that we’ve seen that’s gonna be a 25% increase in the amount of stardust that you receive.

The Verge’s article on the subject Gives a little bit more detail depending on the conditions outside You’ll see different creatures out in the wild. A rainy day will mean more water type Pokemon, while snow will bring out the ice types We don’t have any Pokemon that will only show up in a given weather condition says Slemon of Niantic But there are some Pokemon who care a lot about their weather conditions So you can expect Lotad to show up in really large numbers when it’s raining outside Lotad is a new pokemon from Gen 3 with a like a lily pad on its head But if you live in an area where it doesn’t really have that much rain You might still see a Lotad wandering through your habitat So Pokemon will not be entirely weather exclusive some Pokemon will show up a lot in specific types of weather But they won’t ever show up only in specific types of weather, so if you live in Southern California like I do and it pretty much never rains you don’t have to worry you will still be able to catch water Pokemon Especially near bodies of water, right? I don’t think biomes are changing too much But they will sort of be augmented by weather effects continuing in the Verge’s article water pokemon caught on a rainy we’ll generally have a higher CP level, which will make them harder to defeat, but also produce better rewards if Captured now they say defeat.

I don’t think that means we’re gonna be battling wild Pokemon I think that probably might refer to raid bosses, which comes up next but as far as how the higher CP works It’s not clear if that means but as for how that CP increase is gonna work It’s not clear if that means they’ll just have access to better IVs Kind of like Pokemon that hatch from eggs or raid bosses which are limited to an IV of 10 to 15 Or if that means they’ll spawn at a higher level, I don’t think things will start spawning above the level 30 cap but again It’s not entirely clear how this CP increase is gonna work for weather-affected spawns now you can tell What weather affected spawns are because they have a little swirl under them the same way that? Incense Pokemon have the incense around them, lured Pokemon have pink rings underneath them You will have an indication that a certain Pokemon is being affected by the current weather Conditions this article continues raid bosses may be stronger on a given day based on the weather while your Charizard Will be more effective in gym battles when it’s hot and sunny Not too specific there But fire type moves are gonna be boosted during sunny weather now raid bosses may be stronger on a given day based on the weather that means a Certain raid bosses are gonna get harder to defeat During certain weather while other ones might become easier if the Pokemon that you use to counter them are getting a boost from the weather We’ll talk about that in a second You won’t see instances where an ice type Pokemon is weaker because it’s a blistering summer day We prefer to give bonuses rather than penalties where we can which means Pokemon are not going to be affected negatively by weather You’re not gonna have a Pokemon stats reduced now from an article from Express a British news outlet or Website that I’ve actually Never heard of before this if you go into a battle at a gym raid with your Charizard partner You should expect it in the Sun their fire Type moves will do additional damage like I just said that means defenders who can correctly predict what the weather patterns are going to be we’ll be in a much better position to defend those gyms against players who don’t True you’re gonna see a boost to certain Pokemon in certain weather But again with the gym system and CP decay by the time they reach 1000 CP, 1500 CP It’s not going to be a problem currently the gym game is not Challenging enough that a small boost due to weather is really gonna make a huge difference Now this continues as you can imagine this will make big changes to Pokemon GO raid battles Providing more strategy to the decision of joining one Basically meaning if it’s sunny and that Solar Beam Ho-Oh gets a huge boost You’re probably gonna need more people than you would otherwise if that raid boss has more affinity to the weather in the area It’s going to be a more difficult opponent the trade-off is that if you can then capture the Charizard I think here referring to a raid boss Charizard You’re going to get a good one if you capture the Charizard you still get the bonus Stardust in addition to find that the Charizard Has higher CP, again not clear how this works most likely it’ll be increased IVs raid bosses already have increased IVs they can be anywhere from 10 to 15, if It’s a sunny day in you’re fighting a fire-type raid boss Maybe it’ll be 12 to 15 an even smaller range a higher range Maybe it’ll guarantee that it’ll be at least above 80% now continuing on Pokemon care about the dominant weather condition outside So we send that to the user which means if there are multiple conditions going on if it’s windy and rainy One will somehow be chosen as the dominant weather condition So you shouldn’t expect to see multiple weather conditions going on at the same time in the game.

Somehow based on the algorithm whatever weather reporting service Niantic is using they’re gonna choose one to be the dominant weather system or Condition every weather condition has a couple of Pokemon types attached to it So it means every Pokemon has at least one kind they care about. Who wrote this article? There’s a lot of just… small errors that really… mmm. now You can see what types are being affected by the weather with the new weather widget That’s added to the game right above the nearby list.

There’s a little icon that shows you what type of weather you’re currently experiencing tapping on that brings up a Window that tells you about the weather and the types of Pokemon that it’s affecting. Now as for the types affected and the actual effects on these Pokemon we have confirmation for five of the different types of weather remember there are seven so there are two that we don’t know yet those are overcast and overcast and partly cloudy Which are apparently slightly different, so we have confirmation for clear weather, which is basically like the default for Southern, California at least Grass ground and fire types will be boosted these Pokemon types are stronger Appear more frequently and give bonus Stardust when caught we’ve talked about appearing more frequently We’ve talked about bonus Stardust as far as being stronger They are gonna see a 20% increase in their move damage And we’re calculating that 20% based on a screenshot from the Japanese Pokemon GO announcement Which shows a Charizard whose fire type moves are boosted by clear or sunny weather, and if you run the math there that is plus 20% To each of its moves round it up for the quick move so that can be a pretty significant increase in damage That’s the same multiplier as stab definitely going to see some Pokemon dealing a lot more damage during certain types of weather Continuing on in windy weather you’re gonna see dragon flying and psychic types Boosted in rain you’ll see water electric and bug types boosted in fog You’ll see dark and ghost types boosted and in snow you’ll see ice and steel types boosted now We know that every type is going to be affected by at least one type of weather so we have here 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13 types.

That leaves five types left, so the five types whose weather affinities we don’t know yet our fairy Fighting poison rock and normal and I could guess which group they’re going to go into but that really does us no good We’ll find out soon enough, which weather types are gonna affect these last five types of Pokemon So I think that’s it I think that’s it for what we know about weather Personally, I’m really excited to see how this plays out in-game obviously it’s gonna have some pretty fun effects it’s gonna be a lot of fun to like go out in different types of weather and see different types of Pokemon spawning I I am gonna have to travel around a little bit I definitely need to get to some snow before the winter ends, and I’m planning on doing that anyway at some point but again We’ll revisit this topic once It’s officially released or if we get any new information about it between now and then For now I’m going back to editing for the second time today Did I mention I only slept two hours last night it might be another short night for me I have a feeling Gen 3 is coming…

oooh. I’m excited I Get so much energy when there’s new content on the horizon when big things are happening in Pokemon GO And it kind of just keeps me going but at some point in the next few days. I’m gonna crash See you guys very soon.

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